Why I cancelled Our Direct TV

Hey guys!!!! 

 Durning my First Pregnancy, I would record every single Wife Swap and pick a side I figured I would relate to most as a mom and what I did relate to with my family growing up!! Thinking wow, some of these moms are crazy!! 

All these rules, so many chores, certain nutrition! 
And Boom… I became that Mom. =]] I’m a completely different mother than I predicted I would have been. =]

In the beginning of the year I cancelled our cable. Bye bye Direct TV. We slowly started to watch less and less TV. I slowly become months behind in shows. It was turning out to be a a waste of money. 
I use to be that crazy obsessed TV person. I HAD to have all my shows recorded. Watch out if my show didn’t somehow get recorded and I couldn’t watch it when I wanted . This girl wasn’t happy. šŸ˜‘ 
With all the technology now a days, games, iPads, laptops, phones. It’s all just a waste of time. 
When I die one day, I highly doubt I’ll be thinking, wow… I’m so glad I kept up with all those shows throughout my life. 

No, not likely. 
So I said Bye. 

There are tons and tons of things to do beside TV! 
I’m not saying we watch ZERO television. However, it’s pretty limited. 
We watch 1 series at a time. Right Now we’re watching Fringe on Netflix. Charlie from The Mighty Ducks is in there, he’s pretty darn good looking lol but the show is so awesome! Scientific, alternate universe and funny! We watch 1 1/2 -2 episodes at Aydens bedtime! So we still have that relax time. 
Ayden rarely watches Tv now, but he’s still allowed to watch his favorite shows and movies. Just not nearly as often. 

I slowly got him on a new routine and it’s working perfectly! He has a list of things he can do before TV.  

-Go outside and play

-Practice karate


-Do a puzzle 


-Do his learning workbooks 

-Board game


-Start a craft 

-Learn a completely new hobby

 Things like that. 

We still will have family movie time, or family game time, play Disney Infinity or some type of LegoGame!! It’s just very limited and Limiting technology in our house has brought us all a lot closer. I can definitely see a huge change and I love it!! 
There is so much learning to be done or some type of exploring. 

 Try and make the change yourself and see. Drop the phones, turn the TV off and see! =] 


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