White Washing and Staining New Wood

Hey Everyone! I got a lot of questions on Exactly what I did to the Top Of the Kid’s Toy Chest that we Refinished that you can read here> Refinished Cedar Chest Plus New Pallet Stained Top

Unfortunately I didn’t Take a picture of the Top of the Chest before  I did anything to it… Just After! However!! we made a Kids table for their playroom that matches the Toy Chest! (Post Coming Soon!!)

how to make new wood look old with white washing and wood staining11

Here is the Wood that I started with. Fresh new wood from  Home Depot! I just needed to give it a fast sand and wipe it off  before I started.

Products I Used:

White Paint

Dark Walnut Wood Stain

Paint and Staining Rags

Step 1: Whitewashing

I poured a some white paint in a bowl and added water and stirred it  to get it less thick. The More water you add the lighter it will be on the wood.  For this top, I didn’t add much water at all.  I took my paint brushed and worked in small sections at a time on the wood. Paint the white wash over the wood, and then with your rag, wipe it off, going in the direction of the grains. You can go over it as many times as you want, it really depends on what you want and  how light you want it.

As you can see, I didn’t add much water to my paint, I wanted it pretty dark. I recommend you experiment with extra wood pieces to see  how  light you want to go, and to see how the stain looks over the top of it.  It really comes down to what YOUR eye likes. I did a couple test strips with different amounts of water and then picked!

Now to the stain…

(The first picture was taken outside,  second picture was in our basement)

I stained it with a rag, just one coat, some places I added extra on the grain parts to get it a little darker. The second picture was the next day with a top coat and it  was done. And that is that. It really is not that scary or  hard. It just takes some experimenting to see what you like!

Be on the lookout for…

The kids matching desk (the full desk, not just the top)  and chairs  for their playroom.  COMING SOON =)



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