19 Weeks Pregnant Today!!

19 Week Pregnant today. 1 Week From being halfway there.

19 weeks Pregnant fit Pregnancy workouts fitness

Pre-workout picture with Baby girl…The Bump ❤

Energy Level: So much improvement from the past few weeks.

Workout: Worked out for an hour today. I work out much slower. I make sure my form is perfect. No rushed workouts life pre-Pregnancy. If Im to busy , I make it a rest day!

Kicking: Baby Girl is kicking like crazy. She is very low. So the big  kicks in the bladder wakes me from my sleep

Feelings: Right now, we are in the middle of buying a house, so Im stressed, many little things will get me emotional. Kind of like Dominos falling down. lol

Cravings: This pregnancy is so much different, I have a lot better self control. I really don’t have cravings, BESIDES hot cheetos…Which lead me to…

Symptoms: Heartburn like crazy, which is a good enough reason to NOT eat those Hot cheetos. So there goes my craving anyway. Also, I have head pressure and neck tension. Only thing I found to calm that is cold water, ice pack on neck and a spraying myself with a little fan/mister!

Like In my Post Women, Weightlifting, And What Its Done For Me Post,I mentioned a little it about what Im taking now.

Im Currently taking Advocare During my pregnancy.

Is Advocare safe during Pregnancy??

Certainly!!! Everyone I talk to , I always Recommend that they talk to their Doctor of course! I asked the couple doctors That I see, and they all approved the products on Advocares Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Women  Indication List!!

Advocare store here>>> Advocare.com

Here are a few things approved On the List and What I take!

  • AdvoCare Slam® Liquid Vitamin and Amino Acid Supplement (Acai Berry, Fruit Punch, Mango Passionfruit, Pomegranate)   —— Use sparingly-one serving per day**
  • AdvoCare Spark® Vitamin and Amino Acid Supplement (Cherry – can Fruit Punch – pouches / can Grape – pouches / can Mandarin Orange – pouches / can Mango Strawberry – pouches / can Pink Lemonade – pouches / can Watermelon – pouches / can)  Use sparingly-one serving per day**
  • Rehydrate Electrolyte Replacement( Fruit Punch – pouches / can Key Lime Cherry – pouches / can Mango Pineapple – pouches / can Peach – pouches / can Red Raspberry – pouches) – Ok
  • Post-Workout Recovery (Chocolate – pouches / can Vanilla – can) Ok
  • Meal Replacement Shake (Berry – pouches Chocolate – pouches Chocolate Mocha – pouches Vanilla – pouches) – Ok


Overall, Second semester is going great. Very blessed to feel okay and be able to continue my working out.

Dealing with a little anxiety,  with expecting baby girl and finding a house to live. On top of that I have my two blogs , keeping up with them and working from home isn’t that easy, but Im very excited how everything’s going right now and see what the future of my hard work has done and will do!

“All your dreams can come true, if you have the Courage to Pursue Them”



Deals for indoor and outdoor toys (Melissa and Doug Coupon Code)

Deals and Good Buys Post!!

I was searching around for some fun outdoor activities for summer time that my son will enjoy. We got this slip and slide at a store near home, and the quality just was not that great. So I went back, looked around for other outdoor toys and summer related toys  and its like I see the same stuff every year.

I remember we had this toy we never opened from christmas up stair, its a little fishing game , where the fish and Pole has magnetics… which lead me to the name. Melissa And Doug

Googled it, and found some really neat stuff. I do remember seeing that name around at toys r us a little bit.

Right now that have 25% off Sidewide until June 1.   Just use code MD25

Also add Code : FREEGIFT if you spend $50 or more to receive a free gift, that code won’t expire until June 10th

My Personal favorite  so far  on MelissaandDoug.com

Is this treasure game hunt pool toys ❤ If you have A pirate loving , treasure hunting child. this one looks like fun!!!

Pool toys for toddlers outdoor summer fun games

There’s all kinds of fun cute  toys on there that I never seen before!!!

Not just outdoor, a lot of indoor learning games as well!!!

Deal of the day Done =)



Women, Weightlifting, And What Its Done For Me

There’s nothing like being 18 weeks Pregnant, looking back at progress picture through out my fitness Journey and FINALLY realizing my Progress I had. As shared in other post, I had a rough first trimester, morning sickness/all day, I only threw up  maybe 10 times or less,  but I had all day nausea and the rest of the crazy first trimester symptoms!

One thing I realized was… WOW, I sure was hard on myself, I didn’t see the progress That I see now, Since I lost quite a bit muscle and gained a little weight.  Pregnant life. Anything for my baby Girl ❤  After Shes born and I get back on my old routine, my main goal is to lighten up on myself, take a second and really look how far I’ve come.


How Weightlifting changed me…

My fitness Journey pushed me to do things I never thought I could do. I pushed myself to try and be the strongest me I could be.

Having fitness in my life gave me a confidence and self love I didn’t have before. Maybe I didn’t always see my progress, but I always liked what I see.  I believe self confidence and self love is very important in everyday life.  Being more confident in yourself, you just might find your self in a place or doing something you would be to scared to do before.

I’ve always been a tomboy , playing sports. However, I never combined activity with good nutrition until my son was born and decided on a complete lifestyle change.

As a teenager, I always had self image problems, thinking I was overweight when in actuality I was underweight. I didn’t know how to be healthy, I had no idea what to do to love myself. I underated, and overworked. Running, biking, different types of cardio on one meal a day. I struggled with a light case of anorexia. I eventually gained normal weight, later, found I was was pregnant. My first pregnancy, My weight started 118 and ended at 180. Eh !! Most people don;t believe me when I tell them that, they say me being so tiny, that they cant even picture me weighing that much, but trust me.. it happened =/

After that, once again, I went on my unhealthy way of losing weight.  Very low calorie input and extreme calorie output and on top of that, I was taking fat burners, overall  I felt completely horrible. I knew I couldn’t live on that with, especially not with a newborn baby. So What did I do??? I RESEARCHED And eventually, I was slowly on my path to fitness and happiness!!

I started with half cardio and half light weights for my daily workout routine.  Once I felt like I was lifting nothing, I moved to higher weights. All leading up to very little cardio. I still believe cardio is very important, but I had other cardio, like rollerblading, bike riding, jump roping and battle ropes. Battle ropes post coming soon. My all time favorite full body workout. You can take a quick look at them here>> Battle Ropes and email me before I get my post out   if you have questions about them and how they help burn fat and build muscle.

Before pregnancy, my  Daily workout routine looked like this:

  • Stretch
  • 5 minute warm up(cardio)
  • Weights

It depended on my day on how long I  lifted for.

I stayed on a split schedule. Meaning, Monday I worked back and biceps, tuesday I did chest and triceps, wednesday day Was leg day and thursday was shoulders. Some days I would do full body, and other days were rest days!

I slowly raised my calories, listened to my body on what I needed, like extra carbs. Eventually I had my calories intake  to 2000 and over!

Top Picture was before Pregnancy, It saddens me a little to look at this, but I know once Baby girl Arrives, I’ll be back to my old workout routine.


The picture on the left is the Momma me… The picture on the right was Highschool me. I  like to share that one because, Im a firm believer in getting in shape and changing your lifestyle  at anytime in life. If I can be in better shape than My high school self. You can make the change now!!


Now to talk supplements I support.

Cellucor>>   Cellucor

  • Whey Protein
  • C4 Pre workout (not for caffeine sensitive )
  • Super HD  Fat Burn

BPI Sports>>> BPI Sports

  • Vortex Pre workout (caffeine)
  • BCAA
  • Whey Protein
  • Nighttime recovery and burn
  • Aminos

Any supplement help with your goals, email me at missguinta9@gmail.com

I might be pregnant, but Im still personal trainer and fitness nutrition certified!!

Currently I am taking advocare. The ones above are a little to much for a pregnant Momma and Baby!! Soon , I’ll  post a full  post on Advocare while pregnant and what my Doctors said. For now you can email me any question you might have . Check out the list  Here..>>

Advocare Age, Pregnant And Nursing Indications

Then check them out here  >> My Advocare Shop

Email me any questions on any products, pregnant or now, and Im Happy to help!! =)




Deals of the Day (BABY GEAR!!!)-$30 Dollars Off

Now that this Momma knows she has Baby GIRL inside her Belly , kicking like she’s already a Black Belt in Taekwondo. Her Big Brother would definitely to be proud! He’s halfway to Black Belt!! =)

So I’m on a constant lookout for Baby Deal on Baby Gear!!! Got an Email from Walmart and their having a huge Memorial Day Sale.   Baby Car Seats, Strollers and Activity Centers and Pack and Plays on Sale… Yes Please.    Check it out there>> Baby Deals at Walmart

That should be the main page so you can get your search on… I might be wrong, but its there =)

Honestly, I’m kind of mad, I just bought our 4 year old a new car seat, and it is now $30 dollars cheaper!!!! Just my Luck!!


Disney Fan Anyone?!?!


Im in love with this Minnie Mouse Pack And Play  ❤ it’s only   $92 Instead of $124.

Short post =) Ill be constantly  on the lookout all over for Baby sales for the next couple months!!






Deal Sharing (SwimSuit/Cover up Sale)

Okay Ladies. There is 20% off Swimsuit and Covers up here >>>Swimsuits and Cover ups

Enter Code: 20SWIMWEAR at Checkout

Pregnant and swim suits? yay or nay?

Were moving to a new house fairly soon, the yard has a lot more privacy, so I’m thinking  I have to get something this summer for me and the bump. Play in some water in the back yard with the boys ❤

I’m thinking of getting a bikini for the back yard to let the belly breath  and another one that covers up a little more  if I plan on being near a lot of people!!

However, there are so many to pick from , it might take me all night to figure this out lol

Whats best for a pregnant lady? … Black?! or whatever the heck I want =P


If your pregnant and in search of a nice swimsuit on sale AND you find one, let me know which one you pick. I haven’t had any luck in stores with anything I like.

If your not comfortable in  a swimsuit… check out these >>Cover ups

I’m thinking of getting this one >>>Pleated Dress Cover up and let that baby bump breath lol  If I get this , it just might me the only thing I wear until labor =)))

I don’t know, buying clothes and shoes for me feel like life changing decisions !! ha




Baby Girl, Mommas Has Fears, but oh so excited!! 

I am still completely shocked that I have a little baby girl growing and kicking inside me. I already have a son, and I knew it in my heart that my first baby would be a boy. 
This pregnancy , I knew in my heart it was a girl, but I was confusing it with how badly I wanted and needed a girl! 

My dad kept saying , if your like your mom, you will have two boys before a girl. Imagining the future of my family, I couldn’t picture another little boy… At least not yet… Maybe baby number 3. 

My mom passed away when I was 16 and until I found out I was pregnant with my son, I was turning into a person I didn’t like dying down a path that would bring me nothing. Luckily , having my son saved me. I knew baby 1 wasn’t meant to be a girl. I was still young and haven’t grown into the woman I am now to be ready to take on a daughter. Now being 25, I know my heart needed this so be a baby girl. Since I lost my mom, I’ve been searching for the female connection, to not exactly replace my mom, I can never replace my mom, but to fill that hole, and unfortunately I never found it. So to have a daughter of my own is exactly what I need right now in life to repair my pain and hurt left of the my past. ❤ 

Now to the fear part, it’s a silly fear when I think of it, however it’s still a fear. 

Growing up, I’ve always been a tomboy, I had 2 brothers, my main focus was always hanging with the boys over the neighborhood girls.   

There’s only a hand full of women I get a long with now. I’ve never been one for gossip and drama. It’s never easy for me to connect with women, so I keep to myself and then that comes off like I’m stuck up and bitchy. Which anyone who knows me, yeah I’m on the tougher, strong minded side, but I’m overly weird and goofy. Overall, I wouldn’t say I’m afraid we won’t connect, but I would say I’m not use to the female connection.

  Losing my mom and then our family falling apart so fast , I lost who I was for a while and it’s taken a while to gain myself all back. Even knowing all the progress I made on who I am and who I want to be , I’m just worried, I want make sure I’m the strongest women I can be because it’s what my daughter will need and what I want my daughter to look up to be. 

In reality here, I’m thinking way to far into the future , but hey that’s what I do ❤ Mom life right?!?!

Every mom worries, why wouldn’t my goal to be the strongest women I can be for my daughter! 

So I’ll continue to work on myself like the past few year better myself each day =]

Miss Eva Rey,you have no idea how excited your Momma, Daddy and Big brother are to have you come into this world and join our Family !! 


Let’s talk Father’s Day.

Mother’s day came and flew by so fast. Time to get ready for Father’s Day.

All Dads like different things.  The daddy in our household never really wants anything, Last year we did a Super Hero Themed Craft and spent the rest of the day out.

However, this year. I have No Idea what to get, only where to go!! I Always like to give gifts from the heart first before I just buy something at the store, anyone can do that, but I don’t think that’s the greatest way to show Dad Just how lucky we are to have him!!


I was looking at some shirts I thought were funny. Can a man really have too many Shirts?!?!

Fathers Day Shirts <<< Off course I’m Loving all the Star Wars/ Darth Vader Shirts!! “I Am Your Father” ha

But let’s be real, Men can hang in the electronic part of the store for a while. So I was thinking something cool like that would be fun.  They have a whole section of  things label as “Man Cave” things Here>  Man Cave Gifts for Fathers Day     I’ll be honest though…I was looking through some stuff and wondered a few times ” What the heck is this even for??”  Definitely have to read on to the description  ha

If your shopping  ahead, there’s always some deals and coupons  you can catch to get the best deal!!  >Coupons and Sales

Being pregnant this summer is making months seem like there flying by, I usually like to be more prepared for father’s day and have some good ideas, But I am cutting it close in my book lol Im a People pleaser, I like to see other people happy, so Im stressing here lol

However, what can you really get a man who deserves it all. My son, future baby in my belly and I are the luckiest people ever ❤

Stay tuned, Im due to come up with some cute idea soon!! =) …I hope!!