Tone/Build Muscle From Home-Resistance Bands

Hey guys….

I have mostly been posting about my pregnancy, And I am finally caught up to my current weeks!! I had them in my phone notes  before I realized there was a wordpress App that   I can write them in  instead lol.


A few Women have told me they want to workout during their  pregnancy, just not at a gym! Which is  Completely  understandable, Pregnant or not, not everyone is comfortable in a gym setting. Which starts me off in the Positives about Resistance Bands…

-Resistance bands can be used ANYWHERE!! Home, Outside, Vacations…They weigh almost nothing, so it probably beats lugging around a 10lb dumbbell =)

-Being able to use them anywhere, its much easier to get your workout in, 15-20 minutes here, 15-20 minutes there.

-One band can be used for all body parts

-Cheap in price, definitely no Gym Member ship Price!

-Workouts in the comfort of your own home.

-Perfect to begin your Fitness Journey or Perfect just to Tone and stay active/Strong!

For me they came in handy the first few weeks of my Pregnancy. I was able to hook them up to my door and get some activity in.

I have other gym equipment in my Basement…(Machine, bench, squat rack etc…) However, feeling like I did, some days it was hard enough to just use my  Bands, but it was easier to convince myself “hey, the door is right there, get some workouts in and you’ll will feel better”  And I always did end up feeling better and yes…I normally talk to myself  with some type of self motivation lol =)

Before I was pregnant, I incorporated the resistance loop bands to warm up and  add extra resistance to my dumbbells exercises. As soon as I found out I was Pregnant, I knew I had to order some type of resistance band set to hook up to the door , assuming the first trimester was going to be low energy and rough!  And Ohhhh It was!!!

So I searched here…. Resistance bands

You Will see the first two are Band sets and the third is The Resistance Loops.  Working out from home, You would want the set. So I search and they all look pretty similar…  I ordered these… Fitness Master Resistance Band Set    They were a few dollars cheaper, But I liked the pictures they showed on the door stopper, it seemed larger than the others.

Okay so here’s my Favorite part… 
The hooks!!

Most bands are made connected to the handle, and if wanted to add more weight, you either use two bands, Meaning  TWO handles, Not fun, or Buy another higher resistant band that actually might be to hard for you. These you can make whatever resistance you want. Different resistance for each workout!!

This set came with 5 bands

Yellow (2-4lbs)   Green (4-6 lbs.), Blue (10-12 lbs.), Black (15-20 lbs.) and Red (25-30 lbs.) Put together which ever you want!! =)

It comes with two handles, two ankle straps, door stopper and storage bag.

The picture above, The bands are anchored to the Top Of My Door…

Ex: Tricep pull downs- Straight Arm Pulldown

Middle of Door…

Ex: Chest Press-Chest Flies

Bottom of Door…

Ex: Bicep Curl-Shoulder Raise -Shoulder Press- Use ankle attachment for legs

There are tons of ways  you can experiment with to work all areas of the body!!I plan on just taking pictures of some workouts but  If you are totally lost and need more ideas/explanations  feel free to email me at




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