From Modern Decor to Baby Nursery! Refinished! 

Happy to finally have a little extra time to post things we’ve been up to in the new house. Mostly things for the kids room!

So I wanted to share a fun little project I did for my baby girls nursery.

I saw this at a resale shop for $5!

As soon as I seen the gold leaves. I knew I needed it for baby’s room!  Obviously like that, it looks like it belongs in a living room , definitely not a baby nursery lol.
The baby’s room main colors are pink, gold, light grey, and white. So I covered all the gold leaves with painters tape and spray painted the rest white.

Let dry…. painted some leaves pink and left some white.  Clear coat and DONE!

Super simple, quick and easy transformation!

After hanging it up in on her wall, I noticed some dark spots that need to be touched up a little, but overal, it goes perfect with her room!



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