Guiding My Son To A Healthy Future

Healthy Momma , Healthy Boy, Healthy Family, Healthy Future!!


It is very important to me to teach my child the importance of living a healthy lifestyle,  Good nutrition, staying active, and learning moderation of sweets and treats. I want him to understand  Just how Important it is to take Care of his Body!!

(Chasing each other around the park💕  “please don’t fart in Mommas face” 😂

One thing that was hardest for me thru my lifestyle change and journey was how badly  I ate with stress, happiness, sadness, good things , bad things ect…

Most Minds are familiar with having unhealthy snacks as treats and rewards. Many parents use Chocolate, candy , Cakes  as rewards for doing something good, hurting themselves, being sad, bribing them to not do something and in return they get  a treat.

Not saying rewarding kids with sweets/treats is ALWAYS BAD, But Child obesity can effect   1 in 6 kids, and As we age with those habits, the older we get,  the quicker we gain weight , it becomes that much harder to break bad habits we have been doing our whole life.

Within  the last few years, the beginning of my own Journey on changing my lifestyle(Fitness/Nutrition) wasn’t easy, it took a lot of work for me to learn moderation, healthy habits, and when to say No.

Example : I have a bad day, lots of stress, a bit of anxiety  which feeling so low , brings on a bit of depression. So my mind went right to the thought of eating. “I want tacobell!!!” Which would lead to later in the night of more snacking of Oreos or chips! My mind basically was trained into thinking , Yes Tacobell (one of my old weakness) can fix this bad day. However,  right after and the next day, left me feeling guilty for bingeing. Guilt for letting myself down.

Now don’t get me wrong at all!! I’m a food lover, candy lover, and sweet addict. I believe in it all in MODERATION! I personally wasn’t happy with those habits, after all, I had goals I was aiming toward reaching and Maintaining. So letting my eating get out of control for every bad day, situation, moment, wasn’t ideal! It took a lot of hard work to learn self control and moderation, it wasn’t easy whatsoever, but…It Can Be Done!

The big test for me  on seeing just how big of  A change I have made in my Journey is becoming Pregnant! I am currently 14 Weeks Pregnant. My last Pregnancy I ate EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, Hungry or not! I Gained a unhealthy amount  of weight.

This Pregnancy?!?! Completely different! However, it has completely  tested my limits. I haven’t been completely strict as before my pregnancy, I’m happy to officially be in my second trimester and feeling well because that was the hardest part  for making sure I ate healthy for me and baby. When you feel horrible all day, there were days when I just wanted cheese burger and cheese fries from A&W , But I learned how to control my “cravings” and how to eat certain foods in moderation and balance my day from any cheats!!

So my point being, I feel it’s important to educate my little guy young! In no way do I deprived my child of all the sweets and treats. However , I do feel it is best to teach him moderation and self control at a early age to try the best I can to steer away him from serious emotional eating like I dealt with.


Here’s a few things I do…

-Give my son extra TV time , game time, or iPad time. A few Months ago We decided we no longer needed our Direct TV, So now he can earn Netflix Time!

-Head to the store to pick out a new puzzle, my son is completely obsessed with puzzle. If you ask him, ice cream or puzzle, he will take the puzzle. My 4 year old puts together a 100 price puzzle like its nothing.

-Let him pick what we play. Whatever he wants to play, I HAVE to play, which isn’t to hard for me, considering I’m still a child when it comes to us playing. =) And trust me, sometimes I’m not even sure what we are actually playing.

-Buy a new board game. We’re a family of board games, mostly games that get him thinking, counting, and learning

-Make cookies, brownies ect… Instead of buying a box of candy, heading to the Ice Cream Isle/Shop,or buying store bought treats, let him have part in the fun and the  work it takes to make them.

-Have a sticker chart leading up to a bigger reward

-Head to the dollar store and pick something out

-Head to Party City

My son absolutely loves to fill a bucket  with items that are suppose to go into birthday party gift bag. They go from 10 cents to around $1 each. Last time he got little ninja turtle guys, batman, iron man and spider man, tiny little camera, finger skateboards, gooey slim , a whistlegold coins from Jake the pirate, goofy glasses and a few other little gadgets.

And of course he gets things like frozen yogurt , small candies from the store, Dairy Queen, things like that… but all in MODERATION.

My goal isn’t to be a strict parent, but my goal is to set a nice future Path for my son, and good habits. Is it 100% guaranteed that he will follow these habits as he ages,  I don’t know, all we can do as parents is try our best to instill the best in our children!

All parents are different of course, in no way  I saying this is the right way to raise your child into a healthy lifestyle, but this is MY way.



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