How I Got My Pre Baby Body Back(2 Transformations)

Hello Monday! Another New Beginning of a New Week. I have so many things coming up in the near future to count down to, Im welcoming Mondays With Open Arms! Also, 20 Weeks Pregnant Tomorrow. Halfway there and besides hunger, my Second Trimester Symptoms aren’t that bad… Well, they aren’t Horrible, And  I’ll take that!

I talk with a lot of ladies in their first Pregnancy right now,  and in any pregnancy, your mind is going  at least 160 at all time about everything. Being first time parents, or like myself, preparing for baby number two with a toddler and moving into a new house also  being nervous and anxious and dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions that we get to ride on through Pregnancy.

I know a lot of women are worried about the changes of their body  and wondering, “Will I ever get my Pre Baby Body Back”  and  I know the feeling, talking to myself saying, “Hello, you’re growing your baby girl here, a miracle of life is inside you” You kind of get mad at yourself later when you think back how upset you might have got when you just couldn’t find a darn shirt to wear. Luckily, with this second Pregnancy, that has only happened a couple of times.

So I wanted to share my Two different Post Baby Transformations!

post Pregnancy pre body baby back

To Start… Picture number 1 was  about a month before my Due Date(First Pregnancy)It not a perfect side angel, however, My weight was up to 180/185 at my last prenatal checkup. For my height , and starting weight, I gained  way more then the  “ideal” weight gain for Pregnancy. Like stated in my other post, I did not eat very healthy, nor was I very active at all.

Middle picture: I was about 6 Month into my lifestyle change.


  • I stopped drinking soda
  • Caffeine came from coffee and supplements
  • Started to control my candy  and sweets addiction
  • 1 Cheat meal a Week
  • High Protein Diet, Lots of Meats , Veggies and healthy Fats


  • Little Weights and Light Weights. Each workouts consist of 20-25 Minutes of Weights.  I worked all body parts each workout day.
  • 30-40 minutes Cardio after Weights. (LOTS OF CARDIO compared to Weights)


On to The Last Picture. We were trying to conceive at that time, so this was right around the time I found out  we were expecting baby number 2.


  • No Soda
  • Caffeine still from Coffee and Supplements
  • Medium Protein, higher carb, lots of veggies, and Healthy Fats
  • A little more freedom with Cheat snacks and meals


  • Started to work on strength/ Muscle building
  • Worked on my personal Best Daily/weekly( Lifting heavier and my heaviest)
  • Limited Cardio. Cardio was only 5 minute warm up and 5 minutes  to finish. Cardio consumed of things like Jump rope and Battle Ropes
  • Split schedule. Shoulder/ Back and Bi’s/ Chest and Tri’s/ Leg Day

Im very proud of both, however, I felt my best With picture number 3, I was my most confident, And I felt my strongest. A Lot More  Weight lifting,  Higher Calories, which meant more food! A little more freedom on my diet and cheat meals. Which is pretty important when you have a toddler and always on the go. It’s Important to prepare and eat healthy, but for us Moms, it’s not ALWAYS the Easiest according to our day.

Overall, I wanted to give New Moms hope. It takes hard work,  it won’t happen  with a miracle fat burner or overnight, But it is POSSIBLE! I want to Share this Picture…

Pre baby body back post baby body back

Excuse the low quality of the first two pictures, but those are ACTUALLY me At 18 Years old. Senior Year Of High School.  When we Found out I was Pregnant, Never did I think I would be stronger, more confident, and in better shape then I was In High School.

So Pregnant Mommas out there. Stop worrying right now! You can do it. You start your own Journey, whatever pace, and with whatever goals you want and work on being the best you when baby arrives. Enjoy the pregnancy. Even though, some days it feel like it, we won’t be pregnant forever.

UPDATE 2017 Postpartum


I finally have gotten a chance to update, I wrote this post almost a Year ago. Time Sure does Fly! I am almost 7 Months Postpartum. I Have made the decision to try Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge to lose my Pregnancy Weight. I completely love it AND I’m over Joyed with the results, Motivation, and the  extra push  it gave me.

The first picture is my 24 Day Challenge Results after having the Baby. The Last ones are 5 and  6 Months Post Partum.

I already wrote a few Postpartum post about my journey and Results so far.

Check them out below =)

Advocare 24 Day Challenge. Day 1-24. (Meal Planning, Recipes, Grocery Guide, Results.)

Fat Burn, Muscle Building, and Recovery

For The Women Who Want To Get Toned




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