Weeks 12-13-14 (Positively Pregnant )

Phew…. I Did it. I Am All Caught up!!!

I am Currently 14 Weeks Pregnant! Baby Is measuring closer to 15 Weeks!! I am officially in my Second Trimester!!  My Past posts I put together my not so great weeks.

Weeks 12, 13 and 14 started to look up!

Week 12 I had another ultrasound and baby  looked like a baby. Compared to my first ultrasound. My son  was  not very impressed when I said  this was his little baby brother or sister. This ultrasound picture  he was way more excited and said ” Hey , there is a baby in there”    like hey… I didn’t lie!!! =)))

Within Week 12, 13 and 14 I slowly found my way back to a workout schedule.

I am VERY HAPPY about that. Not having my energy was very rough for me.  Plus I’m not the type  to nap. I can’t nap.  =/ Or sit still for that matter.

Comparing both pregnancy. I’m Glad to say My activity and Nutrition is 10 times better!!  Im beyond happy  I made the decision to completely change my lifestyle around the time my son turned 1. Getting into fitness/nutrition and becoming NASM certified was  the best thing I’ve could have done, not just physically but emotionally as well!!

Im Proud to compare this pregnancy from my last. Yes… Every Pregnancy is different.  however, My mentality is like a whole new person. It took me many years to get here and learn to fight the battles in my head since losing my mom at 16. Im lucky to have my Son and  his father. My son gave me the reason  and mind set to be the best me I could be, and his father helped me fight my battles!!


I have officially been MORE  active in my Current  14 weeks of pregnancy then my whole 40 Weeks last pregnancy!! Wow!! Nothing negative towards the women who physically CAN’T be active during pregnancy!! My last pregnancy, it was My Choice to Lay around and be lazy! Which is probably the reason I am so against ever sitting around!

Going rollerblading very often! I use to play ice hockey and roller hockey with the boys. It’s calming and relaxing to me. I can put headphones in and rollerblade for ever!! 

Bike rides and hikes 💕


Nutrition is officially back on track and controlled!! Being pregnant, I’m not as strict, considering my goal isn’t to lean down. My goal is to eat the healthiest I can for me and Baby, but also give myself a little break when needed!!  And to be honest, with having to get enough calories in for just being pregnant, but also adding working out to that… I run out of things to eat. Sometimes, a snack I wouldn’t usually reach for is the easiest! If you have questions on my nutrition , feel free to email me at missguinta9@gmail.com

Current “BUMP” Picture…. =)

  Connect with me on Instagram so I can stalk your Pregnancy!! 😂 lol jk …. Kind of!! 😍




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