DIY Dog Bowl Holder And Food Storage Made From Pallets

Here I Am, almost 23 Weeks Pregnant and to Say That Im obsessing, more than usual with organizing  is an Understatement!  However, we officially grew out of this house  which makes it super hard to be as organized as I like! Thankfully We are about A  month away from moving into our new house!

As We were sitting in the kitchen planning for the New house, I was staring at the Huge dog bag we just brought home from the store!  I was thinking this Bag Is EVERYWHERE! There really isn’t anywhere I haven’t tried to put it.  We have 2 dogs, a terrier that eats like 2 bites a day, and a Rottweiler who eats EVERYTHING! So of course we get the Biggest Bag we can. Beat going to the store for dog food more times than we really want to!

I seen a dog box  that held the dog bowls on top and dog food inside at a Flea Market. My First thought was:Wow… Perfect for storing my dog’s food!  Second Thought: I would rather we Made Our Own! The one there was Plastic and Red! So The Image I wanted Mine to look like came flying in my head , and The Boys and I Got to Work!   We haven’t made anything before, but since we found out we are expecting baby number 2 and Buying  a new house, Making  , Redoing, and Repurposing things   has been our new Addiction!

The whole Dog Food Storage Box Is Made From Pallets! We had these Pallets sitting outside for a while, and Matt kept saying he wanted to use the wood for something, he just didn’t have any Ideas….. until mine =) *Note this is our First DIY, So If we can do it, you can do it! Practice Makes Perfect Right?!?!

DIY Dog box and food storage out of Pallets1

Here are the boys  putting together the Dog Box! We already pulled the pallets apart, Measured  Rylee to make sure we didn’t make it to tall for her to eat out of  and put it together!

diy dog food holder and dog storage 2

When we did the top, We put the bowls upside down and traced with a pencil! Matt then cut out circles with a Jig Saw! And WOOHOO, We did it! The Box is Stable and together!

diy dog food holder and storage 3

We Gave it a Nice sand before me primed and painted it! With all of our current project we do, Ayden absolutely loves the sanding! He wears a Mask and Protective glasses! Im pretty sure he feels like the coolest toddler around!

diy dog bowl holder and food storage made from pallets 4

Finally I was able to paint it! Matt wanted to use wood filler to fill any holes that were already in there, which you can do , it’s all up to preference, But I wanted  the holes! I felt it gave it Character, I wanted the entire Rustic Look! I was pretty happy with how my paint job turned out!

  • I painted it white, then sanded with a hand sander lightly. After my White Dried, I would dip my brush in Grey, dab it there on the cardboard a few times  and lightly go side to side with the grain of the wood!  I sanded another time to make sure it stayed rustic looking, and also to take of any grey that was too dark in some spots!

diy dog food holder and storage made from pallets5

Here’s a closer look at the paint and my Stenciling! I have never stenciled before, So I tape those letter down REALLY good. I Used a tiny sponge brush, dipped it in the black paint, dabbed it on the cardboard a few times and then put it on the box. It took a little time, but I didn’t want it to leak!  After this, we sprayed the whole box with a protective coat…

And to the Finished Project…

And There it is! She seems to love it, maybe it’s because there is food in it haha , but i’m sure she will appreciate it when she realizes it just for her and she won’t have to strain her neck to eat from the food bowls on the ground! ❤

Overall Im pretty happy with how it turned out, Matt drilled the two holes on each side for my much wanted ropes, he really wanted to put a hinge on it but I fought that! lol   One of Ayden’s Chore is to fill the dogs water and food bowl. I figured taking out the water and food bowl to push up the lid wasn’t as easy as grabbing the ropes, setting  it next to him so he can fill up the food and put the lid back on top! Plus… I just wanted the Ropes! lol


Hope you enjoyed our first DIY project made from Pallets!

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—–Crystal… And Family ❤





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