What about the Sex?!?!(P… or B) 

What about the Sex?! (Pink…No… Purple or Blue)

This is THE MONTH!!!

I am Days away from finding out if this is a girl kicking my bladder or a boy!!

First off, let me start with saying I’m not the biggest fan of the whole Pink or Blue.
Okay, maybe more of pink.

I don’t like how it’s so stereotypical. You can say, hey , this goes both ways…sure, but Im a girl, so I’m taking my thought this way .

So I was thinking how I wanted to reveal to my son if he is having a baby brother, or sister. There just so much pink, crowns and princess stuff. If I have a girl, I already have the perfect nursery theme all thought out..pretty excited if I get to use it =]

Like here…Take a Look   >>   Gender Reveal

Not saying I don’t like any of the gender reveal… just here me out lol =)
I grew up as daddy’s little girl, he called me princess all the time… He still does, and I’m 25. If I were to have a girl, I wouldn’t take that away from her, of course. Daddy’s little girl ❤  However, I think it’s because I grew up a Tom boy. Playing sports, getting dirty, keeping up with the boys, being the tough girl, not taking any Sh*t.

Which I feel help me in my relationships with boys\Men.

Don’t get me wrong, I had my barbies and Bratz dolls, even though I always put my barbie girls in the men pants and a girl shirt, which was basically  how I dressed. My barbies never rode their convertible, they were always on their Tech deck skateboards. =) Anyhow  I preferred to go outside and play street hockey with the boys or ride our bike on dirt hills =]


Even now, I like make up, going shopping, but I’m that mom running on the playground dirtying my clothes. I have my girly side of course… Kind of. Lol


When I think of princesses, I think dainty, weak and dependent.  Like Cinderella vs. Princess Leia! Do I want my Daughter to lose a glass slipper or shoot one with her blaster!! Lol …. Well , seriously though!

I just want my possible future daughter to be both. A tough, girly, tomboy!! Lol

She will be taught from self defense and weapons to shopping and manicures. A perfect girls day out with Mom =]
I guess my main reason for this post is the worry of having a girl. Boys seems so much less of a worry compared to girls.

However, worry or not, whatever this growing baby in my belly is, he or she has a happy family counting down the months until they arrive. Ready for them to join our family adventures!!!

Back to the reveal… I’m thinking, if it is a girl, I’m going to go with Purple!! My mom who passed away when I was 16 LOVED Purple. We even painted my room purple when I was 8/9 and I agreed because I knew she liked it!! However…My Son  and baby’s father is color blind to certain colors. Mixing up purple and blue… So I’m not sure just yet!!

So thanks for  reading my gender reveal rant. I’m always that person that like to go against the grain.



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