Refinished Cedar Chest Plus New Pallet Stained Top

Quick Post!!

Another Project Checked Off The list!

We found this  Chest at a resale shop  and I thought it would be perfect for the kids new Playroom! There was a ton of stamps in it, So Im guessing someone might have used it just for storage, maybe collecting stamps! Not to Sure lol

This was fairly quick and easy! I wanted a simple look to Match the Play table we are going to start making.

Here’s the Chest Before

We took of the  Fake Handles  and the Decorative Panels  then Gave it a Nice Sand!

chest sanded

As I primed and painted, Matt was Making me a Different top. I wanted to go with a New wood and Rustic top that he made from New Pallets he got from work! Again, He wanted to use Wood Filler, but I was against it. Im loving the Rustic, Kind of Beat up, lots of character kind of look!

Here is the finished project… Beside the Clear Poly  Coat  which gave it a nice shine!

after chest refinished rustic wood stain pallet

With the top, I sanded ,  White Washed the Wood then Finally Stained it! The White washing before staining definitely helped with giving it the color and look we were going for!

And that’s That! Overall this was Pretty quick and Easy Project for the Kids to put their toys in, Because Really, I don’t think we can ever run out of new places to put Toys!

The overall price for the Project came out to be  around $40! That’s INCLUDING the CHEST PRICE!!

Update: I Have been getting asked what color stain I used, So I wanted to list my products! I Will make a post dedicated to exactly what I did to the wood to make it look like The Pictures above!

Stain can be found here>  Dark Walnut Wood Stain

White Paint> White Paint

Low lint Rags> Low lint Rags

Paint Brushes>Paint Brushes

—–Crystal and Family ❤

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DIY Dog Bowl Holder And Food Storage Made From Pallets

Here I Am, almost 23 Weeks Pregnant and to Say That Im obsessing, more than usual with organizing  is an Understatement!  However, we officially grew out of this house  which makes it super hard to be as organized as I like! Thankfully We are about A  month away from moving into our new house!

As We were sitting in the kitchen planning for the New house, I was staring at the Huge dog bag we just brought home from the store!  I was thinking this Bag Is EVERYWHERE! There really isn’t anywhere I haven’t tried to put it.  We have 2 dogs, a terrier that eats like 2 bites a day, and a Rottweiler who eats EVERYTHING! So of course we get the Biggest Bag we can. Beat going to the store for dog food more times than we really want to!

I seen a dog box  that held the dog bowls on top and dog food inside at a Flea Market. My First thought was:Wow… Perfect for storing my dog’s food!  Second Thought: I would rather we Made Our Own! The one there was Plastic and Red! So The Image I wanted Mine to look like came flying in my head , and The Boys and I Got to Work!   We haven’t made anything before, but since we found out we are expecting baby number 2 and Buying  a new house, Making  , Redoing, and Repurposing things   has been our new Addiction!

The whole Dog Food Storage Box Is Made From Pallets! We had these Pallets sitting outside for a while, and Matt kept saying he wanted to use the wood for something, he just didn’t have any Ideas….. until mine =) *Note this is our First DIY, So If we can do it, you can do it! Practice Makes Perfect Right?!?!

DIY Dog box and food storage out of Pallets1

Here are the boys  putting together the Dog Box! We already pulled the pallets apart, Measured  Rylee to make sure we didn’t make it to tall for her to eat out of  and put it together!

diy dog food holder and dog storage 2

When we did the top, We put the bowls upside down and traced with a pencil! Matt then cut out circles with a Jig Saw! And WOOHOO, We did it! The Box is Stable and together!

diy dog food holder and storage 3

We Gave it a Nice sand before me primed and painted it! With all of our current project we do, Ayden absolutely loves the sanding! He wears a Mask and Protective glasses! Im pretty sure he feels like the coolest toddler around!

diy dog bowl holder and food storage made from pallets 4

Finally I was able to paint it! Matt wanted to use wood filler to fill any holes that were already in there, which you can do , it’s all up to preference, But I wanted  the holes! I felt it gave it Character, I wanted the entire Rustic Look! I was pretty happy with how my paint job turned out!

  • I painted it white, then sanded with a hand sander lightly. After my White Dried, I would dip my brush in Grey, dab it there on the cardboard a few times  and lightly go side to side with the grain of the wood!  I sanded another time to make sure it stayed rustic looking, and also to take of any grey that was too dark in some spots!

diy dog food holder and storage made from pallets5

Here’s a closer look at the paint and my Stenciling! I have never stenciled before, So I tape those letter down REALLY good. I Used a tiny sponge brush, dipped it in the black paint, dabbed it on the cardboard a few times and then put it on the box. It took a little time, but I didn’t want it to leak!  After this, we sprayed the whole box with a protective coat…

And to the Finished Project…

And There it is! She seems to love it, maybe it’s because there is food in it haha , but i’m sure she will appreciate it when she realizes it just for her and she won’t have to strain her neck to eat from the food bowls on the ground! ❤

Overall Im pretty happy with how it turned out, Matt drilled the two holes on each side for my much wanted ropes, he really wanted to put a hinge on it but I fought that! lol   One of Ayden’s Chore is to fill the dogs water and food bowl. I figured taking out the water and food bowl to push up the lid wasn’t as easy as grabbing the ropes, setting  it next to him so he can fill up the food and put the lid back on top! Plus… I just wanted the Ropes! lol


Hope you enjoyed our first DIY project made from Pallets!

—–Crystal… And Family ❤

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Jump Start Into A Healthier Diet

What are  the first steps into a Healthier Diet and Lifestyle ?!!?


However, I know not everyone knows exactly what they need to change!

I remember when I first started my fitness and weight loss Journey. I went to the store to get different food. Honestly it was not the easiest. My whole life I went into the store and grabbed whatever I wanted. So passing things in isles  I would normally put in my cart was strange.  So I was walking around wondering ” well now what? what else is there to get?! You mean  There is chicken here I have to cook myself? So Im guessing I should buy the hot wings in freezer sections? But all I have to do is warm those up and put the sauce on!”

As you can tell, I was not much of a cook! It took some Time, research, experimentation, and some awfully burnt food. Luckily, Come June 29, our anniversary!  I have spent the past 6 years of my life with a Chef To teach me a few things.

As nervous and confused as I might have been in the beginning, I knew I wanted Change. Just having  a son, coming off a pregnancy that I ate horribly unhealthier and was very inactive, not to forget, I gained well over my recommended weight gain recommendation!  I wanted to feel confident about what I saw in the mirror everyday, I wanted to be in the best shape that I could as a mother, and show my son just how strong his Mom can be!

Find your Reason, Fuel your motivation, And Get Started TODAY!!

I made this fun and simple chart that you can save or share to help you get started with the Basics! It’s a great list to get you started at the Store!

healthier- diet- weight loss-fat burn-fast-healthy-recipes-food-fitness-how to get a flat tummy- fitness-weight watchers-


Remember, it’s not really realistic for most people to completely cut certain foods out your entire life. Changing your diet, losing weight, managing weight is a lifestyle change! So Learning to moderate things is very important, to completely cut yourself off is a mistake people always make. Imagine putting a cupcake in front of a toddler, and telling them No you can have that, but you can look at it. They may never stop talking, thinking , or asking questions  about that cupcake!

We do not want food to control us, coming from someone who dealt with body image issues(still do) and  a  eating disorder  as a teenager.  Trust me, it takes time to learn moderation and portion control , But It can be done! Know that you will fall of track, no one is perfect, but always remember to jump right back on track, stay consistent, and you will get there!!

Read about my Journey here>>>>Women, Weightlifting, And What Its Done For Me

If your looking for supplements in addition to your new diet  you can check out this post >>> Advocare Review- Weight Loss, Muscle Building, And Overall Health



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24 Day Challenge

Hey all! So I have been getting asked a lot about the Advocare 24 day Challenge!                      I know It can be Pretty  confusing if you aren’t familiar with taking supplements.

The 24 Day Challenge is split into two phases, taking different products can really WOW someone.

First things first!  Advocares 24 Day Challenge isn’t just for People who want to Lose Weight and Burn Fat, whether you are looking for weight management, energy, overall body composition or overall wellness. This Challenge is really for anyone! I have a lot of Men and Women fighting Fatigue early in the afternoon. Even if they aren’t wanting to lose a ton of weight(if any), I recommend the 24 day challenge! It’s like a restart for your Body, and a kickstart to reach whatever goal you are trying to reach!

 So let’s get into it……

What Will I receive ?!

Your 24 Day Challenge includes:

·24-Day Challenge Daily Guide·One box of Herbal Cleanse
·One box of AdvoCare Fiber
·One bottle of OmegaPlex
·Two boxes of AdvoCare Spark
·One box of MNS 3, C or E
·One box of Meal Replacement Shake

Cleanse Phase: Day 1-10

Herbal Cleanse System: 

The AdvoCare Herbal Cleanse system can help rid your body of waste and prepare the body for optimal nutrient absorption ! This 10-day system guides you through the daily steps for thorough internal cleansing and improved digestion.

Herbal Cleanse System includes three products:

  • ProBiotic Restore™ capsules (in the Herbal Cleanse box)
  • Herbal Cleanse tablets (in the Herbal Cleanse box)
  • AdvoCare (Fiber)


Omega-3 fatty acids are essential components of heart, nerve, muscle, skin, bone and immune health! Basically overall Wellness!

AdvoCare Spark

A nutritional source of energy and enhanced mental focus. It’s sugar free with more than 20 vitamins, minerals and nutrients! Balanced energy! So don’t worry about a crash! Take this as a Pre-Workout or Mid-Day Pick me up!

Max Phase: Day 11-24

The Max Phase is about fueling your body in order to achieve maximum results. During this phase you will take three products that work together to provide you with sustained energy, appetite control, core nutrition and overall wellness!

1: Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS)

You can choose from three Metabolic Nutrition Systems which all provide sustained energy, appetite control, core nutrition!

If you’re not sure which system to use, AdvoCare recommends beginning with MNS 3, which provides you with a foundational level of appetite control and energy.

* For a higher level of appetite control you can choose MNS C, and for more energy you can choose MNS E.

All three formulations include: CorePlex (our multivitamin), OmegaPlex, ProBiotic Restore!

2:Meal Replacement Shake

This shake has 220 calories ,24 grams of easy-to-digest protein , and 26 vitamins and minerals! I recommend chocolate Mocha if you’re a coffee fan. It’s amazing! Dont worry, it does not have any Caffeine, just a Mocha Flavor!

3: Another Pack of Spark!

Now you might be thinking this is a lot, but trust me. It’s not hard!

When do I take all this? How Do I stay on track? Check out what your get when buying the 24 day challenge!



You get a Sheet for Food Suggestions and Food Portion/Size Recommendation!





You also get a calendar for  the Cleanse phase and Max Phase!  It is DAY BY DAY!





Each Day has Checks for






Staying on Track And Getting Results:

As you can see the 24 day challenge has a well planned ot schedule for you! This makes it very simple for you to stay on track and see The results that you are looking for!

-Write Everything down! Be Organized!

-Use the calendar and check things off

-Set phone Reminders if needed

-Split up daily Workouts/Activity if you have a busy schedule! Half in the Morning/Half later in the Evening! Always try and fit in some type of activity!

-Follow the directions

-Do the 24 day challenge with a friend or family member (motivate each other)

-lower or cut out soda, sugars, and sweets

-There is also a 24 day challenge app for android and iphone! Download it!


Im here  if you need any help at all. You can email me at

And…. It’s only 24 days! Those 24 Days are going to pass anyways! Just imagine the Progress you can see on the day 24!

You can start the 24 day challenge with me  here by going here…24 Day Challenge

If you’re interested in my Weight Loss Fitness Journey you can read> Women, Weightlifting, And What Its Done For Me


post Pregnancy pre body baby back

Melted Crayon Craft for Playroom

As Some of you may know. I have a 4 year old son, and I am Currently 22 weeks pregnant(tomorrow)!! We have been going through a lot of house hunting Stress! The town I have had my Heart on was very limited on homes, It’s a very small town, but the house we have been waiting for FINALLY  came on the market! Made an Offer Plus the the Extra fun stuff …eh…And we are set to Close in July! Hurray!!

So of course I have many things planned that I want to do for the house! We have many Project Going right now, It’s kind of a mess, But I wanted to start a new Category on my website for the new house and all the updates we do!! =)

I wanted to share the Fun one  Ayden was able to do with me. Other project His Dad and I are doing are a little less fun  for him! He likes to do things himself, and there’s no way This Momma will  let him use a POWER SAW lol Wild Boys! He does put on his safety glasses on  and Daddy lets him help with what he can!

However,  He thought the melted crayon process was the Coolest thing!

This is one of the 3 I want to do for the Kids Play room to hang above their  Coloring table that we are currently making!

So we Started with  a Wood hanging board that I got from Walmart.

Used Painters tape to make diagonal stripes! I gave Ayden a couple different Ideas, and he picked this!

We then painted lightly over the Wood. Let Dry and pulled of Tape!!

Ayden  set up the Crayons, And we put them on a thick piece of tape and wrapped it around. *Note: You can super glue them on there if you want to keep the Crayons on  there, but I had something to add up top!  1 of the Next Two I make, I will probably keep the crayons up there!

We put Blue tape over the place we didn’t want the melted crayon to go

Finally, we got the blow dryer, and we Melted our Crayons!!

We picked a word! Got Letters , Cut wood for the top, Primed it and spray painted them Both With Chalkboard Paint!

I wanted to do the ChalkBoard paint on top so I can put Fun Encouraging words on there, like  Explore, Smile, Laugh Etc…

And finally to our finished project! 1 out of 3 done! Me and Ayden will update when we decide what we want our other 2 to look like!! =) Im excited to see how it all comes together in the new house by  their Coloring Table !  Subscribe and check back to see how it all comes together!!

Melted Crayon Craft with kids home decor playroom


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Dealing With Depression While Pregnant

As you may know, depression during pregnancy can come with a lot of risk for Mom and baby. Just a  few for a example…

Risk For Baby

-Low birthweight for Baby

-Premature Birth, Usually before 37 weeks

-Low APGAR score (which rates a newborn’s health after delivery)

-Poor adaptation outside the womb!

Risks for Momma


-Postpartum depression or anxiety

-Impaired attachment to the baby

Since I lost my Mom at 16. I’ve been battling Depression, Along with Anxiety,  And, OCD! Right after my mom passed away, My Dad moved us to Florida, I was suppose to be a Junior in highschool, but I skipped half a year. 6 Months living in Florida , I ended up moving back home to Illinois to live with my Aunt and go to school, away from my Dad and 2 Brothers. It definitely was a lot to lose within that year for a 16 year old.     Im 25 now and it has been an uphill battle! Luckily, going on almost 10 years, I’ve really learn how to deal with it! I Wouldn’t have been able to do it without Having the Man I Do by my side and our Child.

Out of the past 9/10 years, I would say the past 2 years have been my major breakthrough! I really fought my extreme depression.

Now that I am 21 weeks Pregnant, It comes out a lot easier. I try to stay away from certain Depression Triggers, things that take me into that mental state, but it’s not always easy. For example, yesterday was June 16, the day my Mom  Passed away in 2017. It’s hard not to get caught in the feeling of what if she was here, being angry that she’s not. I always get stuck in a foggy mind where  I can’t focus and I doubt the reality that she is really gone. Before I was a Mom, I use to just cry myself to sleep. Now  As a Mother I Refuse to do that. Luckily I had a few years before I was pregnant to fight my Depression and learn ways to cope with it!

When deciding on having a second baby, One of my major fears was the  change of hormones! Before I became pregnant 21 Weeks ago, I rarely dealt with any Depression /Anxiety since I learned what I needed to do to avoid it!  However, OCD is another thing, it’s more annoying to me then anything. Like having things a certain way, having to do certain things before bed, having to do something a certain numbers of times, having to wait a certain amount of time while doing things… Thats another story for another day!

Ways  To deal with Depression:

Untitled design

-Get outside, get fresh air.Even if it’s just your back yard.

-The Biggest action for me that i fought my depression with was WORKING OUT AND LIFTING WEIGHTS

-Keep  BUSY!

– Personally for me, I cut out Tv from my life. I only watch an 1  to a hour and a half a night. Im always working on, building, making, crafting something with my son and his dad!

-Start a craft/build something with your kiddo

-Do a more adult Craft (DIY)

-Learn something New( My boys got me a Guitar for mother’s day  and I’ve been self teaching myself since!

-Research Mediation  and give it a try! It’s not alway easy with a toddler, but I can be done! I usually do it right before bed!

– Research the Powers of CRYSTALS (Silly to some, but I have Crystals and stones all around my home to help with anxiety and depression)

-Color! I can sit and color with my son forever! Very Calming

-Listen to Music

-Start writing your feelings down! Get a Personal journal or diary. I have a ton of pages written  to get the thoughts out of my head plus some poems!

–  Go on hikes, walks, bike rides! Nature is a huge help for me. A great time to justs reflect, look at the beauties of life. Helps me see all the Positive I have in Life

-Dont be ashamed of your depression. Talk with someone else who also struggles with depression!

-Eat healthy

-Drink Water

-Im not one for therapist,Im a do it myself kind of person but that doesn’t mean Im against them.  I know a lot people  who have gone to one and they really made a difference in their life!

I have tried antidepressant before and they just aren’t for me! So I stuck with natural things , like vitamins and Herbs! The list below , isn’t Necessarily for Pregnant women, but I figured I would share, considering we aren’t Pregnant forever right? =) Me being 21 Weeks pregnant, I only take my Prenatal and a fish oil, plus my Heartburn medicine  my Doctor Prescribed for me !

Vitamins for depression

-Fish oil (Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a major building block in optimal brain chemistry)

-B Complex Vitamins

-5 HTP (Increase your serotonin levels which play a key note in controlling appetite and enhancing mood)

-Theanine (  An amino acid derivative found in green tea, trigger the release in the brain of gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA. It activates the major calming neurotransmitters, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety)

-Vitamin D

-St. John’s Wort




Those are a few  I have personally tried.

* If you have a more serious, life threatening case of depression. Always talk with your Doctor and get help Immediately!




21 Weeks Pregnant-Fitness, Nutrition,Fear, And Worries

I feel like it was just yesterday when I said “I cant Believe Im Half Way Already”

Im not sure where that week went, but Im getting close to 22 Weeks! I turned that Rough Pregnancy  Corner, And Im expecting the other half of my pregnancy to fly by!

Picture below, I’ll just blame the Pregnancy Brain, Im not sure why I have “pregnant” On there twice, saved it, posted it on instagram, then I finally realized it lol. I really didn’t feel like fixing it. My excuse is, there is two pictures, so I put Pregnant twice =) That works right?


My 21 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms



-Still Hungry now as I’m Typing

-Pretty good Energy, considering, Im pregnant right?!

-Pretty emotional crazy, happy to sad in seconds, sad to happy again


-Currently on a split schedule

Day 1- Chest and Triceps

Day 2- Back and Biceps

Day 3-Shoulders and Legs

Day 4- Rest Day

Day 5-Start Over, back to Chest and Triceps

*Machines, Dumbbells, Resistance Bands


To be honest, I feel like I am always eating! However, Im very, very picky Right now!

Protein: Chicken/ Yogurt/ Protein Shake/Eggs…

Carbs: Lots of Veggies/ Oats/Wheat Bread/Red Potatoes

Fats: Peanuts/Peanut Butter/ Olive oil/ Some butter/Some Mayo

Fruits: watermelon, cantaloupe/ grapes/ cherries/bananas

Snacks: Limited cheese sticks/fruit snacks/ nuts/granola bar/Rice cracker/fruit

Emotional meals: Pizza plus Pizza, with a side Pizza

I have a lot of Salad wraps, Every morning I make Pancakes with Oats! In General I am a pretty picky eater, but this pregnancy, it’s kind of ridiculous! By the evening, I run out of things I want to eat!

Fear And Worries

Im at the point of pregnancy where  I am  constantly Planning, Worrying, and thinking about things that scare me…. Like Labor!

I had a fairly easy labor last pregnancy. Until it came to pushing. My doctor did recommend me to get an Epidural, And I did!

My Birth Story: First, as the Nurse was trying to put an IV in my hand, she said ” OoOo we like you, you have nice veins” as she then started having trouble getting the needle in.  She keep poking and poking, my vein then started to get irritated and I had a little mountain on my hand! I got white in the face, light headed, dizzy, cold chills, sweating, and almost passed out. Let me add this has also happened getting blood taken my current pregnancy as well! Continuing on, later in the day, the nurse came and checked to see how much I was dilated! Maybe 10  Minutes later, I felt like I had to go Number 2. We told the nurse and she got me a BED PAN…Oh Jeeze! So they turned down my epidural medicine so I can just go ahead and  POOP lol…. however… It was the baby, I kind of felt like, hey maybe the nurse should be familiar with this, and that it actually wasn’t a bowel movement, it was my SON, but she said I dilated very fast within those minutes! Wow Anyways, she gets the doctor, tell me not to push. Im like really, lady , there is no stopping  this! Looking at my Son father, Matt, saying, you better go catch my Baby! lol Finally, which seemed like forever, my doctor came in,  and I started pushing! I realized my epidural had definitely wore off by then. I felt a lot of pain in the butt area, and a lot of pressure!! My baby boy was born, 8 lbs 3 ounces.

I have a pretty big fear this time,  I feel like I have changed a lot
within the last almost 5 years!  When it comes to certain things, I have become very weak stomached, and my mind over thinks everything. Which then leads to me with the dreaded light headed, dizzy, tunnel vision, feeling chills, but hot and sweaty and almost passing out.  In all honesty, I do not want an epidural again, I don’t believe I felt the full feeling of labor, but I felt a lot!

However, When I told my Doctor about recent stories about me almost passing out and almost passing out with certain  things. She seemed pretty concerned. So right now, my goal is to STOP thinking about labor, lol… not easy!! I like to have everything PLANNED, so not having a exact plan when going into labor stresses me out! Playing labor by ear , seems scary, but  unfortunately I can’t see into the future! Ill take it step by step and see how I am doing! The weird thing Is, Im not bad with pain at all. It’s my mind thinking and thinking that gets me sick! They say your mind is a strong thing! I believe it !

More Fears…

-I am due in October, it is the middle of June. Our closing on our new home isn’t until the end of July! I am a huge planner. Cutting time so short is making me permanently stressed all day ! We have a fence to put up before we can move in without our dogs. I have  the kids rooms to decorate,  Carpet to take out, and floors to be redone. I just a a list a mile long.

-Very very worried about how my Son will feel come October. He will be turning 5 the week she comes. I know that he will be a great big brother, But I worry daily about how we will feel once he’s not the only child in the home! Currently h
ave a TO DO LIST with a Toddler  before Baby comes!! Im sure Im not the only Momma waiting on baby number 2 that worries about this one!

Overall. Besides NORMAL life Fears of the Future. Life and Pregnancy is Pretty good!  I feel very blessed. I say my thanks  and sorrys  for complains every night! As much as we have to do, the fears and worries that I have, everything is happening in ways Im completely thankful for! I feel my family and I are in the exact spot in life we are meant to be in!

” Everything happens for a reason”