Women, Weightlifting, And What Its Done For Me

There’s nothing like being 18 weeks Pregnant, looking back at progress picture through out my fitness Journey and FINALLY realizing my Progress I had. As shared in other post, I had a rough first trimester, morning sickness/all day, I only threw up  maybe 10 times or less,  but I had all day nausea and the rest of the crazy first trimester symptoms!

One thing I realized was… WOW, I sure was hard on myself, I didn’t see the progress That I see now, Since I lost quite a bit muscle and gained a little weight.  Pregnant life. Anything for my baby Girl ❤  After Shes born and I get back on my old routine, my main goal is to lighten up on myself, take a second and really look how far I’ve come.


How Weightlifting changed me…

My fitness Journey pushed me to do things I never thought I could do. I pushed myself to try and be the strongest me I could be.

Having fitness in my life gave me a confidence and self love I didn’t have before. Maybe I didn’t always see my progress, but I always liked what I see.  I believe self confidence and self love is very important in everyday life.  Being more confident in yourself, you just might find your self in a place or doing something you would be to scared to do before.

I’ve always been a tomboy , playing sports. However, I never combined activity with good nutrition until my son was born and decided on a complete lifestyle change.

As a teenager, I always had self image problems, thinking I was overweight when in actuality I was underweight. I didn’t know how to be healthy, I had no idea what to do to love myself. I underated, and overworked. Running, biking, different types of cardio on one meal a day. I struggled with a light case of anorexia. I eventually gained normal weight, later, found I was was pregnant. My first pregnancy, My weight started 118 and ended at 180. Eh !! Most people don;t believe me when I tell them that, they say me being so tiny, that they cant even picture me weighing that much, but trust me.. it happened =/

After that, once again, I went on my unhealthy way of losing weight.  Very low calorie input and extreme calorie output and on top of that, I was taking fat burners, overall  I felt completely horrible. I knew I couldn’t live on that with, especially not with a newborn baby. So What did I do??? I RESEARCHED And eventually, I was slowly on my path to fitness and happiness!!

I started with half cardio and half light weights for my daily workout routine.  Once I felt like I was lifting nothing, I moved to higher weights. All leading up to very little cardio. I still believe cardio is very important, but I had other cardio, like rollerblading, bike riding, jump roping and battle ropes. Battle ropes post coming soon. My all time favorite full body workout. You can take a quick look at them here>> Battle Ropes and email me before I get my post out   if you have questions about them and how they help burn fat and build muscle.

Before pregnancy, my  Daily workout routine looked like this:

  • Stretch
  • 5 minute warm up(cardio)
  • Weights

It depended on my day on how long I  lifted for.

I stayed on a split schedule. Meaning, Monday I worked back and biceps, tuesday I did chest and triceps, wednesday day Was leg day and thursday was shoulders. Some days I would do full body, and other days were rest days!

I slowly raised my calories, listened to my body on what I needed, like extra carbs. Eventually I had my calories intake  to 2000 and over!

Top Picture was before Pregnancy, It saddens me a little to look at this, but I know once Baby girl Arrives, I’ll be back to my old workout routine.


The picture on the left is the Momma me… The picture on the right was Highschool me. I  like to share that one because, Im a firm believer in getting in shape and changing your lifestyle  at anytime in life. If I can be in better shape than My high school self. You can make the change now!!


Now to talk supplements I support.

Cellucor>>   Cellucor

  • Whey Protein
  • C4 Pre workout (not for caffeine sensitive )
  • Super HD  Fat Burn

BPI Sports>>> BPI Sports

  • Vortex Pre workout (caffeine)
  • BCAA
  • Whey Protein
  • Nighttime recovery and burn
  • Aminos

Any supplement help with your goals, email me at missguinta9@gmail.com

I might be pregnant, but Im still personal trainer and fitness nutrition certified!!

Currently I am taking advocare. The ones above are a little to much for a pregnant Momma and Baby!! Soon , I’ll  post a full  post on Advocare while pregnant and what my Doctors said. For now you can email me any question you might have . Check out the list  Here..>>

Advocare Age, Pregnant And Nursing Indications

Then check them out here  >> My Advocare Shop

Email me any questions on any products, pregnant or now, and Im Happy to help!! =)






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