Postpartum With Advocare 

Postpartum with Advocare
Shocked! I am days away from having a 6 month old. Compared to my first baby, little Miss Eva has been a challenge. As difficult as some days and nights have been. They seem to have flown by!

Background story

Long story short…

This is my second baby, and my second fitness journey! I started working out when my son was just over 1 year old. I had tons and tons of trail and error. Too much cardio, or not enough food, not enough cardio, not enough carbs, to many carbs and and not enough protein etc…When I finally found what works best for me, I was reaching my goals a lot faster. THEN, I decided it was time for baby number 2.
My FIRST PREGNANCY, I was lazy! Slept and ate. Not to mention, my nutrition was HORRIBLE . The most activity I got was going grocery shopping and walking up the stairs to the apartment we use to live in.
My SECOND PREGNANCY I was soo much more active. I even continued with weightlifting and cardio. My nutrition was so much better than my first pregnant but not as good as I was planning. Eh,  Pregnancy cravings. What cha gonna do. Its not always easy passing up Pizza when your emotional from just  picking out Paint at Home Depot for the Nursery!


I continued  taking Advocare while pregnant for the extra calories intake that I was losing while working out. My Goal, obviously was not to lose weight, but stay active and also make sure my calories were high enough for Me and Baby!

Then After having the baby I started the 24 Day Challenge right away.

You could read that article here

So this post I want to update on my almost 6 months postpartum progress with Advocare and of course in addition to working out and nutrition.
I started working out in the beginning of January but I wasn’t getting enough sleep to start a consistent workout regimen  with little to  no sleep. Little Miss Eva had her challenges the first few months, but my tough little girl(and Mommy/Daddy) are just about over that bump in the road… Or giant hill, mountain, whatever.
I bought myself a new workout machine, which I have to add, I felt horrible, because When This Momma makes Money, Its like pulling teeth to buy myself a shirt, let alone a huge workout machine, But us Moms deserve stuff too right? lol Continuing on, I got that in the middle or end of March! So  I would say that’s when I started a actual workout schedule of 4 to 5 days a week and I’m slowly finding a good routine being a busy Mom of 2.
The picture below is about 5 1/2 months postpartum and in the middle you’ll see a picture of me 38 weeks pregnant. Same shirt.

That’s the girl I’m competing with, This was right before my second pregnancy!  My goal that I am desperately trying to get back to and also Beat. Patience crystal, patience!

^ Current picture. I found a box of pre pregnancy clothing I packed away that I completely forgot about.

After the 24 Day Challenge, I am still of course taking Advocare products and Ill Past those Below… (Working on New Post for Current Supplements) check out Products …                     here > Advocare Shop <

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I’m able to help guide you with fitness and nutrition to help you reach your goals!!

Also, with the challenge, there’s an App to help keep you on track, extra help with meals, Recipes, and a grocery guide! A perfect start to reach your goals with So many options for help!

If your interested Check out Women, Weightlifting, And What Its Done For Me which is about  some of my Fitness Journey, Progress, trial and error After My First Baby!

Thanks for reading!!

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24 Day Challenge Postpartum (Advocare)

My 24 Day challenge after my Second Pregnancy!
Every Momma knows pregnancy isn’t easy, and it could feel like forever, but nothing seems as long as the last month, final countdown! Putting pants on are tough, showering is tiring, and wearing socks and shoes just is uncomfortable.
During my pregnancy I still managed to get light weightlifting in until the end. Very very modified for baby and I.
As the days went by, Watching baby’s due date come and go. Being past due 41 weeks, I was anxious to have this second baby and get back on track As soon as I was able to.
You can read about my labor and the comparison between my first pregnancy and my fit pregnancy there>>> First Pregnancy Vs. Fit Pregnancy
I knew My first step to get back on track was to start with my nutrition. Being pregnant, I definitely gave myself a little bit more freedom with my  favorite sweets, treats…and PIZZA of course!
I was taking a few Advocare products that was approved by my doctor during pregnancy and I’ll be continuing to use them for my postpartum transformation.



 Here I am 38 Weeks Pregnant, unfortunately the last Baby Bump Picture I took!
I brought everything I needed in my hospital bag and started the 24 Day Challenge right away!
I took this just 48 hours post Baby.

Compared to my first pregnancy, I was very shocked in how my Much my belly went down in such a short period of time.   First Pregnancy Vs. Fit Pregnancy



And here is 2 Weeks postpartum.

14 days out of the 24 done!
On top of the 24 Day challenge , my diet consist of…
Lean meats

Lots of veggies

Healthy fats

And Pasta

Depending on your goals, I don’t personally replace a meal with the Meal replacement shake. I use it for the extra calories. Especially after having the baby. My body appreciates the extra nutrients and Calories.

3 weeks postpartum.

I’m currently heading towards 6 weeks Postpartum!! I was  approved for workouts and I’m extremely excited !!  As amazing and exciting pregnancy is, One of the hardest parts for me was  to not be so hard on myself, and to continue to remind myself that I will be back to my Old workout Routine in no Time. For me Working out is my therapy, light workouts during my pregnancy helped, but it just wasn’t enough. So  like they say  ” Summer bodies are made in the Winter”  And I can NOT wait to earn back some lost Progress!!



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First Pregnancy Vs. Fit Pregnancy

First Pregnancy VS Fit Pregnancy
I’m so excited to be able to post and say our baby girl is here! She was born November 4th, early morning 1 AM!
Being pregnant for 41 weeks and a couple days, the last couple weeks I was convinced I just might be pregnant forever lol obviously that is not realistic, but every pregnant momma knows that last month countdown feels like a year!
In the beginning of the year when we made the decision to have a second baby, it was very important to me to continue my fitness lifestyle throughout it and I was pretty excited to see if being fit before and throughout my pregnancy would make any difference compared to my first!
Pregnancy number 1: The  picture below  was at my baby shower which was around 35 weeks !! 

-Very little activity

-Sleep sleep sleep

-Fast food/fried foods/candies

-Always tired

-Huge swollen feet

-Starting weight 118

-Ending 185
I had to be induced with both Babies!  I was hoping to go into labor naturally this time, but apparently my body just does not want to let go of these babies!!

Labor and recovery with pregnancy #1
One reason I waited so long to have baby number 2 is because I had a hard time pushing him out. I pushed as hard as I could, screamed I couldn’t do it. I was completely exhausted , out of breath and quickly out of energy. I didn’t feel strong enough, my pushes seemed like they were doing nothing. It wasn’t a horrible delivery, but I definitely didn’t feel confident enough that I would want to go through it again any time soon! Pushing time was over 30 minutes, I constantly had to stop and take a break.
Recovery: We stayed in the hospital for 3 night the first time. I was so sore, stuck in bed throughout Aydens first night. My feet were HUGE like elephant feet, I couldn’t balance to walk and they hurt so bad! =[ they stayed pretty swollen for over two weeks!
Pregnancy Number 2: My Fit Pregnancy
This whole pregnancy I stayed really active. I started out with my regular workout routine and as the weeks went on, I made modifications. By the last month, I was only working out 2 days a week otherwise I would feel to burned out to do everything else I had to do. My feet still got a little swollen, but only at night, luckily not all day! Being pregnant, of course I had my cravings, but the past couple years of working out , I’ve learned moderation and I’m proud to say I was able to stick to it during my pregnancy!
Pre pregnancy weight was 132

End weight was 160.

Most of my weight was water, muscle and baby.
Labor and recovery:

I was induced November 3rd. Medicine started at 2pm.

Baby girl arrive late night early morning 1:57 am, obviously making that November 4th! =]
I started feeling pressure, they called my doctor, he came a few minutes later and we started pushing! Less then 10 minutes later… baby girl was laying on her momma! 💕

This labor I felt so strong, I wasn’t out of breath. Each push I felt my abs tighten and no push was wasted! I took my breath in, pushed, took my breath in and pushed and continued that until she was out! Compared to last delivery, I had tons of energy, imagine if I was able to drink a pre-workout before I had to push lol On a serious note, It was just an amazing experience and I feel very blessed and lucky!
I got to hold her for an hour or so before they weighed and cleaned her. Within the hour, after the nurses helped me with all the “fun stuff” I was up walking around. They kept yelling at me saying I have to have them help me walk to the bathroom a couple times to make sure I’m okay! Lol

So we stayed up with the baby all Friday morning, went and picked up Ayden around 9am to meet his sister. Ayden stayed that night with us and we all left Saturday at 9am.

This momma was so ready to get home! So I stayed from Thursday afternoon when the medicine started, stayed the full day Friday and left Saturday morning! I still had my swollen feet, considering I was full of IV fluids, but definitely not nearly as big and I was able to move around on them! Luckily within  the next 2 days they were gone and I was able to see my boney feet again!
My baby girl will be 2 Weeks tomorrow and I feel amazing! I definitely feel being fit before and during personally helped make my pregnancy and delivery so great this time around. I’m very blessed and thankful to have had a low risk pregnancy and an overall great experience!!

Here’s one of my Pre pregnancy progress pictures

Unfortunately, being super busy , This was my last picture I took while pregnant!! At 38 weeks… by the time I got induced I already started losing weight!

Momma and baby!!

As I get back on my regular workout routine.

I will still be using Advocare.

Some of my favorite products… all are a perfect addition and prove pretty awesome results !! 

Meal Replacement shake   << I use this for Extra Calories, I don’t Replace a meal

Crave Check




Email me at if  you need help with what products are best for your goals!!


You can check out my articles on certain products and the 24 day challenge


Here> 24 Day Challenge


Here> Advocare Review- Weight Loss, Muscle Building, And Overall Health

I’m extremely excited to see what goals I can reach this time being a mom of 2! I will start to post progress pictures, nutrition and workouts so make sure you follow =]

Jump Start Into A Healthier Diet

What are  the first steps into a Healthier Diet and Lifestyle ?!!?


However, I know not everyone knows exactly what they need to change!

I remember when I first started my fitness and weight loss Journey. I went to the store to get different food. Honestly it was not the easiest. My whole life I went into the store and grabbed whatever I wanted. So passing things in isles  I would normally put in my cart was strange.  So I was walking around wondering ” well now what? what else is there to get?! You mean  There is chicken here I have to cook myself? So Im guessing I should buy the hot wings in freezer sections? But all I have to do is warm those up and put the sauce on!”

As you can tell, I was not much of a cook! It took some Time, research, experimentation, and some awfully burnt food. Luckily, Come June 29, our anniversary!  I have spent the past 6 years of my life with a Chef To teach me a few things.

As nervous and confused as I might have been in the beginning, I knew I wanted Change. Just having  a son, coming off a pregnancy that I ate horribly unhealthier and was very inactive, not to forget, I gained well over my recommended weight gain recommendation!  I wanted to feel confident about what I saw in the mirror everyday, I wanted to be in the best shape that I could as a mother, and show my son just how strong his Mom can be!

Find your Reason, Fuel your motivation, And Get Started TODAY!!

I made this fun and simple chart that you can save or share to help you get started with the Basics! It’s a great list to get you started at the Store!

healthier- diet- weight loss-fat burn-fast-healthy-recipes-food-fitness-how to get a flat tummy- fitness-weight watchers-


Remember, it’s not really realistic for most people to completely cut certain foods out your entire life. Changing your diet, losing weight, managing weight is a lifestyle change! So Learning to moderate things is very important, to completely cut yourself off is a mistake people always make. Imagine putting a cupcake in front of a toddler, and telling them No you can have that, but you can look at it. They may never stop talking, thinking , or asking questions  about that cupcake!

We do not want food to control us, coming from someone who dealt with body image issues(still do) and  a  eating disorder  as a teenager.  Trust me, it takes time to learn moderation and portion control , But It can be done! Know that you will fall of track, no one is perfect, but always remember to jump right back on track, stay consistent, and you will get there!!

Read about my Journey here>>>>Women, Weightlifting, And What Its Done For Me

If your looking for supplements in addition to your new diet  you can check out this post >>> Advocare Review- Weight Loss, Muscle Building, And Overall Health



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24 Day Challenge

Hey all! So I have been getting asked a lot about the Advocare 24 day Challenge!                      I know It can be Pretty  confusing if you aren’t familiar with taking supplements.

The 24 Day Challenge is split into two phases, taking different products can really WOW someone.

First things first!  Advocares 24 Day Challenge isn’t just for People who want to Lose Weight and Burn Fat, whether you are looking for weight management, energy, overall body composition or overall wellness. This Challenge is really for anyone! I have a lot of Men and Women fighting Fatigue early in the afternoon. Even if they aren’t wanting to lose a ton of weight(if any), I recommend the 24 day challenge! It’s like a restart for your Body, and a kickstart to reach whatever goal you are trying to reach!

 So let’s get into it……

What Will I receive ?!

Your 24 Day Challenge includes:

·24-Day Challenge Daily Guide·One box of Herbal Cleanse
·One box of AdvoCare Fiber
·One bottle of OmegaPlex
·Two boxes of AdvoCare Spark
·One box of MNS 3, C or E
·One box of Meal Replacement Shake

Cleanse Phase: Day 1-10

Herbal Cleanse System: 

The AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse system can help rid your body of waste and prepare the body for optimal nutrient absorption ! This 10-day system guides you through the daily steps for thorough internal cleansing and improved digestion.

Herbal Cleanse System includes three products:

  • ProBiotic Restore™ capsules (in the Herbal Cleanse box)
  • Herbal Cleanse tablets (in the Herbal Cleanse box)
  • AdvoCare (Fiber)


Omega-3 fatty acids are essential components of heart, nerve, muscle, skin, bone and immune health! Basically overall Wellness!

AdvoCare Spark

A nutritional source of energy and enhanced mental focus. It’s sugar free with more than 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients! Balanced energy! So don’t worry about a crash! Take this as a Pre-Workout or Mid-Day Pick me up!

Max Phase: Day 11-24

The Max Phase is about fueling your body in order to achieve maximum results. During this phase you will take three products that work together to provide you with sustained energy, appetite control, core nutrition and overall wellness!

1: Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS)

You can choose from three Metabolic Nutrition Systems which all provide sustained energy, appetite control, core nutrition!

If you’re not sure which system to use, AdvoCare recommends beginning with MNS 3, which provides you with a foundational level of appetite control and energy.

* For a higher level of appetite control you can choose MNS C, and for more energy you can choose MNS E.

All three formulations include: CorePlex (our multivitamin), OmegaPlex, ProBiotic Restore!

2:Meal Replacement Shake

This shake has 220 calories ,24 grams of easy-to-digest protein , and 26 vitamins and minerals! I recommend chocolate Mocha if you’re a coffee fan. It’s amazing! Dont worry, it does not have any Caffeine, just a Mocha Flavor!

3: Another Pack of Spark!

Now you might be thinking this is a lot, but trust me. It’s not hard!

When do I take all this? How Do I stay on track? Check out what your get when buying the 24 day challenge!



You get a Sheet for Food Suggestions and Food Portion/Size Recommendation!





You also get a calendar for  the Cleanse phase and Max Phase!  It is DAY BY DAY!





Each Day has Checks for






Staying on Track And Getting Results:

As you can see the 24 day challenge has a well planned ot schedule for you! This makes it very simple for you to stay on track and see The results that you are looking for!

-Write Everything down! Be Organized!

-Use the calendar and check things off

-Set phone Reminders if needed

-Split up daily Workouts/Activity if you have a busy schedule! Half in the Morning/Half later in the Evening! Always try and fit in some type of activity!

-Follow the directions

-Do the 24 day challenge with a friend or family member (motivate each other)

-lower or cut out soda, sugars, and sweets

-There is also a 24 day challenge app for android and iphone! Download it!


Im here  if you need any help at all. You can email me at

And…. It’s only 24 days! Those 24 Days are going to pass anyways! Just imagine the Progress you can see on the day 24!

You can start the 24 day challenge with me  here by going here…24 Day Challenge

If you’re interested in my Weight Loss Fitness Journey you can read> Women, Weightlifting, And What Its Done For Me


post Pregnancy pre body baby back

How I Got My Pre Baby Body Back(2 Transformations)

Hello Monday! Another New Beginning of a New Week. I have so many things coming up in the near future to count down to, Im welcoming Mondays With Open Arms! Also, 20 Weeks Pregnant Tomorrow. Halfway there and besides hunger, my Second Trimester Symptoms aren’t that bad… Well, they aren’t Horrible, And  I’ll take that!

I talk with a lot of ladies in their first Pregnancy right now,  and in any pregnancy, your mind is going  at least 160 at all time about everything. Being first time parents, like myself, preparing for baby number two with a toddler and moving into a new house also  being nervous and anxious and dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions that we get to ride on through Pregnancy.

I know a lot of women are worried about the changes of their body  and wondering, “Will I ever get my Pre Baby Body Back”  and  I know the feeling, talking to myself saying, “Hello, you’re growing your baby girl here, a miracle of life is inside you” You kind of get mad at yourself later when you think back how upset you might have got when you just couldn’t find a darn shirt to wear. Luckily, with this second Pregnancy, that has only happened a couple of times.

So I wanted to share my Two different Post Baby Transformations!

post Pregnancy pre body baby back

To Start… Picture number 1 was  about a month before my Due Date and the Birth of my Son. Its not at a perfect side angel, however, My weight was up to 180/185 at my last prenatal checkup. For my height , and starting weight, I gained  way above the ideal weight gain for Pregnancy. Like stated in my other post, I did not eat very healthy, nor was I very active at all.

Middle picture: I was about 6 Month into my lifestyle change.


  • I stopped drinking soda
  • Caffeine came from coffee and supplements
  • Started to control my candy  and sweets addiction
  • 1 Cheat meal a Week
  • High Protein Diet, Lots of Meats , Veggies and healthy Fats


  • Little Weights and Light Weights. Each workouts consist of 20-25 Minutes of Weights.  I worked all body parts each workout day.
  • 30-40 minutes Cardio after Weights. (LOTS OF CARDIO compared to Weights)


On to The Last Picture. We were trying to conceive at that time, so this was right around the time I found out  we were expecting baby number 2.


  • No Soda
  • Caffeine still from Coffee and Supplements
  • Medium Protein, higher carb, lots of veggies, and Healthy Fats
  • A little more freedom with Cheat snacks and meals


  • Started to work on strength/ Muscle building
  • Worked on my personal Best Daily/weekly( Lifting heavier and my heaviest)
  • Limited Cardio. Cardio was only 5 minute warm up and 5 minutes  to finish. Cardio consumed of things like Jump rope and Battle Ropes
  • Split schedule. Shoulder/ Back and Bi’s/ Chest and Tri’s/ Leg Day

Im very proud of both, however, I felt my best With picture number 3, I was my most confident, And I felt my strongest. A Lot More  Weight lifting,  Higher Calories, which meant more food! A little more freedom on my diet and cheat meal. Which is pretty important when you have a toddler and always on the go. It’s Important to prepare and eat healthy, but for us Moms, it’s not ALWAYS the Easiest according to our day.

Overall, I wanted to give New Moms hope. It takes hard work,  it won’t happen by with a miracle fat burner or overnight, But it is POSSIBLE! I want to Share this Picture…

Pre baby body back post baby body back

Excuse the low quality of the first two pictures, but those are ACTUALLY me At 18 Years old. So that would be my Pre Baby body. So in Reality, I never wanted my pre baby body back. I wanted to be the best me and eventually the strongest me I could be.

So Pregnant Mommas out there. Stop worrying right now! You can do it. You start your own Journey, whatever pace, and with whatever goals you want and work on being the best you when baby arrives. Enjoy the pregnancy. Even though, some days it feel like it, we won’t be pregnant forever.


Weight Loss and muscle building goals??? Feel free to  Email me @

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Enjoy your Monday! =)


How To Earn Money With Advocare!

If you don’t know already , Advocare is a Health and Fitness Supplement Company. Weightloss, Nutrition, energy and Sports Nutrition!!

Im a Certified personal trainer with NASM and Specialize in Fitness nutrition. As many of you may know, I have a 4 year old son and a baby girl on the way =) It’s still so weird to say that, Im still in shock that Im having a Baby girl. I thought i was Destined to be a Mother Of Boys!!   That being said, Im a stay at home mom, who works from home, with my blogs and being a Advocare Distributor. I help people with their goals towards fitness and Weightloss.

Health and Fitness Plays a huge  role in my life that I am very  Passionate about.  I enjoy helping people reach their goals, and I love being able to help educate and guide  my Son and Daughter on the right path to having a healthy Future. You can read my Post on Guiding My Son To A Healthy Future << Here!


As a Mom, to be in control of my work is very important to me, When I work, and how much  is always controlled by ME.  Working from home, you control how much you make because you control how much Time you put into it. You are either wanting to do part time or Full time work. After all, you’re becoming an entrepreneur,  running your own business, and  With Advocare you don’t have to invest too much to make that money right back plus profit and start earning!! There is a sale right now to sign up as a distributor  for only $59. (normally $80)    Sign up Here >> Advocare Distributor


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I made this  to give you a little extra detail  on how you can Earn With Advocare!

make money from home with advocare

There are so many opportunities for you to grow you business. Friend, family, social networks and blogs! There really is no limit on what you can earn, either you want  to aim for a little extra income and make $500 extra a month and set a new goal for each month and earn $1000 or more.  It’s your business,  and its up to you!

” If you aren’t willing to Risk the Usual, you will have to settle for the Ordinary”

Thanks for reading on how I earn Money with Advocare. One of my goals is to help stay at home moms know it is POSSIBLE to make money from home  while your taking care of your kids!

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Ps.  Here’s what to Expect in your Start up  Advocare Kit

  • A Welcome Guide
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(Me on LEFT  is After Baby number#1, RIGHT is me in Highschool)