15 Weeks Pregnant Today!

“Cry Baby, Cry Baby, but I don’t even Care” (Melanie Martinez)

15 Weeks Today! 
Baby is the size of an Apple. 

According to my Ovia App, Baby is the size of a Multi Tool. 😑👶
I’ve been feeling pretty amazing. Beside the fact if I don’t eat on a perfect schedule, right on time, my mind gets foggy, super irritated, headache/neck tension and I get very weak. Im use to be constantly hungry from working out, but this pregnancy hunger hits me like a bus. 🤕 So, Lets just say… try and catch me without food in my hand… lol


I’ve been back on a workout schedule. Also bike rides, walks, and hikes. Rollerblading, playing basketball, playing catch. I’m basically a 8 year old. I’ve always been athletic and active, so I’m very happy to stay active this pregnancy, unlike my first pregnancy 😖However, not today, I’m not sure why I woke up feeling like absolute butt. I’m assuming it’s just a bad day, but I’m exhausted, foggy headed and pretty emotional. I actually sat on the couch and took a rest for a bit at home. Thats how you really know I don’t feel good. I’m usually going and going. I won’t sit until 8:30/9.
Working out today?!?! Eh… I’m planning on just doing my resistance bands for now and head out.
Check out my resistance band blog here: https://positivelymore.wordpress.com/2016/04/29/tonebuild-muscle-from-home-resistance-bands/

Here’s a Pre workout picture of 14/15 weeks… No serious change yet. At least not that I can see… Probably because I’m just waiting for a basketball belly 😂🏀 which last pregnancy , I didn’t really get until August/September. I think. Haha.

Let’s just say, I took a break from writing this… And had just a tiny bit emotional break down. Well that was fun. Oh… And it all started because I was hungry and couldn’t find my pants I wanted to wear. Today just isn’t going as planned!! Happy 15 Weeks to me.

I really need to have my next ultrasound this month to calm myself. Underlying problem?! …

A Worried Momma to the Extreme!!

To End It off… Everything is going alright. Pregnancy is weeks of Patience…Patience is my weakness. Off course I want little Baby to Grow, but…. has it been 40 weeks yet?? =?



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  1. I’m 9 weeks now and dittos here with the headaches. I need real motivation to stay active and exercise, otherwise, the couch is my favourite spot. Good luck with your baby! 😉

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    • Thank you!! My 9 weeks was horrible. I’m happy I’m feeling a lot better now. Motivation will come for you after the tough weeks I bet! This pregnancy is definitely harder then my first!! 🙈


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