First Pregnancy Vs. Fit Pregnancy

First Pregnancy VS Fit Pregnancy
I’m so excited to be able to post and say our baby girl is here! She was born November 4th, early morning 1 AM!
Being pregnant for 41 weeks and a couple days, the last couple weeks I was convinced I just might be pregnant forever lol obviously that is not realistic, but every pregnant momma knows that last month countdown feels like a year!
In the beginning of the year when we made the decision to have a second baby, it was very important to me to continue my fitness lifestyle throughout it and I was pretty excited to see if being fit before and throughout my pregnancy would make any difference compared to my first!
Pregnancy number 1: The  picture below  was at my baby shower which was around 35 weeks !! 

-Very little activity

-Sleep sleep sleep

-Fast food/fried foods/candies

-Always tired

-Huge swollen feet

-Starting weight 118

-Ending 185
I had to be induced with both Babies!  I was hoping to go into labor naturally this time, but apparently my body just does not want to let go of these babies!!

Labor and recovery with pregnancy #1
One reason I waited so long to have baby number 2 is because I had a hard time pushing him out. I pushed as hard as I could, screamed I couldn’t do it. I was completely exhausted , out of breath and quickly out of energy. I didn’t feel strong enough, my pushes seemed like they were doing nothing. It wasn’t a horrible delivery, but I definitely didn’t feel confident enough that I would want to go through it again any time soon! Pushing time was over 30 minutes, I constantly had to stop and take a break.
Recovery: We stayed in the hospital for 3 night the first time. I was so sore, stuck in bed throughout Aydens first night. My feet were HUGE like elephant feet, I couldn’t balance to walk and they hurt so bad! =[ they stayed pretty swollen for over two weeks!
Pregnancy Number 2: My Fit Pregnancy
This whole pregnancy I stayed really active. I started out with my regular workout routine and as the weeks went on, I made modifications. By the last month, I was only working out 2 days a week otherwise I would feel to burned out to do everything else I had to do. My feet still got a little swollen, but only at night, luckily not all day! Being pregnant, of course I had my cravings, but the past couple years of working out , I’ve learned moderation and I’m proud to say I was able to stick to it during my pregnancy!
Pre pregnancy weight was 132

End weight was 160.

Most of my weight was water, muscle and baby.
Labor and recovery:

I was induced November 3rd. Medicine started at 2pm.

Baby girl arrive late night early morning 1:57 am, obviously making that November 4th! =]
I started feeling pressure, they called my doctor, he came a few minutes later and we started pushing! Less then 10 minutes later… baby girl was laying on her momma! 💕

This labor I felt so strong, I wasn’t out of breath. Each push I felt my abs tighten and no push was wasted! I took my breath in, pushed, took my breath in and pushed and continued that until she was out! Compared to last delivery, I had tons of energy, imagine if I was able to drink a pre-workout before I had to push lol On a serious note, It was just an amazing experience and I feel very blessed and lucky!
I got to hold her for an hour or so before they weighed and cleaned her. Within the hour, after the nurses helped me with all the “fun stuff” I was up walking around. They kept yelling at me saying I have to have them help me walk to the bathroom a couple times to make sure I’m okay! Lol

So we stayed up with the baby all Friday morning, went and picked up Ayden around 9am to meet his sister. Ayden stayed that night with us and we all left Saturday at 9am.

This momma was so ready to get home! So I stayed from Thursday afternoon when the medicine started, stayed the full day Friday and left Saturday morning! I still had my swollen feet, considering I was full of IV fluids, but definitely not nearly as big and I was able to move around on them! Luckily within  the next 2 days they were gone and I was able to see my boney feet again!
My baby girl will be 2 Weeks tomorrow and I feel amazing! I definitely feel being fit before and during personally helped make my pregnancy and delivery so great this time around. I’m very blessed and thankful to have had a low risk pregnancy and an overall great experience!!

Here’s one of my Pre pregnancy progress pictures

Unfortunately, being super busy , This was my last picture I took while pregnant!! At 38 weeks… by the time I got induced I already started losing weight!

Momma and baby!!

As I get back on my regular workout routine.

I will still be using Advocare.

Some of my favorite products… all are a perfect addition and prove pretty awesome results !! 

Meal Replacement shake   << I use this for Extra Calories, I don’t Replace a meal

Crave Check




Email me at if  you need help with what products are best for your goals!!


You can check out my articles on certain products and the 24 day challenge


Here> 24 Day Challenge


Here> Advocare Review- Weight Loss, Muscle Building, And Overall Health

I’m extremely excited to see what goals I can reach this time being a mom of 2! I will start to post progress pictures, nutrition and workouts so make sure you follow =]

What about the Sex?!?!(P… or B) 

What about the Sex?! (Pink…No… Purple or Blue)

This is THE MONTH!!!

I am Days away from finding out if this is a girl kicking my bladder or a boy!!

First off, let me start with saying I’m not the biggest fan of the whole Pink or Blue.
Okay, maybe more of pink.

I don’t like how it’s so stereotypical. You can say, hey , this goes both ways…sure, but Im a girl, so I’m taking my thought this way .

So I was thinking how I wanted to reveal to my son if he is having a baby brother, or sister. There just so much pink, crowns and princess stuff. If I have a girl, I already have the perfect nursery theme all thought out..pretty excited if I get to use it =]

Like here…Take a Look   >>   Gender Reveal

Not saying I don’t like any of the gender reveal… just here me out lol =)
I grew up as daddy’s little girl, he called me princess all the time… He still does, and I’m 25. If I were to have a girl, I wouldn’t take that away from her, of course. Daddy’s little girl ❤  However, I think it’s because I grew up a Tom boy. Playing sports, getting dirty, keeping up with the boys, being the tough girl, not taking any Sh*t.

Which I feel help me in my relationships with boys\Men.

Don’t get me wrong, I had my barbies and Bratz dolls, even though I always put my barbie girls in the men pants and a girl shirt, which was basically  how I dressed. My barbies never rode their convertible, they were always on their Tech deck skateboards. =) Anyhow  I preferred to go outside and play street hockey with the boys or ride our bike on dirt hills =]


Even now, I like make up, going shopping, but I’m that mom running on the playground dirtying my clothes. I have my girly side of course… Kind of. Lol


When I think of princesses, I think dainty, weak and dependent.  Like Cinderella vs. Princess Leia! Do I want my Daughter to lose a glass slipper or shoot one with her blaster!! Lol …. Well , seriously though!

I just want my possible future daughter to be both. A tough, girly, tomboy!! Lol

She will be taught from self defense and weapons to shopping and manicures. A perfect girls day out with Mom =]
I guess my main reason for this post is the worry of having a girl. Boys seems so much less of a worry compared to girls.

However, worry or not, whatever this growing baby in my belly is, he or she has a happy family counting down the months until they arrive. Ready for them to join our family adventures!!!

Back to the reveal… I’m thinking, if it is a girl, I’m going to go with Purple!! My mom who passed away when I was 16 LOVED Purple. We even painted my room purple when I was 8/9 and I agreed because I knew she liked it!! However…My Son  and baby’s father is color blind to certain colors. Mixing up purple and blue… So I’m not sure just yet!!

So thanks for  reading my gender reveal rant. I’m always that person that like to go against the grain.


Self Tanner Review!

Tanned and Pregnant! – Self tanning…..
Since I was a teen, tanning was always a big thing to me, and unfortunately, I’m guilty of hitting the tanning salons. I went with my Mom, Dad, Brothers, Cousins and Aunt. It was never looked down on. Plus by 16/17, Jersey shore was a huge thing 🙈 oh man, GTL😑 which in reality, back then, gym, tan, laundry. I really just tanned 😂 So to get on track here, being pregnant with my son, I stopped tanning and swore I would never go to a tanning salon again…
…. But I did, a couple month after he was born. I failed!! I tanned off and on sighing the next couple years, mostly before vacations, and in colder months.
Being me, I can be quite the hypochondriac. So tanning in tanning bed, adding more fear to future illnesses, just isn’t the best idea. However, I still went some days anyhow. How smart right?!
Finally …

We then came to the decision of trying for baby number 2. So for me, tanning in a tanning bed is out of the question. I’m paranoid , and would assume the baby was cooking 🙈 so I had to try something new!!! Which was self tanning of course!! I was pretty nervous, considering I had a bad experience with self tanning. However, that was a long time ago and apparently self tanners have come a long way!!
Lets hear my bad first…. 😆

I tried … This  Sublime Glow <–

It’s smells really good and its called gradual tan for a reason, that way you can control the color of the tan You want by applying another coat the next day or so.

BUT…. The lotion you apply is white. Which makes it difficult to see where you have put it and hard to see if you applied evenly. Also, the tan didn’t seem very … Tanned color 🤔

Ps… Wash your hands after applying!
So I then tried This  Banana Boat Deep Tan <—

Looks like this…


The lotion is very dark/bronzed! I wasn’t even going to try to put it directly on.

So I first moisturized everywhere I was going to apply the self tanner.

Next, I mixed my regular body moisturizer with the tanning cream in a bowl, and mixed until I got my Desired color!

With the lotion being tinted, it was fairly simple to apply evenly! Which is the goal right ? Lol

I let air dry, went to bed a bit later and woke up with a nice tan. Most self tanners that aren’t white, have a cosmetic layer that comes off. Cosmetic layer , being the layer you see go on to make it easier to apply 👌👍 so in the end, yeah, it took me longer then my 10 minutes in the tanning bed, but…

1: I feel better considering self tanner is just a dye and can not age or hurt your skin!

2: Saving money!

In the end , my tan looked exactly the same self tanning in my bathroom as to baking in a bed!! However , the time was kind of getting to me. It seemed like it took me a while to apply and bend.

So I started searching and came across fake bake!! I’ve watched videos and read reviews!

Which I didn’t care, I was trying it for myself. Lol

Win!  Found Fake Bake  <— Here, On  Amazon !👌
I finally got it in the mail!

Looks like this…

fake bake

It’s a liquid spray that smells pretty great, the smell does eventually turn to that self tanner smell of the tan devolving!

My favorite part… It comes with a “professional” glove/mitt 😱 wow! Lol Professional!!

In all seriousness. This glove is amazing. They give you rubber gloves to wear under the glove just in case it leaks through. You don’t want your palms stained 😆 however… I haven’t had a problem. So I don’t use the rubber gloves, it’s uncomfortable!
You spray the glove with the tanner. My first time I sprayed the glove 2-3 times for each body part(maybe more for legs) and spread quick and evenly! They say spread in circular motions, but just try your best on smaller body parts. As long as your spread it evenly. It will turn out fine! Once again, this one has that cosmetic coat, meaning , it will wash off. It’s just an aid for application!

All in all… This is my current favorite self tanner! Fast and easy application thanks to the glove.
So if your a pregnant momma or not in search of a tan, try these two !! I highly recommend them!!

If your some one who doesn’t care about a tan…. I’m not sure why you just read all this 😆 kidding!!!
Some reviews I read on fake bake are very mind boggling to me. As long as your follow the directions. I personally got the results I was looking for ! 💕 Thank you fake bake for giving this pregnant mom a little extra confidence!

Hope I gave some Hope to Some Pregnant Mommas out there who needs a little pick me up!!=)

One thing I know for sure, if this baby in my belly is a girl. There is no way she will be aloud in a tanning bed. She will be 100% educated on them. I know some people will argue that they aren’t bad. However… This little girl won’t be going in them 😂👍👌


Why I cancelled Our Direct TV

Hey guys!!!! 

 Durning my First Pregnancy, I would record every single Wife Swap and pick a side I figured I would relate to most as a mom and what I did relate to with my family growing up!! Thinking wow, some of these moms are crazy!! 

All these rules, so many chores, certain nutrition! 
And Boom… I became that Mom. =]] I’m a completely different mother than I predicted I would have been. =]

In the beginning of the year I cancelled our cable. Bye bye Direct TV. We slowly started to watch less and less TV. I slowly become months behind in shows. It was turning out to be a a waste of money. 
I use to be that crazy obsessed TV person. I HAD to have all my shows recorded. Watch out if my show didn’t somehow get recorded and I couldn’t watch it when I wanted . This girl wasn’t happy. 😑 
With all the technology now a days, games, iPads, laptops, phones. It’s all just a waste of time. 
When I die one day, I highly doubt I’ll be thinking, wow… I’m so glad I kept up with all those shows throughout my life. 

No, not likely. 
So I said Bye. 

There are tons and tons of things to do beside TV! 
I’m not saying we watch ZERO television. However, it’s pretty limited. 
We watch 1 series at a time. Right Now we’re watching Fringe on Netflix. Charlie from The Mighty Ducks is in there, he’s pretty darn good looking lol but the show is so awesome! Scientific, alternate universe and funny! We watch 1 1/2 -2 episodes at Aydens bedtime! So we still have that relax time. 
Ayden rarely watches Tv now, but he’s still allowed to watch his favorite shows and movies. Just not nearly as often. 

I slowly got him on a new routine and it’s working perfectly! He has a list of things he can do before TV.  

-Go outside and play

-Practice karate


-Do a puzzle 


-Do his learning workbooks 

-Board game


-Start a craft 

-Learn a completely new hobby

 Things like that. 

We still will have family movie time, or family game time, play Disney Infinity or some type of LegoGame!! It’s just very limited and Limiting technology in our house has brought us all a lot closer. I can definitely see a huge change and I love it!! 
There is so much learning to be done or some type of exploring. 

 Try and make the change yourself and see. Drop the phones, turn the TV off and see! =] 

15 Weeks Pregnant Today!

“Cry Baby, Cry Baby, but I don’t even Care” (Melanie Martinez)

15 Weeks Today! 
Baby is the size of an Apple. 

According to my Ovia App, Baby is the size of a Multi Tool. 😑👶
I’ve been feeling pretty amazing. Beside the fact if I don’t eat on a perfect schedule, right on time, my mind gets foggy, super irritated, headache/neck tension and I get very weak. Im use to be constantly hungry from working out, but this pregnancy hunger hits me like a bus. 🤕 So, Lets just say… try and catch me without food in my hand… lol


I’ve been back on a workout schedule. Also bike rides, walks, and hikes. Rollerblading, playing basketball, playing catch. I’m basically a 8 year old. I’ve always been athletic and active, so I’m very happy to stay active this pregnancy, unlike my first pregnancy 😖However, not today, I’m not sure why I woke up feeling like absolute butt. I’m assuming it’s just a bad day, but I’m exhausted, foggy headed and pretty emotional. I actually sat on the couch and took a rest for a bit at home. Thats how you really know I don’t feel good. I’m usually going and going. I won’t sit until 8:30/9.
Working out today?!?! Eh… I’m planning on just doing my resistance bands for now and head out.
Check out my resistance band blog here:

Here’s a Pre workout picture of 14/15 weeks… No serious change yet. At least not that I can see… Probably because I’m just waiting for a basketball belly 😂🏀 which last pregnancy , I didn’t really get until August/September. I think. Haha.

Let’s just say, I took a break from writing this… And had just a tiny bit emotional break down. Well that was fun. Oh… And it all started because I was hungry and couldn’t find my pants I wanted to wear. Today just isn’t going as planned!! Happy 15 Weeks to me.

I really need to have my next ultrasound this month to calm myself. Underlying problem?! …

A Worried Momma to the Extreme!!

To End It off… Everything is going alright. Pregnancy is weeks of Patience…Patience is my weakness. Off course I want little Baby to Grow, but…. has it been 40 weeks yet?? =?


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Tone/Build Muscle From Home-Resistance Bands

Hey guys….

I have mostly been posting about my pregnancy, And I am finally caught up to my current weeks!! I had them in my phone notes  before I realized there was a wordpress App that   I can write them in  instead lol.


A few Women have told me they want to workout during their  pregnancy, just not at a gym! Which is  Completely  understandable, Pregnant or not, not everyone is comfortable in a gym setting. Which starts me off in the Positives about Resistance Bands…

-Resistance bands can be used ANYWHERE!! Home, Outside, Vacations…They weigh almost nothing, so it probably beats lugging around a 10lb dumbbell =)

-Being able to use them anywhere, its much easier to get your workout in, 15-20 minutes here, 15-20 minutes there.

-One band can be used for all body parts

-Cheap in price, definitely no Gym Member ship Price!

-Workouts in the comfort of your own home.

-Perfect to begin your Fitness Journey or Perfect just to Tone and stay active/Strong!

For me they came in handy the first few weeks of my Pregnancy. I was able to hook them up to my door and get some activity in.

I have other gym equipment in my Basement…(Machine, bench, squat rack etc…) However, feeling like I did, some days it was hard enough to just use my  Bands, but it was easier to convince myself “hey, the door is right there, get some workouts in and you’ll will feel better”  And I always did end up feeling better and yes…I normally talk to myself  with some type of self motivation lol =)

Before I was pregnant, I incorporated the resistance loop bands to warm up and  add extra resistance to my dumbbells exercises. As soon as I found out I was Pregnant, I knew I had to order some type of resistance band set to hook up to the door , assuming the first trimester was going to be low energy and rough!  And Ohhhh It was!!!

So I searched here…. Resistance bands

You Will see the first two are Band sets and the third is The Resistance Loops.  Working out from home, You would want the set. So I search and they all look pretty similar…  I ordered these… Fitness Master Resistance Band Set    They were a few dollars cheaper, But I liked the pictures they showed on the door stopper, it seemed larger than the others.

Okay so here’s my Favorite part… 
The hooks!!

Most bands are made connected to the handle, and if wanted to add more weight, you either use two bands, Meaning  TWO handles, Not fun, or Buy another higher resistant band that actually might be to hard for you. These you can make whatever resistance you want. Different resistance for each workout!!

This set came with 5 bands

Yellow (2-4lbs)   Green (4-6 lbs.), Blue (10-12 lbs.), Black (15-20 lbs.) and Red (25-30 lbs.) Put together which ever you want!! =)

It comes with two handles, two ankle straps, door stopper and storage bag.

The picture above, The bands are anchored to the Top Of My Door…

Ex: Tricep pull downs- Straight Arm Pulldown

Middle of Door…

Ex: Chest Press-Chest Flies

Bottom of Door…

Ex: Bicep Curl-Shoulder Raise -Shoulder Press- Use ankle attachment for legs

There are tons of ways  you can experiment with to work all areas of the body!!I plan on just taking pictures of some workouts but  If you are totally lost and need more ideas/explanations  feel free to email me at



Weeks 12-13-14 (Positively Pregnant )

Phew…. I Did it. I Am All Caught up!!!

I am Currently 14 Weeks Pregnant! Baby Is measuring closer to 15 Weeks!! I am officially in my Second Trimester!!  My Past posts I put together my not so great weeks.

Weeks 12, 13 and 14 started to look up!

Week 12 I had another ultrasound and baby  looked like a baby. Compared to my first ultrasound. My son  was  not very impressed when I said  this was his little baby brother or sister. This ultrasound picture  he was way more excited and said ” Hey , there is a baby in there”    like hey… I didn’t lie!!! =)))

Within Week 12, 13 and 14 I slowly found my way back to a workout schedule.

I am VERY HAPPY about that. Not having my energy was very rough for me.  Plus I’m not the type  to nap. I can’t nap.  =/ Or sit still for that matter.

Comparing both pregnancy. I’m Glad to say My activity and Nutrition is 10 times better!!  Im beyond happy  I made the decision to completely change my lifestyle around the time my son turned 1. Getting into fitness/nutrition and becoming NASM certified was  the best thing I’ve could have done, not just physically but emotionally as well!!

Im Proud to compare this pregnancy from my last. Yes… Every Pregnancy is different.  however, My mentality is like a whole new person. It took me many years to get here and learn to fight the battles in my head since losing my mom at 16. Im lucky to have my Son and  his father. My son gave me the reason  and mind set to be the best me I could be, and his father helped me fight my battles!!


I have officially been MORE  active in my Current  14 weeks of pregnancy then my whole 40 Weeks last pregnancy!! Wow!! Nothing negative towards the women who physically CAN’T be active during pregnancy!! My last pregnancy, it was My Choice to Lay around and be lazy! Which is probably the reason I am so against ever sitting around!

Going rollerblading very often! I use to play ice hockey and roller hockey with the boys. It’s calming and relaxing to me. I can put headphones in and rollerblade for ever!! 

Bike rides and hikes 💕


Nutrition is officially back on track and controlled!! Being pregnant, I’m not as strict, considering my goal isn’t to lean down. My goal is to eat the healthiest I can for me and Baby, but also give myself a little break when needed!!  And to be honest, with having to get enough calories in for just being pregnant, but also adding working out to that… I run out of things to eat. Sometimes, a snack I wouldn’t usually reach for is the easiest! If you have questions on my nutrition , feel free to email me at

Current “BUMP” Picture…. =)

  Connect with me on Instagram so I can stalk your Pregnancy!! 😂 lol jk …. Kind of!! 😍