Advocare 24 Day Challenge. Day 1-24. (Meal Planning, Recipes, Grocery Guide, Results.)

24 Day Challenge
I want to begin with sharing my personal 24 day challenge results. I have talked a lot about the 24 days challenge and different Advocare products on my blog, so I wanted to share my experience with you a little more in depth.
I’m  ALWAYS taking progress pictures. My phone is full of my kids, and progress pictures. I take so many belly pictures, but NEVER post any. With being a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, I admit, I can definitely still be a bit shy!  So here I am being BRAVE and sharing  my Day 1 picture of my 24 day challenge and my last day! So Day 24 was ABOUT my 1 Month Postpartum Progress from having my 2nd Human =)

I was extremely happy with my 24 day challenge results. Of course in addition to working out and Nutrition. Unfortunately, I did fall of a track a bit after this picture. Our Baby girl was having issues with food intolerance and reflux. Which meant no sleep, A lot of stress and quick fast comfort food.

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So this picture is flipped. Day 24 is first, and day 1 is the last picture. SAME PANTS. I was very happy comparing these two. I didn’t think I would make so much progress so soon after having my little human =)


So what does the 24 day challenge have to offer ? Let Go Over Popular Questions I get Asked…

What do I eat on the 24 Day challenge ?

Nutrition is Number 1. It Is definitely The most important. SO to really help you are and get you started on the right track,  you are provided with Advocare meal planning and grocery guide. The Advocare recipes are amazing. All kinds of meals and snacks to make and try. (Don’t worry, there’s not only two recipes, It’s just cropped)

When do I take everything?

I Know it can be a lot  and a bit overwhelming , but Worry no more! Its Super Easy . You get a calendar for day 1-24. It tells you what to take each day, and when to take it. Morning/afternoon/Night. It a whole 24 Day Challenge guide to a fitter more healthier YOU!!

Easy peasy! Everything is completely laid out and planned for you. Also… I almost Forgot , There is a Advocare 24 Day Challenge App, Which is super Convenient!

You can easily buy the 24 Day Challenge bundle here. That way you don’t have to search around for each product. The Website already has Everything in a bundle. All you have to do is Pick Flavors!
Contacting me?

Signing up to do the challenge with me, I can offer one on one coaching. I know some  people that like to have their privacy and do it on their own, And I understand that 100%. I’m one of those people that LOVES to share good things, help people succeed,. Even the smallest things, I get so excited and TELL EVERYONE lol. In this case, it is Advocare and I’m extremely execited to share my postpartum(24 days after having my Daughter) success. That being said, I’m excited to help you gain the confidence I did with helping you succeed with The 24 Day Challenge As well.  So please feel free to contact me



Contact me on my site > Contact

How to Sign up With Advocare? Read all the different way you can be apart of Advocare. or just simple sign up as a retail customer and make your order.

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Up to date now.
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I am still using Advocare. I’m Currently writing a new post about moving beyond the 24 day challenge on to day 25. That will be linked soon! =)

Other Popular Questions Plus Complaints…

Advocare Complaint… Is Advocare a Scam? … Does Advocare really work?

I always think these are silly questions. Advocare has been nothing but great to me, Advocare’s customers service is always so helpful and polite. As far a  scam… As with anything in life… The amount of effort you put in, is exactly what you will get out. Hard work come with great reward!
Thank you so much for reading. I’m hoping I gave enough detail… If not… Contact me anytime =)

Looking for Protein, Pre-Workout, Or Recovery Check out my last Post

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