Father’s/Grandfather’s Day Craft

Father’s day is this Month. If your anything like me, you prefer gifts from the heart. Gifts that take time and even bring back memories. Sure I can order something from online, or go to a store and buy something, but that’s to easy. I never like to do things the easy way. So when I see something I like online, I think of ways to make it my own and Do It Myself.

What Im sharing today is actually part of my Dads Christmas Gift I sent him. He Sends things to Me and Ayden all the time. So when I ask “Dad, what do YOU want, you send us things all the time” and he always says ” Don’t worry about me Chrissy, I don’t need anything”     I really have no choice but to make him something that he cant possible go to the store and buy himself.

So  I figured Wood burning would be a good idea. I didn’t have much time to make it and send it before Christmas, Oh , and I have never ever done it before,  but hey, that how I do things =)

I went to the Craft store and got wood, stencils and of course the Wood Burner itself.

You can search through Wood Burners here>>> Wood Burners

Trust me, I wish Good ones with that many attachments  were that cheap at the store, but I didn’t have time to order.

Before I started my project, I figured I should probably practice before I just jumped right  into it. So I started to wood burn my sons karate boards he breaks at his Belt Testing! I learned its not easy for me, Like my mother, I have very shaky hands for no real good reason. You wouldn’t want me to give you a tattoo or do any kind of surgery lol

Fortunately , practice helped, however I didn’t master the art in such a short period of time , but I had to try and get started! =)

I decided Disney themed gifts for him this year would be perfect, since we just got back from our trip  a couple months before!!

So here is my Finish product. Remember it was my first time, But my dad loved it, and that’s all that matter right?  =P

fathers day and grandfathers day craft idea disney crafts

The Filter on the Picture Of the Picture frame Makes the words look a little darker than they actually were. I took a picture with a filter for some reason that night when I finished. So It won’t look as dark.

For the “Ayden, Grandpa, and Disney” I Printed that out from Word. Mickey’s silhouette and Star Wars I print out images. For all of those, I used this >>>Tracing Transfer Paper and did that Big mickey head and little mickey heads by hand!!

And that’s that!! Not to hard, just make sure you have more time to practice if you are not  familiar  with Wood Burning like Myself.

Figured I would share this now to help give Ideas  for Fathers’s Day/ Grandfather’s Day and TIME to do your own!

Please share with friends. Help someone out who might need a crafty Idea! =)



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