Postpartum With Advocare 

Postpartum with Advocare
Shocked! I am days away from having a 6 month old. Compared to my first baby, little Miss Eva has been a challenge. As difficult as some days and nights have been. They seem to have flown by!

Background story

Long story short…

This is my second baby, and my second fitness journey! I started working out when my son was just over 1 year old. I had tons and tons of trail and error. Too much cardio, or not enough food, not enough cardio, not enough carbs, to many carbs and and not enough protein etc…When I finally found what works best for me, I was reaching my goals a lot faster. THEN, I decided it was time for baby number 2.
My FIRST PREGNANCY, I was lazy! Slept and ate. Not to mention, my nutrition was HORRIBLE . The most activity I got was going grocery shopping and walking up the stairs to the apartment we use to live in.
My SECOND PREGNANCY I was soo much more active. I even continued with weightlifting and cardio. My nutrition was so much better than my first pregnant but not as good as I was planning. Eh,  Pregnancy cravings. What cha gonna do. Its not always easy passing up Pizza when your emotional from just  picking out Paint at Home Depot for the Nursery!


I continued  taking Advocare while pregnant for the extra calories intake that I was losing while working out. My Goal, obviously was not to lose weight, but stay active and also make sure my calories were high enough for Me and Baby!

Then After having the baby I started the 24 Day Challenge right away.

You could read that article here

So this post I want to update on my almost 6 months postpartum progress with Advocare and of course in addition to working out and nutrition.
I started working out in the beginning of January but I wasn’t getting enough sleep to start a consistent workout regimen  with little to  no sleep. Little Miss Eva had her challenges the first few months, but my tough little girl(and Mommy/Daddy) are just about over that bump in the road… Or giant hill, mountain, whatever.
I bought myself a new workout machine, which I have to add, I felt horrible, because When This Momma makes Money, Its like pulling teeth to buy myself a shirt, let alone a huge workout machine, But us Moms deserve stuff too right? lol Continuing on, I got that in the middle or end of March! So  I would say that’s when I started a actual workout schedule of 4 to 5 days a week and I’m slowly finding a good routine being a busy Mom of 2.
The picture below is about 5 1/2 months postpartum and in the middle you’ll see a picture of me 38 weeks pregnant. Same shirt.

That’s the girl I’m competing with, This was right before my second pregnancy!  My goal that I am desperately trying to get back to and also Beat. Patience crystal, patience!

^ Current picture. I found a box of pre pregnancy clothing I packed away that I completely forgot about.

After the 24 Day Challenge, I am still of course taking Advocare products and Ill Past those Below… (Working on New Post for Current Supplements) check out Products …                     here > Advocare Shop <

If you’re interested in taking the 24 Day Challenge with me you can email me at or visit my website and contact me here    

I’m able to help guide you with fitness and nutrition to help you reach your goals!!

Also, with the challenge, there’s an App to help keep you on track, extra help with meals, Recipes, and a grocery guide! A perfect start to reach your goals with So many options for help!

If your interested Check out Women, Weightlifting, And What Its Done For Me which is about  some of my Fitness Journey, Progress, trial and error After My First Baby!

Thanks for reading!!

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Top 10 Must Haves for a Home Gym

I know not everyone is interested in going to a Gym. However, The Gym Isn’t the only way to get in shape, and reach your goals.

Gym Memberships can be…

-Expensive: Some people  Simply don’t want to, or just  cant afford the extra  Monthly payment for a membership

-Uncomfortable: For A lot of people I have talked to, Going to the Gym is completely out of their comfort zone. I always recommend , If its out of your comfort zone, at least give it a try  for a week or two, without trying you will obviously never know! However, in the end, some people just don’t feel comfortable.

-Time:  Not everyone has a schedule that can easily  fit in the hour at the gym, with travel, work schedule, distance to the gym  maybe to far,  or having children, etc…

Which is Why I Have always worked out from home.

Working Out From Home…

-Convenient: The distance to my basement is not far at all. Either Wake up early, or get  a workout in later in the night.

Busy Days, I can easily split my workout in half if needed.

-Motivation: Going to bed in my workout clothes and waking up ready to go down stairs and get my early morning work out in, shower and get on with my day… Its takes a lot less motivation then to  wake up my son, get him ready to go, do everything that needs to be done and drive to the gym.

-Money Saver: I didn’t start of with the equipment I have now, and Im Definitely   not done investing money into new things. So Personally for me, I don’t plan on stopping my fitness Journey. Beside right now  being Almost 28 Weeks Pregnant, I don’t get to work out as much until baby arrives. So in the long run, paying for a gym membership, The child care for soon to be 2 kids and gas, just isn’t worth it.

-Comfort:  You don’t have to feel uncomfortable in your own home!!  Its just you vs. yourself.  No need to feel uncomfortable or  self conscious! Blast your Music and dance Between Sets! =)

My List of Must Haves For Home Equipment

Battle ropes  < Perfect full body Workout. Muscle building and Fat Burning!Battle ropes

Resistance Bands < You really cant go wrong with these. They are low price and  have a wide variety or work outs you can do.

Barbell Weight Set 

Kettlebell  < I often Started or end my workouts with Kettle bell swings or use my Battle Ropes!

Exercise Ball < A Must have for Stability and Core Training.

Dumbbell Set

Jump Rope  < One of the Best and my Most Favorite Cardio Workouts

If you are Really Serious…

Home Gym  < With different Attachments, you have a wide variety of Workouts for full Body! 

Workout Bench

Squat Rack


Definitely My Top 10 Must Haves to Start a Home Gym!

Thanks For Reading!! =)



All of my Personal Progress After I had my son came from Working out at home.



Easy Full Body Pregnancy Workout!



Happy Friday!

19 weeks Pregnant fit Pregnancy workouts fitness

Finally Right!!  Just a couple days away from Being half way through this Pregnancy! Cant believe Im almost 20 Weeks, they flew by so quick.

So, I’ve been getting a lot of emails on What kind of workouts I do.

To start , I wanted to share a fairly easy Full body workout that anyone can do FROM HOME. Of course, EVERYONE and EVERY Pregnancy Is different. Please get the clear by your doctor before doing any type of workout.  All of my past Doctors appointment, My Doctors has cleared me to continue my workout Routine. Everybody has a different limit  and different intensity. Make sure you do what’s safe for you and baby.

For each workout, all you need is a Pair of Dumbbells,  whatever weight you can handle right now is of course,  completely up to you!  I did this routine yesterday, drank water, sprayed myself with my fan mister, took second to sing of course , but most importantly , I took my time.


So let’s get started…

Shoulders – 3 Sets of 8

  • Shoulder Press
    Front Dumbbell Raise
    Side Lateral Raise

*Each of these shoulder workouts can be done both Seated/Standing  and 1 Arm or Both arms at a time.

Biceps- 3 Sets of 8

  • Bicep Curl
  • Hammer Curl

*Kept the bicep Workouts very basic. You can do these alternating arms as well, standing or sitting

Back/Legs/ Butt- 3 Sets of 8

  • Bent Over 1 Arm Row
  • Squat
  • Step Ups
  • Lunges

*I combined the legs and back here. Personally for me right now , my back has been bothering me, either from my past injuries(not workout related) , the Pregnancy or BOTH. If you wanted you can add Bent over Wide arm rows. So instead of your arm being close to your side, Parallel to your body, elbow facing the wall behind you, turn your arm/elbow so your elbow faces the wall to your RIGHT.  When you get to legs, you can do each with only bodyweight, or weighted. Its up to you, what feels comfortable and what your doctor Approves of .

Chest- 3 Sets of 8

  • Incline Bench Press
  • Incline hammer Grip Bench Press


* So with these, I personally have a inclined bench, If you don’t, you may need a Workout ball like this>> Workout Balls  there’s a whole bunch there, different sizes and different colors !

Triceps- 3 Sets of 8

  • Tricep extension behind head
  • Tricep dumbbell Kickbacks


And that’s it… Of course you can tweak it yourself. I stuck with 8 Reps for each set, to make it easier, you can always do 10/12 with heavier or lighter weight.

Hoping this helps a lot of women at home who do not have access to much equipment or aren’t comfortable with going to the gym and working out right now!

  • If you’re looking for any Extra nutrition to take before and after your workouts you can read my 19 Weeks Pregnant Today!!  Post. I list what I take and what is okay to take from a list of What’s okay and not okay to take for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Women.  however, always ask you Doctors of course.

Have a Great Workout =)


Women, Weightlifting, And What Its Done For Me

There’s nothing like being 18 weeks Pregnant, looking back at progress picture through out my fitness Journey and FINALLY realizing my Progress I had. As shared in other post, I had a rough first trimester, morning sickness/all day, I only threw up  maybe 10 times or less,  but I had all day nausea and the rest of the crazy first trimester symptoms!

One thing I realized was… WOW, I sure was hard on myself, I didn’t see the progress That I see now, Since I lost quite a bit muscle and gained a little weight.  Pregnant life. Anything for my baby Girl ❤  After Shes born and I get back on my old routine, my main goal is to lighten up on myself, take a second and really look how far I’ve come.


How Weightlifting changed me…

My fitness Journey pushed me to do things I never thought I could do. I pushed myself to try and be the strongest me I could be.

Having fitness in my life gave me a confidence and self love I didn’t have before. Maybe I didn’t always see my progress, but I always liked what I see.  I believe self confidence and self love is very important in everyday life.  Being more confident in yourself, you just might find your self in a place or doing something you would be to scared to do before.

I’ve always been a tomboy , playing sports. However, I never combined activity with good nutrition until my son was born and decided on a complete lifestyle change.

As a teenager, I always had self image problems, thinking I was overweight when in actuality I was underweight. I didn’t know how to be healthy, I had no idea what to do to love myself. I underated, and overworked. Running, biking, different types of cardio on one meal a day. I struggled with a light case of anorexia. I eventually gained normal weight, later, found I was was pregnant. My first pregnancy, My weight started 118 and ended at 180. Eh !! Most people don;t believe me when I tell them that, they say me being so tiny, that they cant even picture me weighing that much, but trust me.. it happened =/

After that, once again, I went on my unhealthy way of losing weight.  Very low calorie input and extreme calorie output and on top of that, I was taking fat burners, overall  I felt completely horrible. I knew I couldn’t live on that with, especially not with a newborn baby. So What did I do??? I RESEARCHED And eventually, I was slowly on my path to fitness and happiness!!

I started with half cardio and half light weights for my daily workout routine.  Once I felt like I was lifting nothing, I moved to higher weights. All leading up to very little cardio. I still believe cardio is very important, but I had other cardio, like rollerblading, bike riding, jump roping and battle ropes. Battle ropes post coming soon. My all time favorite full body workout. You can take a quick look at them here>> Battle Ropes and email me before I get my post out   if you have questions about them and how they help burn fat and build muscle.

Before pregnancy, my  Daily workout routine looked like this:

  • Stretch
  • 5 minute warm up(cardio)
  • Weights

It depended on my day on how long I  lifted for.

I stayed on a split schedule. Meaning, Monday I worked back and biceps, tuesday I did chest and triceps, wednesday day Was leg day and thursday was shoulders. Some days I would do full body, and other days were rest days!

I slowly raised my calories, listened to my body on what I needed, like extra carbs. Eventually I had my calories intake  to 2000 and over!

Top Picture was before Pregnancy, It saddens me a little to look at this, but I know once Baby girl Arrives, I’ll be back to my old workout routine.


The picture on the left is the Momma me… The picture on the right was Highschool me. I  like to share that one because, Im a firm believer in getting in shape and changing your lifestyle  at anytime in life. If I can be in better shape than My high school self. You can make the change now!!


Now to talk supplements I support.

Cellucor>>   Cellucor

  • Whey Protein
  • C4 Pre workout (not for caffeine sensitive )
  • Super HD  Fat Burn

BPI Sports>>> BPI Sports

  • Vortex Pre workout (caffeine)
  • BCAA
  • Whey Protein
  • Nighttime recovery and burn
  • Aminos

Any supplement help with your goals, email me at

I might be pregnant, but Im still personal trainer and fitness nutrition certified!!

Currently I am taking advocare. The ones above are a little to much for a pregnant Momma and Baby!! Soon , I’ll  post a full  post on Advocare while pregnant and what my Doctors said. For now you can email me any question you might have . Check out the list  Here..>>

Advocare Age, Pregnant And Nursing Indications

Then check them out here  >> My Advocare Shop

Email me any questions on any products, pregnant or now, and Im Happy to help!! =)



Tone/Build Muscle From Home-Resistance Bands

Hey guys….

I have mostly been posting about my pregnancy, And I am finally caught up to my current weeks!! I had them in my phone notes  before I realized there was a wordpress App that   I can write them in  instead lol.


A few Women have told me they want to workout during their  pregnancy, just not at a gym! Which is  Completely  understandable, Pregnant or not, not everyone is comfortable in a gym setting. Which starts me off in the Positives about Resistance Bands…

-Resistance bands can be used ANYWHERE!! Home, Outside, Vacations…They weigh almost nothing, so it probably beats lugging around a 10lb dumbbell =)

-Being able to use them anywhere, its much easier to get your workout in, 15-20 minutes here, 15-20 minutes there.

-One band can be used for all body parts

-Cheap in price, definitely no Gym Member ship Price!

-Workouts in the comfort of your own home.

-Perfect to begin your Fitness Journey or Perfect just to Tone and stay active/Strong!

For me they came in handy the first few weeks of my Pregnancy. I was able to hook them up to my door and get some activity in.

I have other gym equipment in my Basement…(Machine, bench, squat rack etc…) However, feeling like I did, some days it was hard enough to just use my  Bands, but it was easier to convince myself “hey, the door is right there, get some workouts in and you’ll will feel better”  And I always did end up feeling better and yes…I normally talk to myself  with some type of self motivation lol =)

Before I was pregnant, I incorporated the resistance loop bands to warm up and  add extra resistance to my dumbbells exercises. As soon as I found out I was Pregnant, I knew I had to order some type of resistance band set to hook up to the door , assuming the first trimester was going to be low energy and rough!  And Ohhhh It was!!!

So I searched here…. Resistance bands

You Will see the first two are Band sets and the third is The Resistance Loops.  Working out from home, You would want the set. So I search and they all look pretty similar…  I ordered these… Fitness Master Resistance Band Set    They were a few dollars cheaper, But I liked the pictures they showed on the door stopper, it seemed larger than the others.

Okay so here’s my Favorite part… 
The hooks!!

Most bands are made connected to the handle, and if wanted to add more weight, you either use two bands, Meaning  TWO handles, Not fun, or Buy another higher resistant band that actually might be to hard for you. These you can make whatever resistance you want. Different resistance for each workout!!

This set came with 5 bands

Yellow (2-4lbs)   Green (4-6 lbs.), Blue (10-12 lbs.), Black (15-20 lbs.) and Red (25-30 lbs.) Put together which ever you want!! =)

It comes with two handles, two ankle straps, door stopper and storage bag.

The picture above, The bands are anchored to the Top Of My Door…

Ex: Tricep pull downs- Straight Arm Pulldown

Middle of Door…

Ex: Chest Press-Chest Flies

Bottom of Door…

Ex: Bicep Curl-Shoulder Raise -Shoulder Press- Use ankle attachment for legs

There are tons of ways  you can experiment with to work all areas of the body!!I plan on just taking pictures of some workouts but  If you are totally lost and need more ideas/explanations  feel free to email me at



Me and My Fit Bit :)

Fit bit review.

I did a past review for Fitbit.

I got a new Fitbit, the smaller  Charge HR.  It’s around a inch thick. I like this one because it is the most comfortable when I workout. With free weights and machines a wider one wouldn’t bother me, but when working with resistance bands, it’s annoyed me a bit. So the Charge HR had everything I needed.

It has a continue heart rate, which was very important to me at the moment because I am pregnant!

Steps, calories burned and the distance you traveled

Floors climbs

Silent alarm, which is pretty cool to wake up to.

If you wear it to sleep, it has a auto  sleep detection, because of the no movement it starts a sleep log. Or you can manually start you sleep log of hours , how many times you woke and how restless you were thru the night.

The time is on the front. As soon as you flick your wrist up the time shows.

Any phone call, your wrist vibrates and there is caller ID

To go thru all the motions on the phone (time, heart rate, calories, steps, ect…) all you have to do is tap the watch or look at the app.

You can also set what is Most important to you to track, I have mine as heart rate and just double tap the band and it goes straight to your current heart rate.

The App also allows you to track everything and look back on track days.

It’s also like the app “my fitness pal” where you can track food intake verses calories burns/out. Track water intake , find friends and do challenges.

If your interested in a fit bit, I would highly recommend the  Fit Bit HR < (Read more about it there), it’s simple and has everything you need. Unless you would like a bigger screen, text notifications and music control, I would look iFit Bit Surgento the  . If your really feeling fancy, check out the NEWEST Fitbit that just came out called the Fit Bit Blaze ! I have no personally used that one, but I heard its getting pretty good Reviews!

The picture below, you can see my fit bit, its pretty tiny. My son picked Red for me, since its the Color of Darth Vader’s Lightsaber of course. Its a perfect size for me, on my tiny little wrist. OR Maybe I just like it because I’m A Disney World  Fanatic and it reminds me of my Magic Band!!  Either way, I wear it often, and try to beat myself at whatever goals I Beat  yesterday!!


All In all, I think fit bit is awesome at tracking calories, helping you lose your desired weight and stay on track while doing it !!


Email Me. Or Comment Below!