29 Weeks Pregnant

Wholly Cow!! I cant believe Im here writing for Week 29. I feel like I just wrote  first Positively Pregnant Post! When Finding out your pregnant before your missed period and having a rough First Trimester and a little bit of Second,  those sick days can feel like Your Pregnant for eternity but when I really sit and think. It Flew by!

As I am on my way to week 30, I feel like that’s turning the corner. I cant wait to hit the 2 Months left Countdown. Being as busy as we are, two month go by super fast.

For someone with little patience, waiting is beyond hard for me,  some days I get so emotional, kind of like a child waiting to open a gift.  This girl is constantly kicking me, I completely  love it, they are super painful at times, I want her to continue her growth, but I want to meet her so badly that I cry at times. Thanks pregnancy emotions. I sit here and think, there’s no way I can wait 11 more weeks, obviously I have no choice, We need baby to bake some more, but me… waiting for anything… Im horrible at it. =)

How am I feeling at 29 Weeks Pregnant?!

Besides feeling impatient, I feel really good. Considering, I have deadly heartburn every night. I have a decent amount of energy for 29 weeks Pregnant. I don’t get very good nights of sleep because of the heartburn.Which people are always reminding me… ” Get use to it, you wont have much sleep with a newborn”    Thank you… yes, I remember, I had a newborn before. However, I cant wait to be up with my baby girl, that doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is waking up in pain, Im convinced if my heartburn gets any worse, Flames will start to shoot out of my mouth lol And to be honest, Im not big on sleep in the first place. I never nap, and I feel like the days are so short, I run out of time to get everything I want to get done before night.

Working out…

I am still lightly working out. If I don’t workout, Im still very active. I Hate siting down unless I am in pain/discomfort, or its 8:30/9:00 O’clock at night. I work with a  lot of resistant band training, 10-15lbs dumbbell/ kettelbells  and the lightest weight on my machine. Im really missing my heavy weights and more difficult workouts but in less than 3 months ill Be back on my regular routine ASAP!!


I would say my nutrition is 70/30… Weekly, not daily. I enjoy my favorite foods and snacks more often than pre pregnancy. Im definitely taking advantage a little bit, considering when Baby girl is out  I KNOW ill be All Serous business back to my old Meal Plans =)

Hurry up Fall!! I cant wait to meet you

29 weeks pregnancy bump selfie after today’s workout. Growing a baby and working out is exhausting. Can you tell by my Face?!


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