DIY: Baby Girl Nursery

Today I am officially 38 Weeks Pregnant and The Nursery is Basically done.  I can finally share some pictures. There’s a few ins and outs and extras I have to Add, but if she wanted to come today, she could….. Please do =)

So here is a Before picture. As some of you read already, we just recently moved  around the end  of August. Been Pretty Stressed  with only 2  months to get everything done and ready!

Before: Painted then took out the  Carpet!

So I wanted to go with a Free Spirit , Indian Tribe, Pocahontas kind of theme.

I came up with a design on paper that just wasn’t working out while we tried to tape it on the wall. I ended up with this…

diy-wall-design-with-tapeDecided on Colors… and PAINTED

nursery-wall-design-idea-paintedI was pretty happy with how this came out… to be honest, I had soo many ideas for her room, it was pretty difficult to pick and put things together. Poor Matt,  dealing with all of my jumbled ideas in this brain of mine.

Read my recent post on my Pallet Signs for her nursery  here >>> DIY Home Decor: Pallet Sign


When I found out I was having a girl, I found this Toy Bow and Right away I new I needed this for her room. My plan was to have her name shooting out of the Bow with Arrows.

So I made a arrow on paper, traced it on cardboard, and cut them out with a jigsaw!

diy-arrowAdded a Little Glitter with Glue

glitter-arrowLuckily I Only needed 3  for her name lol


3 Arrows and a Bump! =)

I spray painted the Bow White, added a pink Sting and put her name above her crib!! =)

arrow-wall-baby-girl-nursery-idea-diy-wall-decor I still have a few things to do and get. Like a Rug, Crib skirt, other blankets ect… but I really wanted to share what I have so far Just in case I go into labor early and wont have time for a few weeks.


Stay posted!! Ill be posting  about the Tee Pees on the wall, the  Tee Pee and Refinished bookshelf  SOON!!

All in all, I’m so happy with how her room came out. All the projects we did makes her room that much special instead of us just going out and buying things. Plus, I could never find exactly what I want at the store anyhow!! =)

Thanks for reading!!


DIY Home Decor: Pallet Sign

Time to share another quick project I did for our baby girls nursery.

I’m that person who goes to the store and stares at things for a long period of time… and leave with nothing. Which drive my boys Crazy. My son always says “we came here and bought nothing ?”  Lol

I always end up trying to make something myself!!

So I ended up making a fun sign to hang on the wall using the paint colors from her room!

So the wood I used was not actually pallet. We just moved to a new house and put up a 6ft fence for our dogs and we ended up with extra panels!

Matthew pulled one apart for me, I then cut, cleaned,  and sanded.

Painted it white. Let it dry. Then stenciled   “Follow your” with the pink I used for the baby nursery!

I didn’t want to just write out “Arrow” so I ended up with painting a Arrow…

I already had a stencil I made,  cut out of cardboard that I just had to trace. On my white painted  piece of wood.

I taped off the point of the arrow and the two longest lines to paint. Then ended up painting the rest with a smaller brush, tracing the lines.

And the arrow is painted!!

To finish it off, I brushed glue around the outline of the arrow, and covered it with glitter.

I then finished both pieces with clear coat  to keep the glitter from falling all over.


“Follow Your Arrow”

Now to just hang them up after I finish another project I’m working on for  this same wall!! ❤

And  They found their Place on the Wall!!

We Also Made the TeePees!!  A Few More post coming soon!! =)




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From Modern Decor to Baby Nursery! Refinished! 

Happy to finally have a little extra time to post things we’ve been up to in the new house. Mostly things for the kids room!

So I wanted to share a fun little project I did for my baby girls nursery.

I saw this at a resale shop for $5!

As soon as I seen the gold leaves. I knew I needed it for baby’s room!  Obviously like that, it looks like it belongs in a living room , definitely not a baby nursery lol.
The baby’s room main colors are pink, gold, light grey, and white. So I covered all the gold leaves with painters tape and spray painted the rest white.

Let dry…. painted some leaves pink and left some white.  Clear coat and DONE!

Super simple, quick and easy transformation!

After hanging it up in on her wall, I noticed some dark spots that need to be touched up a little, but overal, it goes perfect with her room!