Quick and Easy Stenciling

Hey guys! Pretty Quick Post Here.  While waiting for another Project to Dry, I was messing around with one of those decorate panels  that we took off of the Refinished Cedar Chest Plus New Pallet Stained Top

I had these Pretty large stickers That I wanted to use to label something with. Not sure what I was labeling just yet, but I bought them anyways.

When I first started to stencil my first couple project, I was always worried about messing up and having the paint bleed through. Now I look back and think That was silly, A little practice is really all you need, But I still wanted to try and experiment while I waited for another project to dry, So I made  a Random little hand held chalk board for Ayden to practice his writing on.

However, now I know if I see any sticker letters that I love, It’s worth a try to use them.

For this I just had  stickers like these>>>>> Large Letter Stickers


So this was the random  wood I used while I was waiting for my other project to dry.


I sanded each side then painted. Ayden wanted his name in grey, so I used Grey!

quick and easy stenciling how to stencil with stickers (2)

And put my Stickers on…

quick and easy Stenciling how to stencil with stickers 2

I push the letters down as hard as I could. Outline the edges really good so it would bleed under!  For this I Used >>>>> Chalk Board Spray Paint    I Took my time spraying over the letters, farther away, and very lightly compared to the bottom of the board, So I went over it a few more times. 

As I waited for it to dry, I was already being a Negative Nancy and assuming since the spray paint was so watery, that it was going to leak right under the stickers. 

On another piece of scrap wood, I Tested it on one letter with my regular paint and it worked as well. I took a foam roller, and went over the letter with light paint a couple times and it also worked great!

And here it is after I pulled of the letters…

Added a little Storm Trooper  and the Stenciling came out Pretty awesome.  After I took the last Picture, I ended up covering of Ayden and the Storm trooper to put  another coat of spray on the bottom. I focused so much  on spraying the top so it wouldn’t leak, I felt the bottom needed an extra Coat.

So Overall, I figured out Stickers aren’t completely out of the question  if your looking for a quick Or easy Way to Stencil something.

Ayden likes when I draw a weekly schedule on there so he knows what days he has his karate,other activities and when Daddy is Off Work! Each night he crosses that day off, Along with his Star Wars Calendar Countdown to His Birthday and When Baby Comes!! =)

Thanks for reading!!


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