Refinished Cedar Chest Plus New Pallet Stained Top

Quick Post!!

Another Project Checked Off The list!

We found this  Chest at a resale shop  and I thought it would be perfect for the kids new Playroom! There was a ton of stamps in it, So Im guessing someone might have used it just for storage, maybe collecting stamps! Not to Sure lol

This was fairly quick and easy! I wanted a simple look to Match the Play table we are going to start making.

Here’s the Chest Before

We took of the  Fake Handles  and the Decorative Panels  then Gave it a Nice Sand!

chest sanded

As I primed and painted, Matt was Making me a Different top. I wanted to go with a New wood and Rustic top that he made from New Pallets he got from work! Again, He wanted to use Wood Filler, but I was against it. Im loving the Rustic, Kind of Beat up, lots of character kind of look!

Here is the finished project… Beside the Clear Poly  Coat  which gave it a nice shine!

after chest refinished rustic wood stain pallet

With the top, I sanded ,  White Washed the Wood then Finally Stained it! The White washing before staining definitely helped with giving it the color and look we were going for!

And that’s That! Overall this was Pretty quick and Easy Project for the Kids to put their toys in, Because Really, I don’t think we can ever run out of new places to put Toys!

The overall price for the Project came out to be  around $40! That’s INCLUDING the CHEST PRICE!!

Update: I Have been getting asked what color stain I used, So I wanted to list my products! I Will make a post dedicated to exactly what I did to the wood to make it look like The Pictures above!

Stain can be found here>  Dark Walnut Wood Stain

White Paint> White Paint

Low lint Rags> Low lint Rags

Paint Brushes>Paint Brushes

—–Crystal and Family ❤

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  1. I love it!! I am a DIY’er too…. Have made pallet furniture, distressed my kitchen cabinets and made my own hardware out of old forks and spoons, love to give furniture a facelift! I look forward to following you!


    • Thank you! We actually just started. I use to help my mom with things as a kid. I’m a personal trainer(currently pregnant with #2) and we’re moving into a new house so I have a lot of projects and a whole new look to our home ! The dog box and chest is our first. We are still very much beginners lol

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