Gender Reveal Video…IT’S A…

“I got this feeling, inside my bones, it goes electric wavy when I turn it on, all through my city, all through my Home.”

18 Weeks Pregnant Finally came!!

We had our Ultrasound yesterday and everything is going great!! Baby was measuring at 18 weeks and 5 days!!

I still don’t have much of a bump, I just look a little overweight in the mid section! No serious pregnant belly yet. I’m trying to patiently wait for it to get that POP!!

We told the Ultrasound tech to NOT tell Big Brother what we’re having because Momma wanted to make it fun for him instead of her just telling us! So she spelt out”Female”  Since Big Bro Knows how to girl and boy lol.

Before we left, Ayden asked me and his dad if he can ask the Doctor a questions, so we said sure, ask away… he said ” Are you going to tell us if it is a boy or girl”    She looked at him and said “Your Mommy and Daddy already know, they want to tell you , which is way more fun”

So We stopped to get food really fast after and hit the party store to  make a fun little Gender Reveal video to send to family. Ayden was soooo quiet and seemed a little nervous/worried. He really was hoping for a Girl, since we told him Momma was having a Baby, he said he wanted a baby Sister!

So we did 3 little fun things in video, the first one we did is how we revealed it to Ayden, the other two were just for extra fun!!

You can watch our video on Youtube. It was fun making it, being goofy and so excited as a family to Finally Put a Gender and Name to this tiny Miracle in my Belly!!

Did Big Brothers Wish Come True?!?!?! Watch Here…. Gender Reveal Video




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