16 Weeks Pregnant!!

16 weeks pregnant today!! 

16 weeks…long ways to go still, but wow, it sure took some gas to get over that hill.
Energy level going up. Still pretty tired by 830/9! However!!! I’m waking up with energy.

My body has definitely changed the last 16 Weeks. Some muscle lost. And that’s okay =] my working out has been on the back burner for a bit. Having energy to go on with our busy day with Ayden is more important  and of course, during those hard weeks of sickness, there was no way I would push my self on days I knew my body just couldn’t handle everything.  So I’m happy I’m getting on a schedule again=]

Working out while pregnant is definitely difficult. I’m sure it will certainly get harder as I grow a belly, but as long as I try and stay active. I’m a happy camper =]  I’m happy I already beat my level of activity from last pregnancy. Which was close to nothing. As far as working out/cardio, anything that took serious moving lol

And Ehh yeah, nothing isn’t to hard to compete with lol

I have less then 2 weeks until I find out the SEX!! I’m beyond excited!!
Baby, If you are a little girly in there, I have everything planned for you… As far as nursery and name, if your a boy… I’m sorry!!! Haha  Luckily I have some time to figure that out!!!
On a good note, I am feeling nice little flutters, or Quickening!! That definitely gives me some confidence and a calmer mind.

Hey I am pregnant, I feel movement… It wasn’t just a sick joke of being sick. I had 2 ultrasound sounds already, but nothing beats the reality of the baby kicking!!! ❤

I have finally started the itchy belly feeling. I do have stretch marks from pregnancy 1. So I’m hoping to keep them the same. I’ve been using  these 3 and they have been pretty darn amazing!!! ❤

Palmers Cocoa Butter <—

Burts Bee Belly Butter<—



You might be wondering why I have 3… but I always like to have a couple different things of everything. Makeup, lotions, soaps , toothpaste lol. =)  I like everyday to be different haha


Nutrition wise:

I had a think for chicken and cheese fries for a while… Now I’ve been adding some sweet peppers and they have never tasted so good lol. Like I never had them before!! I’d say I gave myself a little more freedom then my pre pregnancy self. However, still balancing everything out. Like with my cheese fries, I’m craving those suckers, I’m going to eat them, but I portion it out and have chicken and veggies also. I would say I’m following more of a IIFYM(if it fits your macros) kind of thing, but estimation,which is easy , definitely not on the dot measuring everything right now!
And…. That’s about it… Nothing to really complain about. Feeling pretty good, just a little extra emotional, mostly about silly things, and missing my mom, wishing she can be here while I was pregnant and here to watch how amazing of a little man her grandson is becoming!!

I’m loving all the support from you ladies and some men! The comments  and emails are awesome !! =]

Email me anytime




  1. Yes! Men! (i am new to this bloggin business but I have notice the lack of masculine presence) lol. Anyway, I just clicked on and WILL purchase at least two of those baby butter oils lol I hope they are pretty darn amazing for my wife’s sake. Thanks for the recommendation!

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    • That is true!! I don’t see why. I suppose not many men want to write exactly what’s going on. Lol I had my old blog on another site and there seemed to be more men on that one, but it wasn’t much personal post.

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