For The Women Who Want To Get Toned

How can I get a “toned body” as a female?

What are some “toning excoriates ?”
Lift Weights.
When some women think of Weightlifting  they think “yeah, no thanks, I don’t want to get HUGE”

So first things first, you WILL NOT get huge and you will not look Manly. No Lie.


Think of someone like Dwayne Johnson, he’s probably in the gym doing bicep curls with a stack of children, or Vin Diesel, he’s most likely shoulder pressing a car, or a Mini Van with a Family of 4 inside. On top of that, they are probably swallowing their food in packages, still in the box.
On the serious side…A woman who wants to get “toned” will NEED to lift weights. Cardio will not tone you. Cardio is good for you, cardio gets the heart pumping and you will burn fat, however, you won’t get that tight toned arm/body that you are looking for.

The top picture is 2013. Don’t mind me completely terrifying my child with a giant fish at Disney. I just started really working out around that time. I was learning, so there was lots of trial and error.

I was doing upper body for the beggining of my workout, then finishing with 30-40 minutes cardio. I was eating low carbs and high protein. Me with low carbs is like dealing with a toddler going through the terrible 2’s!

I had the right idea, but that wasn’t  what I was happy with. I was aiming to be a stronger verizon of myself!

The bottom picture, my son wasn’t even a year yet, and my workout was cardio…. with CARDIO… with a side of horribly boring cardio. I was what they refer to as “skinny fat” I had no shape really which is why I started to learn all about fitness.

The pictures above is when I finally started to find “my groove” I was lifting heavy. I was eating A LOT more. I had a split schedule and if my workout ended with any cardio, it was about 10-15 minutes.
So if your looking to get that “toned look” don’t be afraid to pick up a weight.

Soon after I figured out the perfect path for me, I was Making good progress, reaching my goals, and then We decided on having another baby…

I am currently on my second post baby fitness journey. My daughter is almost 6 months old and I’m feeling pretty good about my path and progress so far.


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Women, Weightlifting, And What Its Done For Me

There’s nothing like being 18 weeks Pregnant, looking back at progress picture through out my fitness Journey and FINALLY realizing my Progress I had. As shared in other post, I had a rough first trimester, morning sickness/all day, I only threw up  maybe 10 times or less,  but I had all day nausea and the rest of the crazy first trimester symptoms!

One thing I realized was… WOW, I sure was hard on myself, I didn’t see the progress That I see now, Since I lost quite a bit muscle and gained a little weight.  Pregnant life. Anything for my baby Girl ❤  After Shes born and I get back on my old routine, my main goal is to lighten up on myself, take a second and really look how far I’ve come.


How Weightlifting changed me…

My fitness Journey pushed me to do things I never thought I could do. I pushed myself to try and be the strongest me I could be.

Having fitness in my life gave me a confidence and self love I didn’t have before. Maybe I didn’t always see my progress, but I always liked what I see.  I believe self confidence and self love is very important in everyday life.  Being more confident in yourself, you just might find your self in a place or doing something you would be to scared to do before.

I’ve always been a tomboy , playing sports. However, I never combined activity with good nutrition until my son was born and decided on a complete lifestyle change.

As a teenager, I always had self image problems, thinking I was overweight when in actuality I was underweight. I didn’t know how to be healthy, I had no idea what to do to love myself. I underated, and overworked. Running, biking, different types of cardio on one meal a day. I struggled with a light case of anorexia. I eventually gained normal weight, later, found I was was pregnant. My first pregnancy, My weight started 118 and ended at 180. Eh !! Most people don;t believe me when I tell them that, they say me being so tiny, that they cant even picture me weighing that much, but trust me.. it happened =/

After that, once again, I went on my unhealthy way of losing weight.  Very low calorie input and extreme calorie output and on top of that, I was taking fat burners, overall  I felt completely horrible. I knew I couldn’t live on that with, especially not with a newborn baby. So What did I do??? I RESEARCHED And eventually, I was slowly on my path to fitness and happiness!!

I started with half cardio and half light weights for my daily workout routine.  Once I felt like I was lifting nothing, I moved to higher weights. All leading up to very little cardio. I still believe cardio is very important, but I had other cardio, like rollerblading, bike riding, jump roping and battle ropes. Battle ropes post coming soon. My all time favorite full body workout. You can take a quick look at them here>> Battle Ropes and email me before I get my post out   if you have questions about them and how they help burn fat and build muscle.

Before pregnancy, my  Daily workout routine looked like this:

  • Stretch
  • 5 minute warm up(cardio)
  • Weights

It depended on my day on how long I  lifted for.

I stayed on a split schedule. Meaning, Monday I worked back and biceps, tuesday I did chest and triceps, wednesday day Was leg day and thursday was shoulders. Some days I would do full body, and other days were rest days!

I slowly raised my calories, listened to my body on what I needed, like extra carbs. Eventually I had my calories intake  to 2000 and over!

Top Picture was before Pregnancy, It saddens me a little to look at this, but I know once Baby girl Arrives, I’ll be back to my old workout routine.


The picture on the left is the Momma me… The picture on the right was Highschool me. I  like to share that one because, Im a firm believer in getting in shape and changing your lifestyle  at anytime in life. If I can be in better shape than My high school self. You can make the change now!!


Now to talk supplements I support.

Cellucor>>   Cellucor

  • Whey Protein
  • C4 Pre workout (not for caffeine sensitive )
  • Super HD  Fat Burn

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  • Vortex Pre workout (caffeine)
  • BCAA
  • Whey Protein
  • Nighttime recovery and burn
  • Aminos

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I might be pregnant, but Im still personal trainer and fitness nutrition certified!!

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