Easy Full Body Pregnancy Workout!



Happy Friday!

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Finally Right!!  Just a couple days away from Being half way through this Pregnancy! Cant believe Im almost 20 Weeks, they flew by so quick.

So, I’ve been getting a lot of emails on What kind of workouts I do.

To start , I wanted to share a fairly easy Full body workout that anyone can do FROM HOME. Of course, EVERYONE and EVERY Pregnancy Is different. Please get the clear by your doctor before doing any type of workout.  All of my past Doctors appointment, My Doctors has cleared me to continue my workout Routine. Everybody has a different limit  and different intensity. Make sure you do what’s safe for you and baby.

For each workout, all you need is a Pair of Dumbbells,  whatever weight you can handle right now is of course,  completely up to you!  I did this routine yesterday, drank water, sprayed myself with my fan mister, took second to sing of course , but most importantly , I took my time.


So let’s get started…

Shoulders – 3 Sets of 8

  • Shoulder Press
    Front Dumbbell Raise
    Side Lateral Raise

*Each of these shoulder workouts can be done both Seated/Standing  and 1 Arm or Both arms at a time.

Biceps- 3 Sets of 8

  • Bicep Curl
  • Hammer Curl

*Kept the bicep Workouts very basic. You can do these alternating arms as well, standing or sitting

Back/Legs/ Butt- 3 Sets of 8

  • Bent Over 1 Arm Row
  • Squat
  • Step Ups
  • Lunges

*I combined the legs and back here. Personally for me right now , my back has been bothering me, either from my past injuries(not workout related) , the Pregnancy or BOTH. If you wanted you can add Bent over Wide arm rows. So instead of your arm being close to your side, Parallel to your body, elbow facing the wall behind you, turn your arm/elbow so your elbow faces the wall to your RIGHT.  When you get to legs, you can do each with only bodyweight, or weighted. Its up to you, what feels comfortable and what your doctor Approves of .

Chest- 3 Sets of 8

  • Incline Bench Press
  • Incline hammer Grip Bench Press


* So with these, I personally have a inclined bench, If you don’t, you may need a Workout ball like this>> Workout Balls  there’s a whole bunch there, different sizes and different colors !

Triceps- 3 Sets of 8

  • Tricep extension behind head
  • Tricep dumbbell Kickbacks


And that’s it… Of course you can tweak it yourself. I stuck with 8 Reps for each set, to make it easier, you can always do 10/12 with heavier or lighter weight.

Hoping this helps a lot of women at home who do not have access to much equipment or aren’t comfortable with going to the gym and working out right now!

  • If you’re looking for any Extra nutrition to take before and after your workouts you can read my 19 Weeks Pregnant Today!!  Post. I list what I take and what is okay to take from a list of What’s okay and not okay to take for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Women.  however, always ask you Doctors of course.

Have a Great Workout =)



One comment

  1. You look fantastic!!! Keep it up!!! I have a 3.5 year old boy and a 1.5 year old girl 🙂 My post baby body is ok, but not great! I joined the gym for the first time in June and had a blast!! Both the kids are home with me for the Summer, but I am looking forward to getting back into it come September! Will be checking back here often 😉


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