First Pregnancy Vs. Fit Pregnancy

First Pregnancy VS Fit Pregnancy
I’m so excited to be able to post and say our baby girl is here! She was born November 4th, early morning 1 AM!
Being pregnant for 41 weeks and a couple days, the last couple weeks I was convinced I just might be pregnant forever lol obviously that is not realistic, but every pregnant momma knows that last month countdown feels like a year!
In the beginning of the year when we made the decision to have a second baby, it was very important to me to continue my fitness lifestyle throughout it and I was pretty excited to see if being fit before and throughout my pregnancy would make any difference compared to my first!
Pregnancy number 1: The  picture below  was at my baby shower which was around 35 weeks !! 

-Very little activity

-Sleep sleep sleep

-Fast food/fried foods/candies

-Always tired

-Huge swollen feet

-Starting weight 118

-Ending 185
I had to be induced with both Babies!  I was hoping to go into labor naturally this time, but apparently my body just does not want to let go of these babies!!

Labor and recovery with pregnancy #1
One reason I waited so long to have baby number 2 is because I had a hard time pushing him out. I pushed as hard as I could, screamed I couldn’t do it. I was completely exhausted , out of breath and quickly out of energy. I didn’t feel strong enough, my pushes seemed like they were doing nothing. It wasn’t a horrible delivery, but I definitely didn’t feel confident enough that I would want to go through it again any time soon! Pushing time was over 30 minutes, I constantly had to stop and take a break.
Recovery: We stayed in the hospital for 3 night the first time. I was so sore, stuck in bed throughout Aydens first night. My feet were HUGE like elephant feet, I couldn’t balance to walk and they hurt so bad! =[ they stayed pretty swollen for over two weeks!
Pregnancy Number 2: My Fit Pregnancy
This whole pregnancy I stayed really active. I started out with my regular workout routine and as the weeks went on, I made modifications. By the last month, I was only working out 2 days a week otherwise I would feel to burned out to do everything else I had to do. My feet still got a little swollen, but only at night, luckily not all day! Being pregnant, of course I had my cravings, but the past couple years of working out , I’ve learned moderation and I’m proud to say I was able to stick to it during my pregnancy!
Pre pregnancy weight was 132

End weight was 160.

Most of my weight was water, muscle and baby.
Labor and recovery:

I was induced November 3rd. Medicine started at 2pm.

Baby girl arrive late night early morning 1:57 am, obviously making that November 4th! =]
I started feeling pressure, they called my doctor, he came a few minutes later and we started pushing! Less then 10 minutes later… baby girl was laying on her momma! 💕

This labor I felt so strong, I wasn’t out of breath. Each push I felt my abs tighten and no push was wasted! I took my breath in, pushed, took my breath in and pushed and continued that until she was out! Compared to last delivery, I had tons of energy, imagine if I was able to drink a pre-workout before I had to push lol On a serious note, It was just an amazing experience and I feel very blessed and lucky!
I got to hold her for an hour or so before they weighed and cleaned her. Within the hour, after the nurses helped me with all the “fun stuff” I was up walking around. They kept yelling at me saying I have to have them help me walk to the bathroom a couple times to make sure I’m okay! Lol

So we stayed up with the baby all Friday morning, went and picked up Ayden around 9am to meet his sister. Ayden stayed that night with us and we all left Saturday at 9am.

This momma was so ready to get home! So I stayed from Thursday afternoon when the medicine started, stayed the full day Friday and left Saturday morning! I still had my swollen feet, considering I was full of IV fluids, but definitely not nearly as big and I was able to move around on them! Luckily within  the next 2 days they were gone and I was able to see my boney feet again!
My baby girl will be 2 Weeks tomorrow and I feel amazing! I definitely feel being fit before and during personally helped make my pregnancy and delivery so great this time around. I’m very blessed and thankful to have had a low risk pregnancy and an overall great experience!!

Here’s one of my Pre pregnancy progress pictures

Unfortunately, being super busy , This was my last picture I took while pregnant!! At 38 weeks… by the time I got induced I already started losing weight!

Momma and baby!!

As I get back on my regular workout routine.

I will still be using Advocare.

Some of my favorite products… all are a perfect addition and prove pretty awesome results !! 

Meal Replacement shake   << I use this for Extra Calories, I don’t Replace a meal

Crave Check




Email me at if  you need help with what products are best for your goals!!


You can check out my articles on certain products and the 24 day challenge


Here> 24 Day Challenge


Here> Advocare Review- Weight Loss, Muscle Building, And Overall Health

I’m extremely excited to see what goals I can reach this time being a mom of 2! I will start to post progress pictures, nutrition and workouts so make sure you follow =]

36 Weeks Pregnant. I’m Back!! 

Hello 36 Weeks!!  Two days away from October!  Fall weather is finally here. Window are open and light jacket on!

We moved into the new house and have been extremely busy. On top of making room for our normal activities, I’ve had no time for any posting. 

Getting the fence up, working on the kids room and my list that’s a mile long of things to do! 

Jump right to it…

Third trimester symptoms…

All in all, my only problem has been  heartburn. Luckily the past week, it has slowly been disappearing. I came down with a cold and cough that took forever to get over. I’m still coughing a few times a day! Eh 

Working out and fitness in the third trimester…

Unfortunately my workout days have drop to 1-2 days a week. Definitely not my goal in the first few months of pregnancy. With moving and  being so busy, going from morning to night, there is just no time or energy left to workout. I’m definitely getting excited to get back to my normal routine and gain back progress lost. Right now 1-2 days will have to do. I’m just enjoying our new neighborhood and new house ! My main focus is family right now, spending my last few weeks with my first baby before he becomes Big Brother. 

Just make sure to watch my fit mom of TWO  Journey starting soon =] 
On to my 36 Weeks baby bump! 

And there is it is… 

side view and front view!! My bump is definitely measuring a lot smaller than with My first pregnancy.  Last appointment I had my final ultrasound to check growth of the baby. I was measuring at 34/35 centimeters. Exactly where they want me to be and baby was 6lbs 2oz!! I was given the okay to go into labor at anytime and that they won’t stop it if I have start having contractions! 

I’ve been having random contractions, but nothing serious. I’m really hoping she comes soon and on her own. I really do not want to be induced again! 

Beyond ready to meet this girl. She’s already a wild child in my belly. Very different from pregnancy number one! 

Maybe the next time I post, baby will be here!! Oh how I hope. 36 Weeks Pregnant, you really miss the simple things in life… like simply rubbing lotion on your legs and feet without taking a break 😂

Thanks for reading !! ❤


Pregnancy Update! 27 Weeks Pregnant!

I don’t think I posted a pregnancy update since I found out what I was having. Which was around Week 18!  Tomorrow I will be 27 Weeks pregnant! Wooohooo!! Sooooo close to the beginning of my third trimester! These Weeks are absolutely flying by! It help that we are so busy and have so much going on because there are time that I am so darn impatient! I can not wait to hold my Baby Girl! We all can’t wait to meet her! Every night the daddy and Ayden both talk to my belly and feel her kick.  Ayden loves laying his head on my belly and laughs when she kicks/punches his head!  He says “woah, that’s crazy”  lol
Second trimester symptoms…

As  some of you may know, my first trimester was not easy for me. Compared to my first pregnancy, this girl has beat me up! However, luckily as second trimester came along, I finally started feeing better.  Besides my belly being sore, hard and u comfortable at times. I have no complains. Besides HEARTBURN! I expected that though and I’m fully prepared to handle it this pregnancy! 

All in all, the hard part of the first trimester is long gone, and in No time , those horrible days will be filled with better memories with our new family member  so we can start planning for baby #3.  Call me crazy, planning for number 3 while pregnant with number 2, but I just love this. I love nothing more than being a mother! 

Energy and working out…

My daily energy is at a high, however, come 8:30! I’m ready to lay down and relax.  As far as my fit pregnancy goals go, I am not able to workout as much as I planned, not because of any medical reason, thankfully, but being extremely busy with other things right now,working out isn’t on the top of my list to do and to get done. Right now I workout at least 3 days a week. And it is always Full body! 

As much as I miss working out like I use to and lifting heavy. Moving and keeping up with other things are priorities. 

HOWEVER!! Closing date on the house is soon, and come fall,  after baby girl is here and everything is calm and back on schedule  I’ll will be back to my old routine 110% !  I’m pretty darn excited to start another fitness transformation after baby number 2! I already a organized nutrition and fitness plan typed out to start after baby.
Baby Girl…

Baby girl is “about 2 pounds and roughly 14 1/2 inches long” My last two ultrasounds she was measuring 4/5 days ahead.  

Let’s discuss these kicks though. Holly Cow!!  My pregnancy with my son, he was active, but not this active, nor did I feel his kicks this intense.

Aydens due date was October 18 and this due date is October 25. Let me add, daddy’s birthday is the SAME as aydens! 3 birthday all in the same month and week! Lol   Anyways, comparing belly from pregnancy 1 and 2, I am smaller.  As I assumed and Doctor confirmed, starting this pregnancy much more fit and active, my belly isn’t expanding as quick as last time. So I feel those kicks EVERYWHERE. And to be honest, they can really hurt. A few kicks made me stop in my tracks and hunch over in public lol, but I completely love it, baby girl knows exactly what her paranoid, extreme worrier of a mother needs daily. 
All in all, I feel great, I’m so excited, words can not even explained. Every kick I feel brings a smile to my face and feeling of sadness knowing I still have a few more months I have to wait to meet her! 

I  am continuously thinking and counting down the days to see her for the first time , smell that new baby smell, see her in daddy’s arms and watch our son give his sister a kiss on the forehead.  

New Baby fear… 

My main fear at the moment is breast feeding. I’m so excited to breast feed this time, but since I didn’t do it with pregnancy 1, it’s kind of intimidating. Considering I am a person that like to organize and prepare for everything. Breast feeding has to be learned when baby gets here, and we learn together.  Unfortunately it’s nothing I can really practice for  and that scares me a little !  I think all the fear will go away when she gets here and I can actually start instead of reading about it and making myself nervous lol however, any breast feeding comments are 100% welcomed from mothers with experience =] 

Is it fall yet?! Let’s get this summer over with =] 

Pregnancy pictures >>>>
Current ^

Current ^


Dealing With Depression While Pregnant

As you may know, depression during pregnancy can come with a lot of risk for Mom and baby. Just a  few for a example…

Risk For Baby

-Low birthweight for Baby

-Premature Birth, Usually before 37 weeks

-Low APGAR score (which rates a newborn’s health after delivery)

-Poor adaptation outside the womb!

Risks for Momma


-Postpartum depression or anxiety

-Impaired attachment to the baby

Since I lost my Mom at 16. I’ve been battling Depression, Along with Anxiety,  And, OCD! Right after my mom passed away, My Dad moved us to Florida, I was suppose to be a Junior in highschool, but I skipped half a year. 6 Months living in Florida , I ended up moving back home to Illinois to live with my Aunt and go to school, away from my Dad and 2 Brothers. It definitely was a lot to lose within that year for a 16 year old.     Im 25 now and it has been an uphill battle! Luckily, going on almost 10 years, I’ve really learn how to deal with it! I Wouldn’t have been able to do it without Having the Man I Do by my side and our Child.

Out of the past 9/10 years, I would say the past 2 years have been my major breakthrough! I really fought my extreme depression.

Now that I am 21 weeks Pregnant, It comes out a lot easier. I try to stay away from certain Depression Triggers, things that take me into that mental state, but it’s not always easy. For example, yesterday was June 16, the day my Mom  Passed away in 2017. It’s hard not to get caught in the feeling of what if she was here, being angry that she’s not. I always get stuck in a foggy mind where  I can’t focus and I doubt the reality that she is really gone. Before I was a Mom, I use to just cry myself to sleep. Now  As a Mother I Refuse to do that. Luckily I had a few years before I was pregnant to fight my Depression and learn ways to cope with it!

When deciding on having a second baby, One of my major fears was the  change of hormones! Before I became pregnant 21 Weeks ago, I rarely dealt with any Depression /Anxiety since I learned what I needed to do to avoid it!  However, OCD is another thing, it’s more annoying to me then anything. Like having things a certain way, having to do certain things before bed, having to do something a certain numbers of times, having to wait a certain amount of time while doing things… Thats another story for another day!

Ways  To deal with Depression:

Untitled design

-Get outside, get fresh air.Even if it’s just your back yard.

-The Biggest action for me that i fought my depression with was WORKING OUT AND LIFTING WEIGHTS

-Keep  BUSY!

– Personally for me, I cut out Tv from my life. I only watch an 1  to a hour and a half a night. Im always working on, building, making, crafting something with my son and his dad!

-Start a craft/build something with your kiddo

-Do a more adult Craft (DIY)

-Learn something New( My boys got me a Guitar for mother’s day  and I’ve been self teaching myself since!

-Research Mediation  and give it a try! It’s not alway easy with a toddler, but I can be done! I usually do it right before bed!

– Research the Powers of CRYSTALS (Silly to some, but I have Crystals and stones all around my home to help with anxiety and depression)

-Color! I can sit and color with my son forever! Very Calming

-Listen to Music

-Start writing your feelings down! Get a Personal journal or diary. I have a ton of pages written  to get the thoughts out of my head plus some poems!

–  Go on hikes, walks, bike rides! Nature is a huge help for me. A great time to justs reflect, look at the beauties of life. Helps me see all the Positive I have in Life

-Dont be ashamed of your depression. Talk with someone else who also struggles with depression!

-Eat healthy

-Drink Water

-Im not one for therapist,Im a do it myself kind of person but that doesn’t mean Im against them.  I know a lot people  who have gone to one and they really made a difference in their life!

I have tried antidepressant before and they just aren’t for me! So I stuck with natural things , like vitamins and Herbs! The list below , isn’t Necessarily for Pregnant women, but I figured I would share, considering we aren’t Pregnant forever right? =) Me being 21 Weeks pregnant, I only take my Prenatal and a fish oil, plus my Heartburn medicine  my Doctor Prescribed for me !

Vitamins for depression

-Fish oil (Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a major building block in optimal brain chemistry)

-B Complex Vitamins

-5 HTP (Increase your serotonin levels which play a key note in controlling appetite and enhancing mood)

-Theanine (  An amino acid derivative found in green tea, trigger the release in the brain of gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA. It activates the major calming neurotransmitters, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety)

-Vitamin D

-St. John’s Wort




Those are a few  I have personally tried.

* If you have a more serious, life threatening case of depression. Always talk with your Doctor and get help Immediately!




19 Weeks Pregnant Today!!

19 Week Pregnant today. 1 Week From being halfway there.

19 weeks Pregnant fit Pregnancy workouts fitness

Pre-workout picture with Baby girl…The Bump ❤

Energy Level: So much improvement from the past few weeks.

Workout: Worked out for an hour today. I work out much slower. I make sure my form is perfect. No rushed workouts life pre-Pregnancy. If Im to busy , I make it a rest day!

Kicking: Baby Girl is kicking like crazy. She is very low. So the big  kicks in the bladder wakes me from my sleep

Feelings: Right now, we are in the middle of buying a house, so Im stressed, many little things will get me emotional. Kind of like Dominos falling down. lol

Cravings: This pregnancy is so much different, I have a lot better self control. I really don’t have cravings, BESIDES hot cheetos…Which lead me to…

Symptoms: Heartburn like crazy, which is a good enough reason to NOT eat those Hot cheetos. So there goes my craving anyway. Also, I have head pressure and neck tension. Only thing I found to calm that is cold water, ice pack on neck and a spraying myself with a little fan/mister!

Like In my Post Women, Weightlifting, And What Its Done For Me Post,I mentioned a little it about what Im taking now.

Im Currently taking Advocare During my pregnancy.

Is Advocare safe during Pregnancy??

Certainly!!! Everyone I talk to , I always Recommend that they talk to their Doctor of course! I asked the couple doctors That I see, and they all approved the products on Advocares Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Women  Indication List!!

Advocare store here>>>

Here are a few things approved On the List and What I take!

  • AdvoCare Slam® Liquid Vitamin and Amino Acid Supplement (Acai Berry, Fruit Punch, Mango Passionfruit, Pomegranate)   —— Use sparingly-one serving per day**
  • AdvoCare Spark® Vitamin and Amino Acid Supplement (Cherry – can Fruit Punch – pouches / can Grape – pouches / can Mandarin Orange – pouches / can Mango Strawberry – pouches / can Pink Lemonade – pouches / can Watermelon – pouches / can)  Use sparingly-one serving per day**
  • Rehydrate Electrolyte Replacement( Fruit Punch – pouches / can Key Lime Cherry – pouches / can Mango Pineapple – pouches / can Peach – pouches / can Red Raspberry – pouches) – Ok
  • Post-Workout Recovery (Chocolate – pouches / can Vanilla – can) Ok
  • Meal Replacement Shake (Berry – pouches Chocolate – pouches Chocolate Mocha – pouches Vanilla – pouches) – Ok


Overall, Second semester is going great. Very blessed to feel okay and be able to continue my working out.

Dealing with a little anxiety,  with expecting baby girl and finding a house to live. On top of that I have my two blogs , keeping up with them and working from home isn’t that easy, but Im very excited how everything’s going right now and see what the future of my hard work has done and will do!

“All your dreams can come true, if you have the Courage to Pursue Them”



Things Every Pregnant Girl Needs…

Okay guys, Last night, my sleep was very uncomfortable, Has my belly Popped yet? NOOOOOO!!  Im Only 18 weeks Pregnant , It took a bit for my belly really to show  with pregnancy number 1

But this stomach, I have such a tightness and soreness. My doctor told me it is certainly normal, with stretching and everything , somehow I don’t remember it from my first pregnancy, my doctor told me because I have a stronger core now from working out the past couple years. I assumed I would feel it less, but hey, what do I know =)

So back to my sleeping,  I need a pillow between my knees, obvious a pill for my head, and another one for fun. I also have a large simba I sleep with, because , in reality I’m just a toddler ❤ plus, you may fall asleep cuddling the boyfriend/husband , but staying like that all night just seems like an accomplishment i’m not willing to make ha. especially being pregnant.

Soooo.. I’m ordering this >>>  Full Body Pregnancy Pillow


Did you see how pleasant she looks on that thing. If you search through All >>>Pregnancy Pillows         Check out the one that has a whole for your belly, I’m pretty sure it floats in water. I’m not personally interested in that one, I found it funny, But someone might find it helpful!    I’m not sure how I am suppose to survive with it now, but I’m sure I’ll manage =)


Now for a Paranoid Momma, When I saw this I knew I needed it. >>> Womb Music Baby Heart Monitor

I always suffer from a bit of anxiety, but pregnancy likes to kick it up a gear… yay =I

So listening to Baby’s heart and movement when I really need to is a HUGE relief . Luckily baby has been kicking like crazy. Which makes a calm momma. Calm momma, Happy Momma! ❤


If your like me, and would like a little healthy Color plus confidence boost with a tan… read my other post   Tanned and Pregnant


Lets talk a no brainer here>>>Yoga Pants


Some type of Oil/cream/lotion for the belly !!   I have a few Favorites, But my number 1 is >>Bio Oil


Last thing on my list is a good book. My current favorite book series right now >>>The Water Keepers

I’m always into reading sci-fi, Futuristic , mixed with a little laugh and romance.


I think that’s my must haves…. for now at least lol Anything else I needed, I already had from Pregnancy number 1 ❤

Any suggestions on something for me to try, or maybe tell me something I didn’t even know i needed lol let me know !!!



What about the Sex?!?!(P… or B) 

What about the Sex?! (Pink…No… Purple or Blue)

This is THE MONTH!!!

I am Days away from finding out if this is a girl kicking my bladder or a boy!!

First off, let me start with saying I’m not the biggest fan of the whole Pink or Blue.
Okay, maybe more of pink.

I don’t like how it’s so stereotypical. You can say, hey , this goes both ways…sure, but Im a girl, so I’m taking my thought this way .

So I was thinking how I wanted to reveal to my son if he is having a baby brother, or sister. There just so much pink, crowns and princess stuff. If I have a girl, I already have the perfect nursery theme all thought out..pretty excited if I get to use it =]

Like here…Take a Look   >>   Gender Reveal

Not saying I don’t like any of the gender reveal… just here me out lol =)
I grew up as daddy’s little girl, he called me princess all the time… He still does, and I’m 25. If I were to have a girl, I wouldn’t take that away from her, of course. Daddy’s little girl ❤  However, I think it’s because I grew up a Tom boy. Playing sports, getting dirty, keeping up with the boys, being the tough girl, not taking any Sh*t.

Which I feel help me in my relationships with boys\Men.

Don’t get me wrong, I had my barbies and Bratz dolls, even though I always put my barbie girls in the men pants and a girl shirt, which was basically  how I dressed. My barbies never rode their convertible, they were always on their Tech deck skateboards. =) Anyhow  I preferred to go outside and play street hockey with the boys or ride our bike on dirt hills =]


Even now, I like make up, going shopping, but I’m that mom running on the playground dirtying my clothes. I have my girly side of course… Kind of. Lol


When I think of princesses, I think dainty, weak and dependent.  Like Cinderella vs. Princess Leia! Do I want my Daughter to lose a glass slipper or shoot one with her blaster!! Lol …. Well , seriously though!

I just want my possible future daughter to be both. A tough, girly, tomboy!! Lol

She will be taught from self defense and weapons to shopping and manicures. A perfect girls day out with Mom =]
I guess my main reason for this post is the worry of having a girl. Boys seems so much less of a worry compared to girls.

However, worry or not, whatever this growing baby in my belly is, he or she has a happy family counting down the months until they arrive. Ready for them to join our family adventures!!!

Back to the reveal… I’m thinking, if it is a girl, I’m going to go with Purple!! My mom who passed away when I was 16 LOVED Purple. We even painted my room purple when I was 8/9 and I agreed because I knew she liked it!! However…My Son  and baby’s father is color blind to certain colors. Mixing up purple and blue… So I’m not sure just yet!!

So thanks for  reading my gender reveal rant. I’m always that person that like to go against the grain.