Top 10 Must Haves for a Home Gym

I know not everyone is interested in going to a Gym. However, The Gym Isn’t the only way to get in shape, and reach your goals.

Gym Memberships can be…

-Expensive: Some people  Simply don’t want to, or just  cant afford the extra  Monthly payment for a membership

-Uncomfortable: For A lot of people I have talked to, Going to the Gym is completely out of their comfort zone. I always recommend , If its out of your comfort zone, at least give it a try  for a week or two, without trying you will obviously never know! However, in the end, some people just don’t feel comfortable.

-Time:  Not everyone has a schedule that can easily  fit in the hour at the gym, with travel, work schedule, distance to the gym  maybe to far,  or having children, etc…

Which is Why I Have always worked out from home.

Working Out From Home…

-Convenient: The distance to my basement is not far at all. Either Wake up early, or get  a workout in later in the night.

Busy Days, I can easily split my workout in half if needed.

-Motivation: Going to bed in my workout clothes and waking up ready to go down stairs and get my early morning work out in, shower and get on with my day… Its takes a lot less motivation then to  wake up my son, get him ready to go, do everything that needs to be done and drive to the gym.

-Money Saver: I didn’t start of with the equipment I have now, and Im Definitely   not done investing money into new things. So Personally for me, I don’t plan on stopping my fitness Journey. Beside right now  being Almost 28 Weeks Pregnant, I don’t get to work out as much until baby arrives. So in the long run, paying for a gym membership, The child care for soon to be 2 kids and gas, just isn’t worth it.

-Comfort:  You don’t have to feel uncomfortable in your own home!!  Its just you vs. yourself.  No need to feel uncomfortable or  self conscious! Blast your Music and dance Between Sets! =)

My List of Must Haves For Home Equipment

Battle ropes  < Perfect full body Workout. Muscle building and Fat Burning!Battle ropes

Resistance Bands < You really cant go wrong with these. They are low price and  have a wide variety or work outs you can do.

Barbell Weight Set 

Kettlebell  < I often Started or end my workouts with Kettle bell swings or use my Battle Ropes!

Exercise Ball < A Must have for Stability and Core Training.

Dumbbell Set

Jump Rope  < One of the Best and my Most Favorite Cardio Workouts

If you are Really Serious…

Home Gym  < With different Attachments, you have a wide variety of Workouts for full Body! 

Workout Bench

Squat Rack


Definitely My Top 10 Must Haves to Start a Home Gym!

Thanks For Reading!! =)



All of my Personal Progress After I had my son came from Working out at home.




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