Women And Body Bashing- Women Bringing Women Down. 

This post is from my old blog, but it’s one of my favorites! I’ve never been the one to deal with drama, gossiping or being that mean girl who put other women down. I’ve always been that tom boy, playing sports with the boys and only have a few girlfriends that I connected with!! 
Now I’m 13 weeks pregnant, I still lift weights, however, I don’t have much lower abs any more, just the upper abdominal definition. 


Pregnant, not pregnant, women who work out , or women who don’t. Most Women all deal with the same thing….
Body Bashing and Negativity

From Men and Women!

What I don’t understand is women who bring other women down instead of empowering one a another! 

There are so many different body types out there. Curvy women, slimmer smaller ladies, ladies who  have a hard time gaining  weight, others who have a hard time losing it, and girls who  are into weightlifting that have muscles and abs.
No Matter what the type, there seems to ALWAYS be some negative comment from 1 type to the other.

“ewww  why would she want abs like that, she looks like a 12 year old boy”

“muscles make you look manly”

“Id rather have these curves then your unhealthy curves’

” how can you say you workout when your still fat”

“she so skinny its gross”

Just a few comments I’ve seen around social media from 1 woman to another.

I can tell you 1 thing that almost all women, if not all, have in common! We have insecurities, there is at least 1 thing that we are insecure about and want to change. Maybe it something like  your nose that’s not going to change with out surgery, or maybe its your weight and you are unsure on  what steps to take, or where to even start. What I DO NOT understand is why?? Why body bashing , why the hurtful comments, The media, magazines, PHOTOSHOP  already make young girls and women feel insecure, whats the point in body shamming someone else when you more then likely  feel insecure about something yourself.

One thing I have learned is, the victims in body shaming ARE NOT  only women who may be over weight, being called fat, I’ve had my share of negative comments because I do workout and I do lift weights, What do I do? I continue working out, I continue worrying about myself and my goals, because no one in life will  get YOU to where YOU Want to be. NOT everyone will see the beauty in things you do, and that’s okay, they don’t have to! As long as you love yourself and follow YOUR PATH, your in the right direction. These Negative people are going to be negative to many other things and  other people, So there is really nothing we can do, however we can Be the change, lend a helping hand when a Bully tries to bring someone down! Don’t be afraid to encourage another women. 
Bullies: Bullies  come in all shapes and sizes, bullies can be 13 or 35.  They say some bullies want to make other people feel lower and weak because that’s how the bully feels themselves.

Women should be positive towards one a another, show support and  empower each other.

Life is short, and being a bully, being negative, and saying rude things to hurt other people get you absolutely no where, and definitely wont make YOU feel better about your self!!

For any women reading this,and a couple friends that told me their battles with bullies,  You are good enough, everyone is beautiful!!





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