For The Women Who Want To Get Toned

How can I get a “toned body” as a female?

What are some “toning excoriates ?”
Lift Weights.
When some women think of Weightlifting  they think “yeah, no thanks, I don’t want to get HUGE”

So first things first, you WILL NOT get huge and you will not look Manly. No Lie.


Think of someone like Dwayne Johnson, he’s probably in the gym doing bicep curls with a stack of children, or Vin Diesel, he’s most likely shoulder pressing a car, or a Mini Van with a Family of 4 inside. On top of that, they are probably swallowing their food in packages, still in the box.
On the serious side…A woman who wants to get “toned” will NEED to lift weights. Cardio will not tone you. Cardio is good for you, cardio gets the heart pumping and you will burn fat, however, you won’t get that tight toned arm/body that you are looking for.

The top picture is 2013. Don’t mind me completely terrifying my child with a giant fish at Disney. I just started really working out around that time. I was learning, so there was lots of trial and error.

I was doing upper body for the beggining of my workout, then finishing with 30-40 minutes cardio. I was eating low carbs and high protein. Me with low carbs is like dealing with a toddler going through the terrible 2’s!

I had the right idea, but that wasn’t  what I was happy with. I was aiming to be a stronger verizon of myself!

The bottom picture, my son wasn’t even a year yet, and my workout was cardio…. with CARDIO… with a side of horribly boring cardio. I was what they refer to as “skinny fat” I had no shape really which is why I started to learn all about fitness.

The pictures above is when I finally started to find “my groove” I was lifting heavy. I was eating A LOT more. I had a split schedule and if my workout ended with any cardio, it was about 10-15 minutes.
So if your looking to get that “toned look” don’t be afraid to pick up a weight.

Soon after I figured out the perfect path for me, I was Making good progress, reaching my goals, and then We decided on having another baby…

I am currently on my second post baby fitness journey. My daughter is almost 6 months old and I’m feeling pretty good about my path and progress so far.


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Thanks for reading! =)

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