Things Every Pregnant Girl Needs…

Okay guys, Last night, my sleep was very uncomfortable, Has my belly Popped yet? NOOOOOO!!  Im Only 18 weeks Pregnant , It took a bit for my belly really to show  with pregnancy number 1

But this stomach, I have such a tightness and soreness. My doctor told me it is certainly normal, with stretching and everything , somehow I don’t remember it from my first pregnancy, my doctor told me because I have a stronger core now from working out the past couple years. I assumed I would feel it less, but hey, what do I know =)

So back to my sleeping,  I need a pillow between my knees, obvious a pill for my head, and another one for fun. I also have a large simba I sleep with, because , in reality I’m just a toddler ❤ plus, you may fall asleep cuddling the boyfriend/husband , but staying like that all night just seems like an accomplishment i’m not willing to make ha. especially being pregnant.

Soooo.. I’m ordering this >>>  Full Body Pregnancy Pillow


Did you see how pleasant she looks on that thing. If you search through All >>>Pregnancy Pillows         Check out the one that has a whole for your belly, I’m pretty sure it floats in water. I’m not personally interested in that one, I found it funny, But someone might find it helpful!    I’m not sure how I am suppose to survive with it now, but I’m sure I’ll manage =)


Now for a Paranoid Momma, When I saw this I knew I needed it. >>> Womb Music Baby Heart Monitor

I always suffer from a bit of anxiety, but pregnancy likes to kick it up a gear… yay =I

So listening to Baby’s heart and movement when I really need to is a HUGE relief . Luckily baby has been kicking like crazy. Which makes a calm momma. Calm momma, Happy Momma! ❤


If your like me, and would like a little healthy Color plus confidence boost with a tan… read my other post   Tanned and Pregnant


Lets talk a no brainer here>>>Yoga Pants


Some type of Oil/cream/lotion for the belly !!   I have a few Favorites, But my number 1 is >>Bio Oil


Last thing on my list is a good book. My current favorite book series right now >>>The Water Keepers

I’m always into reading sci-fi, Futuristic , mixed with a little laugh and romance.


I think that’s my must haves…. for now at least lol Anything else I needed, I already had from Pregnancy number 1 ❤

Any suggestions on something for me to try, or maybe tell me something I didn’t even know i needed lol let me know !!!




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