2017 All In 24 Day Challenge(Advocare)

Hey guys, Just wanted to post a quick post!!

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DIY: Baby Girl Nursery

Today I am officially 38 Weeks Pregnant and The Nursery is Basically done.  I can finally share some pictures. There’s a few ins and outs and extras I have to Add, but if she wanted to come today, she could….. Please do =)

So here is a Before picture. As some of you read already, we just recently moved  around the end  of August. Been Pretty Stressed  with only 2  months to get everything done and ready!

Before: Painted then took out the  Carpet!

So I wanted to go with a Free Spirit , Indian Tribe, Pocahontas kind of theme.

I came up with a design on paper that just wasn’t working out while we tried to tape it on the wall. I ended up with this…

diy-wall-design-with-tapeDecided on Colors… and PAINTED

nursery-wall-design-idea-paintedI was pretty happy with how this came out… to be honest, I had soo many ideas for her room, it was pretty difficult to pick and put things together. Poor Matt,  dealing with all of my jumbled ideas in this brain of mine.

Read my recent post on my Pallet Signs for her nursery  here >>> DIY Home Decor: Pallet Sign


When I found out I was having a girl, I found this Toy Bow and Right away I new I needed this for her room. My plan was to have her name shooting out of the Bow with Arrows.

So I made a arrow on paper, traced it on cardboard, and cut them out with a jigsaw!

diy-arrowAdded a Little Glitter with Glue

glitter-arrowLuckily I Only needed 3  for her name lol


3 Arrows and a Bump! =)

I spray painted the Bow White, added a pink Sting and put her name above her crib!! =)

arrow-wall-baby-girl-nursery-idea-diy-wall-decor I still have a few things to do and get. Like a Rug, Crib skirt, other blankets ect… but I really wanted to share what I have so far Just in case I go into labor early and wont have time for a few weeks.


Stay posted!! Ill be posting  about the Tee Pees on the wall, the  Tee Pee and Refinished bookshelf  SOON!!

All in all, I’m so happy with how her room came out. All the projects we did makes her room that much special instead of us just going out and buying things. Plus, I could never find exactly what I want at the store anyhow!! =)

Thanks for reading!!


From Modern Decor to Baby Nursery! Refinished! 

Happy to finally have a little extra time to post things we’ve been up to in the new house. Mostly things for the kids room!

So I wanted to share a fun little project I did for my baby girls nursery.

I saw this at a resale shop for $5!

As soon as I seen the gold leaves. I knew I needed it for baby’s room!  Obviously like that, it looks like it belongs in a living room , definitely not a baby nursery lol.
The baby’s room main colors are pink, gold, light grey, and white. So I covered all the gold leaves with painters tape and spray painted the rest white.

Let dry…. painted some leaves pink and left some white.  Clear coat and DONE!

Super simple, quick and easy transformation!

After hanging it up in on her wall, I noticed some dark spots that need to be touched up a little, but overal, it goes perfect with her room!


29 Weeks Pregnant

Wholly Cow!! I cant believe Im here writing for Week 29. I feel like I just wrote  first Positively Pregnant Post! When Finding out your pregnant before your missed period and having a rough First Trimester and a little bit of Second,  those sick days can feel like Your Pregnant for eternity but when I really sit and think. It Flew by!

As I am on my way to week 30, I feel like that’s turning the corner. I cant wait to hit the 2 Months left Countdown. Being as busy as we are, two month go by super fast.

For someone with little patience, waiting is beyond hard for me,  some days I get so emotional, kind of like a child waiting to open a gift.  This girl is constantly kicking me, I completely  love it, they are super painful at times, I want her to continue her growth, but I want to meet her so badly that I cry at times. Thanks pregnancy emotions. I sit here and think, there’s no way I can wait 11 more weeks, obviously I have no choice, We need baby to bake some more, but me… waiting for anything… Im horrible at it. =)

How am I feeling at 29 Weeks Pregnant?!

Besides feeling impatient, I feel really good. Considering, I have deadly heartburn every night. I have a decent amount of energy for 29 weeks Pregnant. I don’t get very good nights of sleep because of the heartburn.Which people are always reminding me… ” Get use to it, you wont have much sleep with a newborn”    Thank you… yes, I remember, I had a newborn before. However, I cant wait to be up with my baby girl, that doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is waking up in pain, Im convinced if my heartburn gets any worse, Flames will start to shoot out of my mouth lol And to be honest, Im not big on sleep in the first place. I never nap, and I feel like the days are so short, I run out of time to get everything I want to get done before night.

Working out…

I am still lightly working out. If I don’t workout, Im still very active. I Hate siting down unless I am in pain/discomfort, or its 8:30/9:00 O’clock at night. I work with a  lot of resistant band training, 10-15lbs dumbbell/ kettelbells  and the lightest weight on my machine. Im really missing my heavy weights and more difficult workouts but in less than 3 months ill Be back on my regular routine ASAP!!


I would say my nutrition is 70/30… Weekly, not daily. I enjoy my favorite foods and snacks more often than pre pregnancy. Im definitely taking advantage a little bit, considering when Baby girl is out  I KNOW ill be All Serous business back to my old Meal Plans =)

Hurry up Fall!! I cant wait to meet you

29 weeks pregnancy bump selfie after today’s workout. Growing a baby and working out is exhausting. Can you tell by my Face?!

Kids Play Table/Desk and Chairs

As some of you might have already seen our Refinished Cedar Chest  that we did for a Toy Box in the Kids New Playroom for the New House.  You can check that one out here>>Refinished Cedar Chest Plus New Pallet Stained Top

We are getting closer and closer to move in Date and Im getting really anxious to set up our projects in the new house.

When I saw the Old Chest at  a Resale shop, I knew I had to get it for the Kids Playroom. We took of the Decorative panels on the Front, took of the top and built a new with some fairly new pallets Then I stained those.

On to the Desk… I wanted a Play Table/ Desk  to match the  Toy Chest. So I gave Matt  my Idea and he got to work. It came out exactly how I imagined , which is pretty amazing considering the explanation I gave him was a very horrible drawing of lines connected and a lot of arm movement, hand gestures making shapes and giving him example measurements compared to my Arm and legs lol That love for ya. The Man Understands me!!

Desk and play table for kids made with pallets white washed and stained 2

The bottom was made with  older pallets and the top is new wood from Home Depot. The front is Where I wanted   a little book shelf for  extra storage. The back Has  just two Regular Legs, Considering I already know I will have this up against the wall in their playroom.

I painted the bottom white then white washed and Stained the top with Dark Walnut Minwax  and it was FINISHED! Coated the top with polly !

However, we needed some Matching Chairs for the Kids! And I found these two Little chairs at a Goodwill Outlet right away.stained and white washed chairsThe was the Chair Before. I loved how it had the Heart on the Chair. I felt pretty lucky to find two of the same chairs like this. So I sanded, primed, painted and Stained. Last thing After the chair was dried, I stenciled Their Named on the top!

stained and white washed chairs 2 Ayden Of course picked his name to be in Red, and he picked an Orange Color for Eva!

Last thing, We made a tiny box for crayon   and whatever else The kids will end up using it  for!

And if you haven’t seen already, My…DIY Kids Coloring and Art Display Sign Made With Pallets to hand above the Desk!

And here is a couple picture of the Finished project. Right now it is just set up in my Son Rooms, but he absolutely loves it. He’s  been doing “VERY IMPORTANT” Work and drawings all morning! ❤



diy pallet desk white washed and stained home decor 2

Thanks for Reading

—–Crystal And Family

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DIY Kids Coloring and Art Display Sign Made With Pallets

As we’re getting closer to move in date, we are working on Project after project!  While Matt was doing the  Cutting And Building  of the Kids Desk I had him make, Me And Ayden get to work on the little fun stuff  to decorate their playroom!! Okay, Okay, He helps me with the Basic Stuff, And then he leaves me Hanging  to Help Daddy, Because let’s get real, as soon as the use of Tools are done, he loses Interest.Ha!

So this time, we made a quick  Sign out of Pallets that were already cleaned and cut from a previous project!

Supplies used:


White Paint  : We have tons of white paint

Letter Stencils

Stencils Sponges: These are my favorite for Stenciling

Acrylic Paint

So We started with the Pieces of wood I already had!

I laid them how I wanted, The front of the sign Facing Down. On the back I put a thin square flat piece of wood so Ayden And I  can drill screws to hold them all together. You can also use wood Glue for this part if you don’t want to do any drilling!

DIY kids coloring and art display made with pallets

These were fairly new Pallets, But They were already cleaned and then cut to use for the Kids Desk! All I had to do was sand it a little bit with the Sander!

DIY kids coloring and art display made with pallets1

Ayden And I painted it white, let it dry, and it was ready for some Stenciling! Unfortunately, this was the point Ayden left me Hanging. Daddy was done with the power Saw and starting to put the  Desk together, So He was a Goner When  It came down to Stenciling or Drilling!

DIY Kids coloring and art display made with p

Here I was Just a couple letters away from  being DONE! DIY KIDS PALLET stenciling

If you haven’t stenciled before , you might want to taped the letters down. I put  a little drop of paint in my tupperware, dip my sponge in it, and dab it around the tupperware like 5 or 6 times before I put it on the Board! Make sure you pick it straight up and put it straight down! diy kids coloring and art display made with pallets 4

The Words are all Stenciled…..

And it is DONE!  This Pallet Sign Was Super Fast and Simple! I got some  Clothes Pins, Painted them Black  and Glued them On! Right now I just hung it on our Family room wall to take a picture.  I plan to put this in the Kids New Playroom  Over the Desk when  we move into the New House!

diy kids coloring and art display made with pallets88

Future post of the Kids finished  Desk and Chairs  Coming soon, and by the end of July it should all be put together in their Playroom! Stay Tuned! =)


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21 Weeks Pregnant-Fitness, Nutrition,Fear, And Worries

I feel like it was just yesterday when I said “I cant Believe Im Half Way Already”

Im not sure where that week went, but Im getting close to 22 Weeks! I turned that Rough Pregnancy  Corner, And Im expecting the other half of my pregnancy to fly by!

Picture below, I’ll just blame the Pregnancy Brain, Im not sure why I have “pregnant” On there twice, saved it, posted it on instagram, then I finally realized it lol. I really didn’t feel like fixing it. My excuse is, there is two pictures, so I put Pregnant twice =) That works right?


My 21 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms



-Still Hungry now as I’m Typing

-Pretty good Energy, considering, Im pregnant right?!

-Pretty emotional crazy, happy to sad in seconds, sad to happy again


-Currently on a split schedule

Day 1- Chest and Triceps

Day 2- Back and Biceps

Day 3-Shoulders and Legs

Day 4- Rest Day

Day 5-Start Over, back to Chest and Triceps

*Machines, Dumbbells, Resistance Bands


To be honest, I feel like I am always eating! However, Im very, very picky Right now!

Protein: Chicken/ Yogurt/ Protein Shake/Eggs…

Carbs: Lots of Veggies/ Oats/Wheat Bread/Red Potatoes

Fats: Peanuts/Peanut Butter/ Olive oil/ Some butter/Some Mayo

Fruits: watermelon, cantaloupe/ grapes/ cherries/bananas

Snacks: Limited cheese sticks/fruit snacks/ nuts/granola bar/Rice cracker/fruit

Emotional meals: Pizza plus Pizza, with a side Pizza

I have a lot of Salad wraps, Every morning I make Pancakes with Oats! In General I am a pretty picky eater, but this pregnancy, it’s kind of ridiculous! By the evening, I run out of things I want to eat!

Fear And Worries

Im at the point of pregnancy where  I am  constantly Planning, Worrying, and thinking about things that scare me…. Like Labor!

I had a fairly easy labor last pregnancy. Until it came to pushing. My doctor did recommend me to get an Epidural, And I did!

My Birth Story: First, as the Nurse was trying to put an IV in my hand, she said ” OoOo we like you, you have nice veins” as she then started having trouble getting the needle in.  She keep poking and poking, my vein then started to get irritated and I had a little mountain on my hand! I got white in the face, light headed, dizzy, cold chills, sweating, and almost passed out. Let me add this has also happened getting blood taken my current pregnancy as well! Continuing on, later in the day, the nurse came and checked to see how much I was dilated! Maybe 10  Minutes later, I felt like I had to go Number 2. We told the nurse and she got me a BED PAN…Oh Jeeze! So they turned down my epidural medicine so I can just go ahead and  POOP lol…. however… It was the baby, I kind of felt like, hey maybe the nurse should be familiar with this, and that it actually wasn’t a bowel movement, it was my SON, but she said I dilated very fast within those minutes! Wow Anyways, she gets the doctor, tell me not to push. Im like really, lady , there is no stopping  this! Looking at my Son father, Matt, saying, you better go catch my Baby! lol Finally, which seemed like forever, my doctor came in,  and I started pushing! I realized my epidural had definitely wore off by then. I felt a lot of pain in the butt area, and a lot of pressure!! My baby boy was born, 8 lbs 3 ounces.

I have a pretty big fear this time,  I feel like I have changed a lot
within the last almost 5 years!  When it comes to certain things, I have become very weak stomached, and my mind over thinks everything. Which then leads to me with the dreaded light headed, dizzy, tunnel vision, feeling chills, but hot and sweaty and almost passing out.  In all honesty, I do not want an epidural again, I don’t believe I felt the full feeling of labor, but I felt a lot!

However, When I told my Doctor about recent stories about me almost passing out and almost passing out with certain  things. She seemed pretty concerned. So right now, my goal is to STOP thinking about labor, lol… not easy!! I like to have everything PLANNED, so not having a exact plan when going into labor stresses me out! Playing labor by ear , seems scary, but  unfortunately I can’t see into the future! Ill take it step by step and see how I am doing! The weird thing Is, Im not bad with pain at all. It’s my mind thinking and thinking that gets me sick! They say your mind is a strong thing! I believe it !

More Fears…

-I am due in October, it is the middle of June. Our closing on our new home isn’t until the end of July! I am a huge planner. Cutting time so short is making me permanently stressed all day ! We have a fence to put up before we can move in without our dogs. I have  the kids rooms to decorate,  Carpet to take out, and floors to be redone. I just a a list a mile long.

-Very very worried about how my Son will feel come October. He will be turning 5 the week she comes. I know that he will be a great big brother, But I worry daily about how we will feel once he’s not the only child in the home! Currently h
ave a TO DO LIST with a Toddler  before Baby comes!! Im sure Im not the only Momma waiting on baby number 2 that worries about this one!

Overall. Besides NORMAL life Fears of the Future. Life and Pregnancy is Pretty good!  I feel very blessed. I say my thanks  and sorrys  for complains every night! As much as we have to do, the fears and worries that I have, everything is happening in ways Im completely thankful for! I feel my family and I are in the exact spot in life we are meant to be in!

” Everything happens for a reason”