Life Loving A Boy- Mother and Son

” The most Precious Jewels you’ll ever have around your neck  are the Arms of your Children”

From Tiny Kicks And Punches inside Mommy

To  Board Breaking and Hi-Ya’s in Karate

From crawling on all Fours

To Helping Momma With chores


From My Baby

To Big Brother to Be

I Promise to be the Best me I can be, because I know you’re watching Me.

Where you are, I will Be!

Life loving a Boy.

Hugs and Kisses , nights and mornings

Pinkie Promise and silly secrets between you and me ❤

Building sand Castle in dirt, you see a bug and you’re brave for Mommy

Watching you, watching me, I count the times you look at me.

Mommas watching and Momma sees what an amazing little boy you’re becoming to be

Loud voice, laughs and screams, high energy, you  show me there’s times you don’t need me

Tired eyes, yawns and  restless cries, Everytime I say Bedtime, it’s like a hard Goodbye,   I know you  just don’t want to miss a thing, But Momma will see you in the Morning! =)

Your Momma Loves you, but your so Lucky  you see, to Have such a great Daddy, because he’s The Man I want you to be!


momma and son starwars


The last four years, I feel so lucky! Im not a mom who is afraid to get dirty, silly and goofy. I love running around with him at the park, teaching him to throw baseballs and footballs. Making up fun games. Being the first one he runs to when he gets hurt. Teaching him his rights from his wrongs.  Watching him become a independent little boy is a special thing! Im currently 20 weeks Pregnant, And I really realized just how big he is, the way he tries to protect me like his Daddy does, and help me. Everyday is new surprise, he shows me something new, From all he learns from  Us, it’s fun to see how he makes it his own!


In 4 and  a half short months, I’ll be a mommy to a little girl, and he will be a big brother. Having a son As my first child, I believe everything happens for a reason , and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! Its hard to see him grow, but I can’t wait to see who he becomes. All I can do is set up a nice path for him to follow!

For now, I’ll just enjoy my time with Hot wheels, digging dirt, fighting with light sabers, riding go karts, and playing superheros!!

For now, I’ll just enjoy My Mommas boy! ❤

mom and son-family-parenting-lifequotes







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