Top 10 Must Haves for a Home Gym

I know not everyone is interested in going to a Gym. However, The Gym Isn’t the only way to get in shape, and reach your goals.

Gym Memberships can be…

-Expensive: Some people  Simply don’t want to, or just  cant afford the extra  Monthly payment for a membership

-Uncomfortable: For A lot of people I have talked to, Going to the Gym is completely out of their comfort zone. I always recommend , If its out of your comfort zone, at least give it a try  for a week or two, without trying you will obviously never know! However, in the end, some people just don’t feel comfortable.

-Time:  Not everyone has a schedule that can easily  fit in the hour at the gym, with travel, work schedule, distance to the gym  maybe to far,  or having children, etc…

Which is Why I Have always worked out from home.

Working Out From Home…

-Convenient: The distance to my basement is not far at all. Either Wake up early, or get  a workout in later in the night.

Busy Days, I can easily split my workout in half if needed.

-Motivation: Going to bed in my workout clothes and waking up ready to go down stairs and get my early morning work out in, shower and get on with my day… Its takes a lot less motivation then to  wake up my son, get him ready to go, do everything that needs to be done and drive to the gym.

-Money Saver: I didn’t start of with the equipment I have now, and Im Definitely   not done investing money into new things. So Personally for me, I don’t plan on stopping my fitness Journey. Beside right now  being Almost 28 Weeks Pregnant, I don’t get to work out as much until baby arrives. So in the long run, paying for a gym membership, The child care for soon to be 2 kids and gas, just isn’t worth it.

-Comfort:  You don’t have to feel uncomfortable in your own home!!  Its just you vs. yourself.  No need to feel uncomfortable or  self conscious! Blast your Music and dance Between Sets! =)

My List of Must Haves For Home Equipment

Battle ropes  < Perfect full body Workout. Muscle building and Fat Burning!Battle ropes

Resistance Bands < You really cant go wrong with these. They are low price and  have a wide variety or work outs you can do.

Barbell Weight Set 

Kettlebell  < I often Started or end my workouts with Kettle bell swings or use my Battle Ropes!

Exercise Ball < A Must have for Stability and Core Training.

Dumbbell Set

Jump Rope  < One of the Best and my Most Favorite Cardio Workouts

If you are Really Serious…

Home Gym  < With different Attachments, you have a wide variety of Workouts for full Body! 

Workout Bench

Squat Rack


Definitely My Top 10 Must Haves to Start a Home Gym!

Thanks For Reading!! =)



All of my Personal Progress After I had my son came from Working out at home.



How To Earn Money With Advocare!

If you don’t know already , Advocare is a Health and Fitness Supplement Company. Weightloss, Nutrition, energy and Sports Nutrition!!

Im a Certified personal trainer with NASM and Specialize in Fitness nutrition. As many of you may know, I have a 4 year old son and a baby girl on the way =) It’s still so weird to say that, Im still in shock that Im having a Baby girl. I thought i was Destined to be a Mother Of Boys!!   That being said, Im a stay at home mom, who works from home, with my blogs and being a Advocare Distributor. I help people with their goals towards fitness and Weightloss.

Health and Fitness Plays a huge  role in my life that I am very  Passionate about.  I enjoy helping people reach their goals, and I love being able to help educate and guide  my Son and Daughter on the right path to having a healthy Future. You can read my Post on Guiding My Son To A Healthy Future << Here!


As a Mom, to be in control of my work is very important to me, When I work, and how much  is always controlled by ME.  Working from home, you control how much you make because you control how much Time you put into it. You are either wanting to do part time or Full time work. After all, you’re becoming an entrepreneur,  running your own business, and  With Advocare you don’t have to invest too much to make that money right back plus profit and start earning!! There is a sale right now to sign up as a distributor  for only $59. (normally $80)    Sign up Here >> Advocare Distributor


I will get an Email right away that you’re all signed up and ready to go! Explore  your personal shop and the products if your aren’t already familiar with them.

You can email me at with all that questions you have, or if you need to, we can set up a phone call!

I made this  to give you a little extra detail  on how you can Earn With Advocare!

make money from home with advocare

There are so many opportunities for you to grow you business. Friend, family, social networks and blogs! There really is no limit on what you can earn, either you want  to aim for a little extra income and make $500 extra a month and set a new goal for each month and earn $1000 or more.  It’s your business,  and its up to you!

” If you aren’t willing to Risk the Usual, you will have to settle for the Ordinary”

Thanks for reading on how I earn Money with Advocare. One of my goals is to help stay at home moms know it is POSSIBLE to make money from home  while your taking care of your kids!

Sign up here>>> Advocare Distributor

Check out my shop here to give you an example of what you will have>>  Advocare Shop

Ps.  Here’s what to Expect in your Start up  Advocare Kit

  • A Welcome Guide
  • An officially branded AdvoCare blender bottle
  • A Spark® flavor-sampling Starter Pack featuring two stick packs of Fruit Punch, Mango Strawberry, Grape and Watermelon (Servings Per Container: 8)†
  • An AdvoCare Rehydrate™ flavor-sampling Starter Packfeaturing two flavor pouches of Mango Pineapple, Key Lime Cherry and Red Raspberry (Servings Per Container: 6)†
  • A Meal Replacement Shake flavor-sampling Starter Pack featuring two pouches of Vanilla and Chocolate Mocha (Servings Per Container: 4)†
  • IMPACT Magazine, a tool designed to highlight both product and business success stories
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(Me on LEFT  is After Baby number#1, RIGHT is me in Highschool)





Father’s/Grandfather’s Day Craft

Father’s day is this Month. If your anything like me, you prefer gifts from the heart. Gifts that take time and even bring back memories. Sure I can order something from online, or go to a store and buy something, but that’s to easy. I never like to do things the easy way. So when I see something I like online, I think of ways to make it my own and Do It Myself.

What Im sharing today is actually part of my Dads Christmas Gift I sent him. He Sends things to Me and Ayden all the time. So when I ask “Dad, what do YOU want, you send us things all the time” and he always says ” Don’t worry about me Chrissy, I don’t need anything”     I really have no choice but to make him something that he cant possible go to the store and buy himself.

So  I figured Wood burning would be a good idea. I didn’t have much time to make it and send it before Christmas, Oh , and I have never ever done it before,  but hey, that how I do things =)

I went to the Craft store and got wood, stencils and of course the Wood Burner itself.

You can search through Wood Burners here>>> Wood Burners

Trust me, I wish Good ones with that many attachments  were that cheap at the store, but I didn’t have time to order.

Before I started my project, I figured I should probably practice before I just jumped right  into it. So I started to wood burn my sons karate boards he breaks at his Belt Testing! I learned its not easy for me, Like my mother, I have very shaky hands for no real good reason. You wouldn’t want me to give you a tattoo or do any kind of surgery lol

Fortunately , practice helped, however I didn’t master the art in such a short period of time , but I had to try and get started! =)

I decided Disney themed gifts for him this year would be perfect, since we just got back from our trip  a couple months before!!

So here is my Finish product. Remember it was my first time, But my dad loved it, and that’s all that matter right?  =P

fathers day and grandfathers day craft idea disney crafts

The Filter on the Picture Of the Picture frame Makes the words look a little darker than they actually were. I took a picture with a filter for some reason that night when I finished. So It won’t look as dark.

For the “Ayden, Grandpa, and Disney” I Printed that out from Word. Mickey’s silhouette and Star Wars I print out images. For all of those, I used this >>>Tracing Transfer Paper and did that Big mickey head and little mickey heads by hand!!

And that’s that!! Not to hard, just make sure you have more time to practice if you are not  familiar  with Wood Burning like Myself.

Figured I would share this now to help give Ideas  for Fathers’s Day/ Grandfather’s Day and TIME to do your own!

Please share with friends. Help someone out who might need a crafty Idea! =)



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19 Weeks Pregnant Today!!

19 Week Pregnant today. 1 Week From being halfway there.

19 weeks Pregnant fit Pregnancy workouts fitness

Pre-workout picture with Baby girl…The Bump ❤

Energy Level: So much improvement from the past few weeks.

Workout: Worked out for an hour today. I work out much slower. I make sure my form is perfect. No rushed workouts life pre-Pregnancy. If Im to busy , I make it a rest day!

Kicking: Baby Girl is kicking like crazy. She is very low. So the big  kicks in the bladder wakes me from my sleep

Feelings: Right now, we are in the middle of buying a house, so Im stressed, many little things will get me emotional. Kind of like Dominos falling down. lol

Cravings: This pregnancy is so much different, I have a lot better self control. I really don’t have cravings, BESIDES hot cheetos…Which lead me to…

Symptoms: Heartburn like crazy, which is a good enough reason to NOT eat those Hot cheetos. So there goes my craving anyway. Also, I have head pressure and neck tension. Only thing I found to calm that is cold water, ice pack on neck and a spraying myself with a little fan/mister!

Like In my Post Women, Weightlifting, And What Its Done For Me Post,I mentioned a little it about what Im taking now.

Im Currently taking Advocare During my pregnancy.

Is Advocare safe during Pregnancy??

Certainly!!! Everyone I talk to , I always Recommend that they talk to their Doctor of course! I asked the couple doctors That I see, and they all approved the products on Advocares Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Women  Indication List!!

Advocare store here>>>

Here are a few things approved On the List and What I take!

  • AdvoCare Slam® Liquid Vitamin and Amino Acid Supplement (Acai Berry, Fruit Punch, Mango Passionfruit, Pomegranate)   —— Use sparingly-one serving per day**
  • AdvoCare Spark® Vitamin and Amino Acid Supplement (Cherry – can Fruit Punch – pouches / can Grape – pouches / can Mandarin Orange – pouches / can Mango Strawberry – pouches / can Pink Lemonade – pouches / can Watermelon – pouches / can)  Use sparingly-one serving per day**
  • Rehydrate Electrolyte Replacement( Fruit Punch – pouches / can Key Lime Cherry – pouches / can Mango Pineapple – pouches / can Peach – pouches / can Red Raspberry – pouches) – Ok
  • Post-Workout Recovery (Chocolate – pouches / can Vanilla – can) Ok
  • Meal Replacement Shake (Berry – pouches Chocolate – pouches Chocolate Mocha – pouches Vanilla – pouches) – Ok


Overall, Second semester is going great. Very blessed to feel okay and be able to continue my working out.

Dealing with a little anxiety,  with expecting baby girl and finding a house to live. On top of that I have my two blogs , keeping up with them and working from home isn’t that easy, but Im very excited how everything’s going right now and see what the future of my hard work has done and will do!

“All your dreams can come true, if you have the Courage to Pursue Them”



Deals for indoor and outdoor toys (Melissa and Doug Coupon Code)

Deals and Good Buys Post!!

I was searching around for some fun outdoor activities for summer time that my son will enjoy. We got this slip and slide at a store near home, and the quality just was not that great. So I went back, looked around for other outdoor toys and summer related toys  and its like I see the same stuff every year.

I remember we had this toy we never opened from christmas up stair, its a little fishing game , where the fish and Pole has magnetics… which lead me to the name. Melissa And Doug

Googled it, and found some really neat stuff. I do remember seeing that name around at toys r us a little bit.

Right now that have 25% off Sidewide until June 1.   Just use code MD25

Also add Code : FREEGIFT if you spend $50 or more to receive a free gift, that code won’t expire until June 10th

My Personal favorite  so far  on

Is this treasure game hunt pool toys ❤ If you have A pirate loving , treasure hunting child. this one looks like fun!!!

Pool toys for toddlers outdoor summer fun games

There’s all kinds of fun cute  toys on there that I never seen before!!!

Not just outdoor, a lot of indoor learning games as well!!!

Deal of the day Done =)



Deals of the Day (BABY GEAR!!!)-$30 Dollars Off

Now that this Momma knows she has Baby GIRL inside her Belly , kicking like she’s already a Black Belt in Taekwondo. Her Big Brother would definitely to be proud! He’s halfway to Black Belt!! =)

So I’m on a constant lookout for Baby Deal on Baby Gear!!! Got an Email from Walmart and their having a huge Memorial Day Sale.   Baby Car Seats, Strollers and Activity Centers and Pack and Plays on Sale… Yes Please.    Check it out there>> Baby Deals at Walmart

That should be the main page so you can get your search on… I might be wrong, but its there =)

Honestly, I’m kind of mad, I just bought our 4 year old a new car seat, and it is now $30 dollars cheaper!!!! Just my Luck!!


Disney Fan Anyone?!?!


Im in love with this Minnie Mouse Pack And Play  ❤ it’s only   $92 Instead of $124.

Short post =) Ill be constantly  on the lookout all over for Baby sales for the next couple months!!






Deal Sharing (SwimSuit/Cover up Sale)

Okay Ladies. There is 20% off Swimsuit and Covers up here >>>Swimsuits and Cover ups

Enter Code: 20SWIMWEAR at Checkout

Pregnant and swim suits? yay or nay?

Were moving to a new house fairly soon, the yard has a lot more privacy, so I’m thinking  I have to get something this summer for me and the bump. Play in some water in the back yard with the boys ❤

I’m thinking of getting a bikini for the back yard to let the belly breath  and another one that covers up a little more  if I plan on being near a lot of people!!

However, there are so many to pick from , it might take me all night to figure this out lol

Whats best for a pregnant lady? … Black?! or whatever the heck I want =P


If your pregnant and in search of a nice swimsuit on sale AND you find one, let me know which one you pick. I haven’t had any luck in stores with anything I like.

If your not comfortable in  a swimsuit… check out these >>Cover ups

I’m thinking of getting this one >>>Pleated Dress Cover up and let that baby bump breath lol  If I get this , it just might me the only thing I wear until labor =)))

I don’t know, buying clothes and shoes for me feel like life changing decisions !! ha