Melted Crayon Craft for Playroom

As Some of you may know. I have a 4 year old son, and I am Currently 22 weeks pregnant(tomorrow)!! We have been going through a lot of house hunting Stress! The town I have had my Heart on was very limited on homes, It’s a very small town, but the house we have been waiting for FINALLY  came on the market! Made an Offer Plus the the Extra fun stuff …eh…And we are set to Close in July! Hurray!!

So of course I have many things planned that I want to do for the house! We have many Project Going right now, It’s kind of a mess, But I wanted to start a new Category on my website for the new house and all the updates we do!! =)

I wanted to share the Fun one  Ayden was able to do with me. Other project His Dad and I are doing are a little less fun  for him! He likes to do things himself, and there’s no way This Momma will  let him use a POWER SAW lol Wild Boys! He does put on his safety glasses on  and Daddy lets him help with what he can!

However,  He thought the melted crayon process was the Coolest thing!

This is one of the 3 I want to do for the Kids Play room to hang above their  Coloring table that we are currently making!

So we Started with  a Wood hanging board that I got from Walmart.

Used Painters tape to make diagonal stripes! I gave Ayden a couple different Ideas, and he picked this!

We then painted lightly over the Wood. Let Dry and pulled of Tape!!

Ayden  set up the Crayons, And we put them on a thick piece of tape and wrapped it around. *Note: You can super glue them on there if you want to keep the Crayons on  there, but I had something to add up top!  1 of the Next Two I make, I will probably keep the crayons up there!

We put Blue tape over the place we didn’t want the melted crayon to go

Finally, we got the blow dryer, and we Melted our Crayons!!

We picked a word! Got Letters , Cut wood for the top, Primed it and spray painted them Both With Chalkboard Paint!

I wanted to do the ChalkBoard paint on top so I can put Fun Encouraging words on there, like  Explore, Smile, Laugh Etc…

And finally to our finished project! 1 out of 3 done! Me and Ayden will update when we decide what we want our other 2 to look like!! =) Im excited to see how it all comes together in the new house by  their Coloring Table !  Subscribe and check back to see how it all comes together!!

Melted Crayon Craft with kids home decor playroom


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