7 Weeks Pregnant!! 

7  Weeks Pregnant...
Take 2… I can’t believe I just deleted my finished post I had in my notes!! 🙈 wow lol

(Written March 8th)

Today was my first ultrasound 😱 March 6th. Most likely not the day I post this ! Baby’s heart is beating strong at 154. I feel like I can breath and think again. My head was so cloudy, when negativity takes over my mind, I can not trust any “gut instinct ” with things like that. Fear was taking over! So I feel relieved to see the baby is on the right track, strong heart beat that I seen and heard! I’m over joyed with knowing I’m growing a tiny miracle that’s going to be apart of this family this Fall! 💕

I still have a constant feeling of nausea all day! I’m still working out, my saying is “you have to try at least” So far, my feeling of nausea goes away within the first couple minutes of my workout. Most times, it won’t come back until later in the night, some days sooner in the day. I started drinking ginger ale, which is a little difficult for me , considering I never drink soda anymore ;Takes some time getting use to, however, I definitely feel it’s helping and I can stomach it well! Even water feeling like it’s in the edge of coming right back up. Luckily, I haven’t had anything at all Come back up…yet 🤔 last pregnancy I never had the ALL DAY nausea. I just felt sick, my food came back up, and I went on feeling fine. Which, the throwing up is horrible, plus I was worried about the baby it receiving what he needed, but this time ,it’s just a sick trick all day.
Anyways… Back to workouts…

I’m on a 3 days on, 1 day off schedule.

3 day rotation of body parts

For example

Day 1:chest and triceps

Day 2: back and biceps

Day 3: shoulders and legs together

Day 4 is rest day!! Continuing on to  my 3 day rotation.

I will most likely switch it back to my normal rotation once I’m over this wonderful nausea period!
My calories are up 200 calories on non workout days and even higher in workout days like my doctor told me.
The last couple years I have learned self control, I’ve learned the difference of how I feel after meals over the limit of calories I should eat, the difference in how I feel after cheat meals vs my regular nutritious meals. I’ve worked hard to learn new habits,control cravings, and learn new ways to satisfied my cravings in healthier ways. Most importantly, I’ve learned to still live life, and be happy. If this girl wants pizza, I’ll be eating pizza. food exchange for that day plus Moderation. Food exchange meaning , I’ll tweak my breakfast, lunch and snacks fat/protein/carbs to even out my cheat meal/calories. Getting to my point, durning pregnancy, I find it ridiculous to “eat for two” and not continue my healthy eating habits for myself and the baby!! 💕

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