Post Workout Routine the Right Way-Ultimate Results!

Picture this…So you just busted your A$$ in the gym, you just beat yourself up doing back and Biceps, maybe ended your workout with a little jump roping.

What just happened to your body?

Easily said, you just made microscopic tears in the fiber and connective tissue to your muscle.
Then what?

Your body starts the recovery process. The building process. The increase in size of muscles and strength. BOOM!

What do we do now?

Drink a protein shake?  Right?
YES…. but No

A simple protein shake is just not enough.

Drinking only protein after a workout means that your body will very slowly digest this protein and convert most of it into glucose and push it into your cells as glycogen.

Because glycogen is your carbohydrates stores, your energy, fuel, gas in the tank.

So back to that back and bicep workout, you just completely depleted your glycogen stores.

So first things first ,BEFORE building muscle or burning fat, your body is taking everything it can to replenish your glycogen stores! So remember? back to taking only protein?! Your body is converting that protein into glucose.
In reality… your not getting much protein out of that protein drink alone. Which means your wasting money buying a protein that doesn’t help aid your body’s recovery to its full Potential. Also, in the end , you aren’t getting the ultimate results that your working out for in the first place.

Well… that’s Pretty horrible. Right? Why Waste time and Money. I can admit, I have been doing my post workout routine WRONG since the start. Until I starting using >1stPhorm<Phormula 1( whey protein isolate) I’ll get into that one in a second , and > Ignition Post Workout<Stacked Together.
What is ignition, and what does it do?
It’s Replenishes Glycogen Stores, Improves Muscle Stamina, Spikes Insulin and Ignites Muscle Growth


One serving of Ignition delivers 46 grams of pure Add to dictionary glucose directly to the muscle cell for an insulin spike. If your female, like myself. I only take half a scoop of ignition and full scoop of Phormula 1

From my personal experience , just after one time of taking this post workout stack, my muscle seemed fuller, and that’s  because they were, they were  fed exactly what they wanted, I didn’t have that flat feeling within the hour after. We all know that flat feeling isn’t very motivating, More like Defeating.
Sooooo, Don’t waste any more money on expensive proteins just for your body to inefficiently waste them by converting them into glycogen slowly over time. Give it what it needs right away and give your body the best chance of recovery for the best results Possible.

Who needs Ignition for Post Workout?

Anyone who is doing any type of resistance/ strength training, HIIT, Sprint, Battle ropes etc…Igniton is not really intended for Light  Cardio. If your doing Steady State Cardio I would recommend drinking 1stPhorm BCAA to…

Cant I just Eat Candy  for that insulin spike to help aid my Recovery process?

NO, No….. Please Don’t. Candy is a disaccharide. Meaning it has more than 1 sugar. Your body will take much longer to break down then a Monosaccharide, which is just 1. You want your body to receive what it needs as fast as it can to jump start your Recovery/Growth Process.

“Ignition lives up to its name by igniting the anabolic growth process in your body. You will see and feel the results in a matter of days and in no time, you’ll be filling out your shirtsleeves with incredible pumps!” (1stPhorm)

1stPhorm Post Work Stack < check it out there.

Quick overview of Phormula1 protein.

Highest quality hydrolyzed and predigested whey protein fractions

Low-Temperature Processed(So the Nutrients isn’t Denatured)

Cross-Flow Micro-Filtrated Whey Protein Isolate for maximum assimilation AKA your body will absorb it much faster and easier. So get your recovery started Right ASAP!

BEST TASTING PROTIEN I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. Nothing like that Extra motivation to completely Kill your workout and get to that Protein to start that recovery process1 If you like Root beer… you must try Root beer Float. Or else your life just isn’t complete =)

Can I just have a whole Food Meal after a Workout?

Well yes, of course you CAN, but you want to start your recovery As soon as Possible. So about 30-45 minutes after your Post workout shake, you will then want a whole food Meal.

Thanks for reading =)



-Crystal Rey.NASM Personal Trainer. Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Email me at -Workouts.Meal Planning.Supplements



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