Disney World- With A Toddler, Cheap Tickets, And Free Dining

“All the World is Made of Faith, Trust and, Pixie Dust”

The past 3 years my family and I have been going to Disney with my Brother and his family!!
We usually go around October, My favorite Month!!                                                                   Which this year …I’ll be 9 month pregnant. So that’s just not happening. Lol Can you imagine. Going into labor under the Castle. It would be quite magical for a Disney fan like myself!<3

This year our family is moving to a new house and waiting for our new family member to be delivered into this world!

However, October 2017, Disney world, I will see you then. If you’re a Disney fan, you might have heard that Avatar Land will be opening next year. So I’m hoping it’s before we get there! Ayden, his future brother or sister and their Dads birthday will all  be  in October. So happy birthday you 3, we’re going to Disney World !! ❤
So… I’d figure I’d share our past few trips with you guys, the fun and the Disney deals we went with!!

Free Dining:

Free Dining… What is it exactly?!?!

The past two years we went with the  free dining Deal.

It’s only available for people staying on Disney property in certain resorts on certain days!

Here’s this years date

* August 23 through October 1, 2016
* November 15 through 21, 2016
* November 26 through 28, 2016
* December 10 through 21, 2016

Say you wanted to go that first  week of October, you would have to check in October 1st to be eligible. If you checked in October 2nd, you would NOT be eligible.

What do you get with the Disney’s  Free Dining offer?

You get the Basic Quick service Dining which is

  • Two Quick service Meals –  Which consists of  an entree, non- alcoholic Drink and dessert for lunch or dinner!  This is the cafeteria in the hotel and participating quick service restaurants where you order, wait for your food,  sit and eat. This is not Table service!(Daily)
  • Snack Credit– Each Person who had the free dining, get 1 snack at the park a day for free. Example: bottle of water, pretzel, Ice cream. At the end of our trip we also realized this worked for candy and Starbucks Drinks(Daily)
  • Refillable Mugs– Each Person getting free dining gets a Refillable Mug, it can be refilled in Any Resort, however not the parks! We always just brought it back to our room right after breakfast and got them before dinner when we came back to the resort from the park

Disney’s Free Dining is a HUGE Promotion, so you can Imagine, it can get Pretty Busy!

With us getting Free Dining. We started the Vacation with mostly everything paid for. Thanks to the Magic Bands, they  our  The Room Key, Park Tickets  and the  Dining!

So Between My family and my Brother’s Family, having 3 kids, strollers, Coolers   and Everything else we need in Our Backpacks, Having The Magical Express Pick us up at the Airport, take the Mickey Bus to the Parks and Downtown Disney, Having Everything on our Magic Bands Made our trip quite Simple! Besides all the Walking , Vacation is supposed to be relaxing After All, Right?! =)

( Also wanted to add, our last two trips, I orders water and snacks before I even left home From Amazon and  The Disney Cast Members had Everything we ordered in our Room Along with our Luggage When we first Entered our room!)


Cheap Tickets:

I Know you might ask ” So you can’t Leave Disney Property?” Well , you can, if you call a taxi or rent a car, plus there is a bus you can schedule to take you to Universal. That Actually news to me, So I will be doing more research on that.

Leading to, I know People might want a little more Freedom.Maybe to check out the Beach, go to Busch Gardens in Tampa if you have older kids that wants  more ride or Universal Studio. I know not everyone wants to stay at Disney World  and ONLY see Disney. Which is great too. Obviously Disney’s Free Dining is out of the Question when staying  Off Property, but that doesn’t mean you cant find other deals!  Our first year we took our Son, we Rented a car, a vacation Home  with a pool and game room. We also went grocery shopping the night we got there for Food, Snacks and Water.

If you go that route I found great  prices  where you buy 4  Day Park Hopper  Ticket Plus 1 free day! They also have buy 2 days get 1 free, buy 3 days get 1 free.I think they have the best Disney Deals to save money, plus the people there are so nice and  are available 7 days a week if you need a little extra help with the planning!

You can check the 4 Day park hopper plus 1 here…>>>  UnderCover Tourist- 4 Day Park Hopper

I’m always researching things  so I already compared the prices for you…

First picture is  UndercoverTourist.Com   For 5 days ages 10 and up is 348.59 tax Already included plus free email Delivery!

Next is Disney.Com  Ended up to be  340 Without Tax included, so Total is 362.10

And hey, that might not be a huge difference, but with a big family, with more than 1 ticket, each saving adds up!!

You can also get tickets for Discovery Cove, Lego Land, Seaworld,  Universal, Car and Hotel Rental all at UndercoverTourist.com    Plus they have a Crowd Calendar if you looking to book the Least crowed times at Disney!


Disney With A Toddler: 

The pictures above, my son was 3, Turning 4 within a couple of Weeks! He has gone 2 other Times before this. He loved each time, But I do Believe this was his best year yet. He was able to do so many Things this year!

He was old enough to do Jedi Training and fight Darth Vader.

He also Join the Pirate League and Learned to Fight With Captain Jack Sparrow!

To this day, almost a year later, he still talks about it His past Disney Trip. So Im very excited to bring him and His sister Next Year!

Ride and Attractions:

I know a lot of parents hope their Kids can Experience  as much as they Can At Disney World.   So here’s a list of Rides with Height Restrictions  my Son was Able to do at 3/4!     *At the Time Ayden was exactly 40 Inches!!

-The Barnstormer-

Magic Kingdom Park (Fantasyland) _ 35in (89cm) or taller

-Big Thunder Mountain RailRoad-

Magic Kingdom Park (Frontierland)_40in (102cm) or taller

-Seven Dwarfs Mine Train- 

Magic Kingdom Park (Fantasyland)_38in (97cm) or taller

-Splash Mountain-

Magic Kingdom Park (Frontierland)_40in (102cm) or taller


Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park (DinoLand U.S.A.)_40in (102cm) or taller


Epcot (Future World)_40in (102cm) or taller

-Star Tours-

Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Echo Lake)_40in (102cm) or taller

-Test Track-

Epcot (Future World)_40in (102cm) or taller

** He was also tall enough to ride The Tower Of Terror, which This Momma was to scared to let him On, Plus he got spooked on the Haunted Mansion and they had to walk us out, So He would have obviously been  overly thrilled on that one lol

These are just the Height Restricted rides he was able to do this year. There are many, many other slow ride to go on for younger children if you have them. Like Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, Nemo, Magic Carpet, Dumbo, It’s a Small World Etc…

Tips With Toddlers at Disney World:

Things to Bring!!

-Order Water, Get a cooler and  then some Ice at the Resort!!  Keep those kids, and yourself Hydrated.

-Get a Fan Mister to cool them off!! If you don’t have a fast past for a certain ride, waiting for a while can seem like forever to kids in the first place, but adding a hot sweaty kid!! spray them down!! lol

-Bring swim trunks to the park. They have fun little play areas where the kids can get wet and cool off! That way they don’t  have to walk around with soaked clothes!

-Take a break if you need to, go back to the resort to get lunch and cool off!

-Bring ponchos for the rain!

-Also get cheap ponchos at the Dollar store to cover their strollers with  if it rained and your insides someplace

-Dont forget an autograph book! This past year, my Son loved getting everyone’s autograph. He still looks at the book  and we read the names!

-Another GREAT Dollar store buy…GLOW STICKS!!! Stock up! At night Disney cast members come out with the carts of all types of glow/ Light up toys!  We always get ayden at least one. If you have more then one child, it would definitely add up with buying  a new light toy each night for each kid, Plus With buying other toys  and things at the park  already, you don’t have to worry about packing light sticks up, just throw them out  and open more for the next night!!

-Order snacks for you come or bring snacks to carry around the park with you!

-Comfy shoes!  I always feel so bad when I see little feet in sandals and flip flops! OUCH!

And that’s that!! I hope I was able to help out on your next Disney trip!! =)

The Kids Last Disney Trip!! ❤


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