Self Tanner Review!

Tanned and Pregnant! – Self tanning…..
Since I was a teen, tanning was always a big thing to me, and unfortunately, I’m guilty of hitting the tanning salons. I went with my Mom, Dad, Brothers, Cousins and Aunt. It was never looked down on. Plus by 16/17, Jersey shore was a huge thing 🙈 oh man, GTL😑 which in reality, back then, gym, tan, laundry. I really just tanned 😂 So to get on track here, being pregnant with my son, I stopped tanning and swore I would never go to a tanning salon again…
…. But I did, a couple month after he was born. I failed!! I tanned off and on sighing the next couple years, mostly before vacations, and in colder months.
Being me, I can be quite the hypochondriac. So tanning in tanning bed, adding more fear to future illnesses, just isn’t the best idea. However, I still went some days anyhow. How smart right?!
Finally …

We then came to the decision of trying for baby number 2. So for me, tanning in a tanning bed is out of the question. I’m paranoid , and would assume the baby was cooking 🙈 so I had to try something new!!! Which was self tanning of course!! I was pretty nervous, considering I had a bad experience with self tanning. However, that was a long time ago and apparently self tanners have come a long way!!
Lets hear my bad first…. 😆

I tried … This  Sublime Glow <–

It’s smells really good and its called gradual tan for a reason, that way you can control the color of the tan You want by applying another coat the next day or so.

BUT…. The lotion you apply is white. Which makes it difficult to see where you have put it and hard to see if you applied evenly. Also, the tan didn’t seem very … Tanned color 🤔

Ps… Wash your hands after applying!
So I then tried This  Banana Boat Deep Tan <—

Looks like this…


The lotion is very dark/bronzed! I wasn’t even going to try to put it directly on.

So I first moisturized everywhere I was going to apply the self tanner.

Next, I mixed my regular body moisturizer with the tanning cream in a bowl, and mixed until I got my Desired color!

With the lotion being tinted, it was fairly simple to apply evenly! Which is the goal right ? Lol

I let air dry, went to bed a bit later and woke up with a nice tan. Most self tanners that aren’t white, have a cosmetic layer that comes off. Cosmetic layer , being the layer you see go on to make it easier to apply 👌👍 so in the end, yeah, it took me longer then my 10 minutes in the tanning bed, but…

1: I feel better considering self tanner is just a dye and can not age or hurt your skin!

2: Saving money!

In the end , my tan looked exactly the same self tanning in my bathroom as to baking in a bed!! However , the time was kind of getting to me. It seemed like it took me a while to apply and bend.

So I started searching and came across fake bake!! I’ve watched videos and read reviews!

Which I didn’t care, I was trying it for myself. Lol

Win!  Found Fake Bake  <— Here, On  Amazon !👌
I finally got it in the mail!

Looks like this…

fake bake

It’s a liquid spray that smells pretty great, the smell does eventually turn to that self tanner smell of the tan devolving!

My favorite part… It comes with a “professional” glove/mitt 😱 wow! Lol Professional!!

In all seriousness. This glove is amazing. They give you rubber gloves to wear under the glove just in case it leaks through. You don’t want your palms stained 😆 however… I haven’t had a problem. So I don’t use the rubber gloves, it’s uncomfortable!
You spray the glove with the tanner. My first time I sprayed the glove 2-3 times for each body part(maybe more for legs) and spread quick and evenly! They say spread in circular motions, but just try your best on smaller body parts. As long as your spread it evenly. It will turn out fine! Once again, this one has that cosmetic coat, meaning , it will wash off. It’s just an aid for application!

All in all… This is my current favorite self tanner! Fast and easy application thanks to the glove.
So if your a pregnant momma or not in search of a tan, try these two !! I highly recommend them!!

If your some one who doesn’t care about a tan…. I’m not sure why you just read all this 😆 kidding!!!
Some reviews I read on fake bake are very mind boggling to me. As long as your follow the directions. I personally got the results I was looking for ! 💕 Thank you fake bake for giving this pregnant mom a little extra confidence!

Hope I gave some Hope to Some Pregnant Mommas out there who needs a little pick me up!!=)

One thing I know for sure, if this baby in my belly is a girl. There is no way she will be aloud in a tanning bed. She will be 100% educated on them. I know some people will argue that they aren’t bad. However… This little girl won’t be going in them 😂👍👌



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