Deal Sharing (SwimSuit/Cover up Sale)

Okay Ladies. There is 20% off Swimsuit and Covers up here >>>Swimsuits and Cover ups

Enter Code: 20SWIMWEAR at Checkout

Pregnant and swim suits? yay or nay?

Were moving to a new house fairly soon, the yard has a lot more privacy, so I’m thinking  I have to get something this summer for me and the bump. Play in some water in the back yard with the boys ❤

I’m thinking of getting a bikini for the back yard to let the belly breath  and another one that covers up a little more  if I plan on being near a lot of people!!

However, there are so many to pick from , it might take me all night to figure this out lol

Whats best for a pregnant lady? … Black?! or whatever the heck I want =P


If your pregnant and in search of a nice swimsuit on sale AND you find one, let me know which one you pick. I haven’t had any luck in stores with anything I like.

If your not comfortable in  a swimsuit… check out these >>Cover ups

I’m thinking of getting this one >>>Pleated Dress Cover up and let that baby bump breath lol  If I get this , it just might me the only thing I wear until labor =)))

I don’t know, buying clothes and shoes for me feel like life changing decisions !! ha





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