Positively Me

Welcome to my Blog!

My Name is Crystal! I had  a previous blog named (Journey to Supermom) I will most likely be posting those blogs again. However I wanted a fresh start, new name, wider platform on what to write about!

I am a mother to one amazing little 4 year old boy!


I am a Health and Fitness fanatic. I am NASM Certified Personal Trainer and I also specialize  in  Fitness Nutrition. Being Healthy and Having a Health happy family is my Top Priority!

BUT…I AM Positively more =)

I’m a fighter, continuously fighting the sadness of my past,Depression and anxiety,  a fighter on becoming a better me then yesterday, fighting to find myself, fighting daily worries, fears and paranoia.

I’m a Helper, wholehearted. I do not  like people to worry,hurt, or feel alone. However, I feel its alright to wear the weight on my shoulders instead. I suppose its in a “take your pain away” kind of feeling!

Cherish. Sensitive, Treasure. I live day by day! Every minute of my day, I hold onto. Losing my Mother at 16, and having my family slowly fall apart. I’ve learned that life is short, and EVERYTHING can change in a minute.

I am Very Very Structured, but Open Minded. I am very much set in my ways. I have strong beliefs on how I want to live life and how I believe my family and I should live our life, But in no way would I state that anything else different from my opinions are Wrong.

Overall I AM ME, I am not afraid to share the Real me. With the blog, I hope to help people feel less alone, to be able to relate and connect, Inform and Share,  whether it being fitness related, family , Health ,Personal, Past, Random things, Disney, Dogs, Shoes, Games… After all, it is my blog, so Ill be posting Whatever I want of course! =)

I Hope you enjoy my Blogs and can some how relate, learn something new, find helpful, funny, entertaining. Whatever it is, feel free to Contact me anytime at



—- Crystal

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