“Oh Mr. Potato Head,Do You Swear You’ll Stay Forever…

Even if her Face don’t stay together?


” It’s Such A Waste, When Little Girls  Grow Into Their Mother’s Face, But Little Girls Are Learning How To Cut And Paste, And Pucker Up Their Lips Until They Suffocate”

Anyone who knows me, Knows I’ve been Completely obsessed with Melanie Martinez Since I saw her on the Voice!   The Meaning and stories in her songs are Very relatable  to me, even if I relate to them a couple different ways  for one song!

Her Music gave me a whole new outlook on things.  Like…

-Be true to yourself… you are who you are. Don’t be Ashamed, don’t try to hid it. Your past is and always will be apart of me.  I’ve been called Crazy, Strange, the odd ball etc, Multiple times. As I got older, I just embrace it now. I suppose being 18/19 I wanted to be “cool”  and be like everyone else. Now it just seems Silly how I was  Listening to Music  that had no meaning to me.

I saw this ^^^ On Instagram, which is why I decided to write this post. I 100% Agree.  “You Are The Music You Listen To, Choose Wisely What You Feed Your Mind”      Hey Everyone might not agree, but Personally for me, I feel music gives me a different mind set!!   Not Saying I won’t listen to other songs that I don’t completely relate to, But the other day I heard a old song I use to listen to.  Ja Rule ” I got a hundred guns , a Hundred Clips, I’m From New York ”      Ehhh… Yeah, I really don’t have 100 guns/100 clips, and I’m not from New York.  hahah =)

Any ways…. Back on Subject here lol…. Kind of =)

If you have the time,  Ladies, Moms with Daughters,  listen to this song. Even if it’s not your kind of  music, the words and meaning to it is Perfect, Especially with how Society, Magazines and the Media is Today. It’s one of my favorites….
>>>Melanie Martinez- Mrs. Potato Head

Basically a song about changing yourself. Will others like you more, will you be loved, Will YOU like yourself more.  Society likes to show one kind of Beauty, and girls feel like, if that’s not them, then they aren’t Beautiful and they aren’t attractive. So Will surgery fix all your problems?  ” Oh Mrs. Potato Head tell me, is it true that pain is beauty, does a new face come with warranty, will a pretty face make it better”

Want to lose weight, “Potatoes turn to French Fries, Yeah its common sense”

Just take a listen… =)  Maybe you’ll become a Fan!!

I remember when I was Young I Use to Always Get Made fun of Because I Had Big Lips! I would Come home and cry to my mom. As a child I was also so ashamed of my pouty looking lips. And to add to it, I have a Overbite that makes them look even more pouty and full! Which now is BitterSweet, because now a days, you cant tell if they are my real lips, or I just went to a Doctor and did whatever they do there to them. I don’t even know lol

However, I actually had someone ask me if my lips were my lips a few time. Certainly I was pretty pissed. 

So I wrote it down >>>

Kylie Jenner Wanna Be 

No Darling , I was born with these.

Mom why are these girls so mean to me? 

Baby, girls are full of jealousy.

Remember when you use to make fun of me.

Now your trying every remedy.

 Siting in your room 

Kissing vacuum tubes 

Constructing the New You.    
To be continued ❤






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