I’m Pregnant Right Now, But I’ll See You Again…

I’m pregnant right now, but I’ll see you again…

 Quick thought of the day post. Or actually thought of the night.  

Have you ever seen a Build a Dino in a shirt and shorts?!?! Well that’s exactly how I feel right now In my Favorite shirts. My bump is not quite big enough for people to positively know that I’m pregnant . I can still be confused for drinking a 6 pack of beer every night. 

That being said, I’m going to miss you favorite shirts. You will soon have absolutely no use to me for the next few months!! 

  • Pre-Workout! Meaning C4. 

I miss that high energy workout muscle pump!! Like I can take on ANYTHING. Right now it’s like, hey , give me a few minutes here!! 
Adding on to that, I miss my daily routine of ALL my supplements, extra vitamins/minerals, recovery drinks etc…. You also, we will meet again ! 

  • 5 Hour energy! Okay, maybe I would sip it like It was my favorite thing ever. Finish it within the hour lol… But I Love the Berry flavor! 
  • Lifting heavy!! The past 16 weeks, I definitely lost some strength, and I’m okay with that, because I have the whole winter to gain it back after baby comes. Still doesn’t mean I don’t miss my heavy squats and deadlifts ❤

Even though, yeah I see some women lifting pretty darn heavy still while pregnant, but me, not afraid to admit I’m an over paranoid person at times and can believe things are going wrong only because I read about them!! Better safe than sorry lol

  • Having a drink when I want, not to say I’m even a casual drinker not pregnant, I suppose it’s just the freedom of it. However, some weekends, Matt and I would have our mom and dad party, just the two of us. Make a few drinks, play Rumy, or Xbox live with some Call of Duty… Yeah I kick all those guys Butts on there ❤ hey, I had 2 brothers to compete with growing up. Tomboy for life! 
  • Breathing lol I get so out of breath so easy and so fast. At least it goes away after baby!! 
  • Sleeping without waking multiple times. Like really… To use to bathroom, lay down, get all comfy and boom… Get up again lol. 
  • Man burps. =] I’ve never been as gassy as I and ironing pregnancy. My son thinks it’s hilarious, in ready to be normal haha!! 
  • Emotions. Pregnancy emotions are just over the top sometimes. Lol our dog Rylee got lose one night for just a few minutes, Matt chased her down right away and yeah I would normally shed a tear, just because it would scare me to lose her, but I just lost it, couldn’t stop crying, couldn’t relax. Definitely extreme! 
  • Pregnancy mind. Have you ever seen the old show with Bill Cosby ” kids say the darnedest things”. That’s me! What in the world am I saying sometimes lol.  

Overall pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster. Exciting , nerve racking, full of worries and sacrifice. I’m almost 17 weeks pregnant. I want to enjoy my pregnancy and not rush my growing baby. However, when it’s over and baby is here. I won’t be stating that I will miss being pregnant anytime soon lol




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