Dealing With Depression While Pregnant

As you may know, depression during pregnancy can come with a lot of risk for Mom and baby. Just a  few for a example…

Risk For Baby

-Low birthweight for Baby

-Premature Birth, Usually before 37 weeks

-Low APGAR score (which rates a newborn’s health after delivery)

-Poor adaptation outside the womb!

Risks for Momma


-Postpartum depression or anxiety

-Impaired attachment to the baby

Since I lost my Mom at 16. I’ve been battling Depression, Along with Anxiety,  And, OCD! Right after my mom passed away, My Dad moved us to Florida, I was suppose to be a Junior in highschool, but I skipped half a year. 6 Months living in Florida , I ended up moving back home to Illinois to live with my Aunt and go to school, away from my Dad and 2 Brothers. It definitely was a lot to lose within that year for a 16 year old.     Im 25 now and it has been an uphill battle! Luckily, going on almost 10 years, I’ve really learn how to deal with it! I Wouldn’t have been able to do it without Having the Man I Do by my side and our Child.

Out of the past 9/10 years, I would say the past 2 years have been my major breakthrough! I really fought my extreme depression.

Now that I am 21 weeks Pregnant, It comes out a lot easier. I try to stay away from certain Depression Triggers, things that take me into that mental state, but it’s not always easy. For example, yesterday was June 16, the day my Mom  Passed away in 2017. It’s hard not to get caught in the feeling of what if she was here, being angry that she’s not. I always get stuck in a foggy mind where  I can’t focus and I doubt the reality that she is really gone. Before I was a Mom, I use to just cry myself to sleep. Now  As a Mother I Refuse to do that. Luckily I had a few years before I was pregnant to fight my Depression and learn ways to cope with it!

When deciding on having a second baby, One of my major fears was the  change of hormones! Before I became pregnant 21 Weeks ago, I rarely dealt with any Depression /Anxiety since I learned what I needed to do to avoid it!  However, OCD is another thing, it’s more annoying to me then anything. Like having things a certain way, having to do certain things before bed, having to do something a certain numbers of times, having to wait a certain amount of time while doing things… Thats another story for another day!

Ways  To deal with Depression:

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-Get outside, get fresh air.Even if it’s just your back yard.

-The Biggest action for me that i fought my depression with was WORKING OUT AND LIFTING WEIGHTS

-Keep  BUSY!

– Personally for me, I cut out Tv from my life. I only watch an 1  to a hour and a half a night. Im always working on, building, making, crafting something with my son and his dad!

-Start a craft/build something with your kiddo

-Do a more adult Craft (DIY)

-Learn something New( My boys got me a Guitar for mother’s day  and I’ve been self teaching myself since!

-Research Mediation  and give it a try! It’s not alway easy with a toddler, but I can be done! I usually do it right before bed!

– Research the Powers of CRYSTALS (Silly to some, but I have Crystals and stones all around my home to help with anxiety and depression)

-Color! I can sit and color with my son forever! Very Calming

-Listen to Music

-Start writing your feelings down! Get a Personal journal or diary. I have a ton of pages written  to get the thoughts out of my head plus some poems!

–  Go on hikes, walks, bike rides! Nature is a huge help for me. A great time to justs reflect, look at the beauties of life. Helps me see all the Positive I have in Life

-Dont be ashamed of your depression. Talk with someone else who also struggles with depression!

-Eat healthy

-Drink Water

-Im not one for therapist,Im a do it myself kind of person but that doesn’t mean Im against them.  I know a lot people  who have gone to one and they really made a difference in their life!

I have tried antidepressant before and they just aren’t for me! So I stuck with natural things , like vitamins and Herbs! The list below , isn’t Necessarily for Pregnant women, but I figured I would share, considering we aren’t Pregnant forever right? =) Me being 21 Weeks pregnant, I only take my Prenatal and a fish oil, plus my Heartburn medicine  my Doctor Prescribed for me !

Vitamins for depression

-Fish oil (Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a major building block in optimal brain chemistry)

-B Complex Vitamins

-5 HTP (Increase your serotonin levels which play a key note in controlling appetite and enhancing mood)

-Theanine (  An amino acid derivative found in green tea, trigger the release in the brain of gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA. It activates the major calming neurotransmitters, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety)

-Vitamin D

-St. John’s Wort




Those are a few  I have personally tried.

* If you have a more serious, life threatening case of depression. Always talk with your Doctor and get help Immediately!





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