Jump Start Into A Healthier Diet

What are  the first steps into a Healthier Diet and Lifestyle ?!!?


However, I know not everyone knows exactly what they need to change!

I remember when I first started my fitness and weight loss Journey. I went to the store to get different food. Honestly it was not the easiest. My whole life I went into the store and grabbed whatever I wanted. So passing things in isles  I would normally put in my cart was strange.  So I was walking around wondering ” well now what? what else is there to get?! You mean  There is chicken here I have to cook myself? So Im guessing I should buy the hot wings in freezer sections? But all I have to do is warm those up and put the sauce on!”

As you can tell, I was not much of a cook! It took some Time, research, experimentation, and some awfully burnt food. Luckily, Come June 29, our anniversary!  I have spent the past 6 years of my life with a Chef To teach me a few things.

As nervous and confused as I might have been in the beginning, I knew I wanted Change. Just having  a son, coming off a pregnancy that I ate horribly unhealthier and was very inactive, not to forget, I gained well over my recommended weight gain recommendation!  I wanted to feel confident about what I saw in the mirror everyday, I wanted to be in the best shape that I could as a mother, and show my son just how strong his Mom can be!

Find your Reason, Fuel your motivation, And Get Started TODAY!!

I made this fun and simple chart that you can save or share to help you get started with the Basics! It’s a great list to get you started at the Store!

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Remember, it’s not really realistic for most people to completely cut certain foods out your entire life. Changing your diet, losing weight, managing weight is a lifestyle change! So Learning to moderate things is very important, to completely cut yourself off is a mistake people always make. Imagine putting a cupcake in front of a toddler, and telling them No you can have that, but you can look at it. They may never stop talking, thinking , or asking questions  about that cupcake!

We do not want food to control us, coming from someone who dealt with body image issues(still do) and  a  eating disorder  as a teenager.  Trust me, it takes time to learn moderation and portion control , But It can be done! Know that you will fall of track, no one is perfect, but always remember to jump right back on track, stay consistent, and you will get there!!

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If your looking for supplements in addition to your new diet  you can check out this post >>> Advocare Review- Weight Loss, Muscle Building, And Overall Health



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