Fat Burn, Muscle Building, and Recovery

I Know I talk a lot about AdvoCare’s 24 Day Challenge and weight loss/fat burning Products because, yes, they are awesome and I had great results with them after my 2nd pregnancy(6 Months Postpartum yesterday)

NOW I want to share  AdvoCare’s Performance Elite Series.

I Know it can be confusing on what to get, and what some products even do.

So… hopefully this give you a good idea for a few products to get you started

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Pre-Workout -Arginine Extreme-    Take 30 Minutes before Workout

Protein – Muscle Gain-  -Three types of protein  which digest at different rates, Take After Workout

-Rehydrate Gel-  Take this During your workout

-Night Time Recovery-  End the day with a nighttime recovery to combat stress that you put on your body and muscles to and make your way to a quicker recovery.

Performance Elite

-Gives you energy

-Aid In muscle Growth


-Strength, Performance, and Stamina

Signing up and Ordering With Advocare

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