Is a Rottweiler A Good Family Pet?

Rottweiler as a Family Pet!!

rottweilers as a family pet dog


So I really wanted to post something about our family dog and our experience with our Rottweiler as a Family pet!! There are tons of stories out there, both negative and positive, and I want to share my opinion and the things I did to succeed as a Rottweiler owner!

We have had our Rottweiler for 3 years now, it’s a girl, and her name is Rylee!
Whenever Pets and Animals come up in Conversation with people, the
Typical Conversations goes like this… “Oh We have 2 dogs, 1 Rottweiler and 1 little terrier, the  Wizard of Oz Dog!

People’s first question?!
Wow. A Rottweiler!? How is IT with your son? Is She Nice?

It’s hard not to get a little angry.  First of IT, is a SHE, And is she Nice? How is she With our Son?      Well she is absolutely horrible, she is just so mean and there has been numerous times where she bit him. He only has a few fingers left, and he is currently missing an Ear. Like come on, If she was mean and horrible with my son, I wouldn’t be telling you I had her, because she wouldn’t be apart of our Family. I could get a little over sensitive sometimes  =)

I want to start first with the time I was almost attacked  by a Rottweiler. My dad, our old dog minny and I were walking in a alley behind our house. The neighbor had a Rottweiler who lived outside 24/7. The dog jumped over the fence and came rushing towards the 3 of us. My dad threw me over the fence, and our dog Minny tried to protect us. My dad fought of the Rottweiler to save minny! Luckily all 3 of us were okay!!    It may seem like I’m absolutely nuts for having a Rottweiler number 1 on my list for our family pet after that!

It’s a shame that most Rottweiler have gotten a bad reputation mostly because  Of the Owners!
Just like kids, dogs are made by their parents/owners! Patience is everything! They won’t be an untrained puppy forever. You wanted the dog, it is your responsibility to stay patient and consistent with their training. It’s like having another child, they need to learn, they need love and they need someone caring and understanding. A person with a bad temper and no patience,in my opinion, has no place, in the world of dog owners.

Rottweilers need to feel needed,  and they need to be kept busy. They should not only live outside, hooked to a chain with no attention. No dog should. Yes Rottweiler can be aggressive dogs when needed. Show a Rottweiler violence,  and they learn violence. Just like anyone, if you are hurting them, they will Want to protect themselves. Hitting dogs in any way is not okay. Rylee training consist of butt slaps, nose taps and “BAD girl.” Rottweilers love to please their owners, they do not need anything rough.
Our Rottweiler is very protective of our home and yard , she loves to be involved, kind of like a new baby, she doesn’t want to miss a thing !! I lost my Mom at 16, and I still have pretty rough days, mostly around special dates, holidays, becoming pregnant , milestones with my son Etc… Anytime I cry, she’s always sitting by my side , puts her paw on me, tries to lick me 🙈 and rest her head on me and whines ! I’ve never had a dog care so much about her owner hurting. It’s really pretty amazing to me.

I’m 21 Weeks pregnant right now and Rylee is glued to me. It’s awesome! I can’t   Move without her following. I tried to sneak away but no way. Lol She sits outside the bathroom door when I shower. With my morning sickness, she sat right by my side.

Last year , Rylee came down with Parvo, it was horrible. We were days from losing her, but she fought every moment!! We visited her numerous times a day, sat by her side and took care of her! Apparently Parvo is really hard on Rottweilers and the people we bought her from didn’t give us legit papers or shot records! To finish a sad story, she finally was able to come home and got back to her crazy self within a couple months!!💕

As far as training went, it was fairly quick and easy! Rottweilers are not happy if their owners aren’t happy. She’s a dog who wants to please and get of course Get some Treats. All of her tricks that  I trained her , she picked up on it within a few tries or by the next day. Very Smart Dog.

Things like …
✔️Speak-bark on command

✔️Stay- stay in one spot/don’t move 👌 obviously

✔️Back up- when she’s too close to the door, I tell her back up and she backs up and sits

✔️Drop it

✔️Go get your ball


✔️Lay Down



✔️Sit- well… No explaining there


✔️1 Paw – sometimes she gets excited when she gives paw, and gives 2!

✔️Where’s? Mommy/Daddy/Ayden/Maxi

✔️Wait- This one is my favorite. She won’t leave sitting position, it’s kind of like stay. I have to Hook her on a chain from our side door, walk her to the gate and then take her chain of so she can go in the back.When I open the door to let her out, I make her sit and wait instead of busting  out of the door, I like to look to make sure no one is walking by, she scared the mailman a few times lol. So she won’t walk outside until I say “Go head” This also works  with food and treats,she won’t take it  until I say Go ahead. I can hold a treat in front of her and she won’t grab it until I say so. That one was most important to me because I have my son who needed his fingers and not be jumped on!

✔️Trash-I give her the end of my yogurt cup to lick away the rest 🙃 and when she’s done, I take out the trash can tell her to pick it up and trash. Its pretty funny! 💕

I’m pretty sure I got all of Rylees commands, might be forgetting some simple ones. However, she’s a smart dog and caught on to each trick very quickly. As long as you reward her with treats, she willing to learn! =]

So if you’re thinking a Rottweiler for your family pet. In my experience, it has been perfect. Great with my son, who plays on her, lays on her; and annoys her to no end, but she will go bug him because she loves it 💕Perfect guard and watchdogg . Unbelievable loyal. Quick learner. And a possible hairy, but Perfect  Best Friend 💕

Anyone who wants a new puppy or adopt a dog, like I said before, it takes patience, understanding, consistency, love and attention. If you can’t handle a wild puppy, give time it needs, forgive  their mistakes  and MAKE THEM APART OF THE FAMILY…A dog in general may probably not be for you!! The owner Makes the dog!!
Hope you enjoyed reading our family’s experience with our Rottweiler!! We are very blessed to have a positive one! We are about ready to Add another Rottweiler  to our family soon! On the lookout for a Male once we move to a bigger house!





  1. totally agree. im worried about my dog but more so because of his size rather than possible aggression. i havent had my baby yet so i dont know how gentle or how crazy my dog will be around the baby. (not so much worried about as an infant more so his toddler years lol) anyway. beautiful rottie!

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    • Thank you =] we got our dog when my son was 2. He’s 4 now and he completely bugs her!! She loves it. It was important to me that they grew together. Our Rottweiller will be tougher with dad though when playing. Because he plays a little more rough of course lol


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