Let’s talk Father’s Day.

Mother’s day came and flew by so fast. Time to get ready for Father’s Day.

All Dads like different things.  The daddy in our household never really wants anything, Last year we did a Super Hero Themed Craft and spent the rest of the day out.

However, this year. I have No Idea what to get, only where to go!! I Always like to give gifts from the heart first before I just buy something at the store, anyone can do that, but I don’t think that’s the greatest way to show Dad Just how lucky we are to have him!!


I was looking at some shirts I thought were funny. Can a man really have too many Shirts?!?!

Fathers Day Shirts <<< Off course I’m Loving all the Star Wars/ Darth Vader Shirts!! “I Am Your Father” ha

But let’s be real, Men can hang in the electronic part of the store for a while. So I was thinking something cool like that would be fun.  They have a whole section of  things label as “Man Cave” things Here>  Man Cave Gifts for Fathers Day     I’ll be honest though…I was looking through some stuff and wondered a few times ” What the heck is this even for??”  Definitely have to read on to the description  ha

If your shopping  ahead, there’s always some deals and coupons  you can catch to get the best deal!!  >Coupons and Sales

Being pregnant this summer is making months seem like there flying by, I usually like to be more prepared for father’s day and have some good ideas, But I am cutting it close in my book lol Im a People pleaser, I like to see other people happy, so Im stressing here lol

However, what can you really get a man who deserves it all. My son, future baby in my belly and I are the luckiest people ever ❤

Stay tuned, Im due to come up with some cute idea soon!! =) …I hope!!




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