6 Weeks Pregnant!  Positively Sick. 

6 weeks pregnant!!
  6 weeks pregnant the day of my 25th birthday. Happy birthday to me!! 
My body was like 6 weeks , okay time to be extra tired and feel a permanent feeling of nausea throughout the day 😨 we went to the Doctor and was cleared to continue my workouts. Main thing is to listen to my body and to get those extra calories. 

Baby before momma always💕

I was just excited when she said to continue my workout beside some adjustments I will be making. 
So far, I wake up pretty nauseous, nothing has came back up… Yet 😑 but I do give my self a extra push to at least try and workout. And so far, my personal experience, within a few minutes of my workout . I feel better, and the sick feeling won’t come back until later in the night. Last pregnancy, if I woke up feeling like that , I’d be done for the day, snack all day, watch tv, and nap. Which is completely out of the the question now and completely out of character. 

I will continue to give myself that little much needed push. Only You know your body and your limits. 

So don’t be afraid to at least try. You’ll know if it’s just not working lol at least you can say you tried right ?! 
I really do feel for those women who don’t have home gym/workout equipment! My things are just in the basement and man… To get motivated just to walk down stairs is rough. I can’t imagine a sick or tired pregnant women pushing her self to the gym!! 
I’ll definitely be doing a post about home equipment and the benefits of having those. Even when not pregnant 👌👍
Besides that. 

Workouts are fairly the same. 

Nutrition is the same as previous post!

Email me: missguinta9@gmail.com or comment 💕



  1. Congratulations…a bit belated… Glad to hear that your second trimester is starting out strong! I was active for both my pregnancies, but able to do much more up until the end with my second (We bought equipment after I birthed my son, which made THE difference). Between that and consistently attending prenatal yoga throughout, I’m convinced that is why the final stage of my deliveries have been easier, as well as my postpartum recovery (although some of pregnancy and delivery is luck of the draw). Keep it up! Great example to set for your family; it certainly preserved my sanity as well.

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    • Thank you! My first few weeks were hard to stay as active as I would have liked lol. I’m really hoping there’s a difference in this delivery and my past non active one ☺️


      • You never know. My active delivery was longer and more unpleasant second time around, but I think it had more to do with the difference in epidural. Amount of time was four hours compared to under two. Neither was particularly horrible in the grand scheme of things though. The final push-out, however, I think had a good amount to do with my fitness level mixed with some luck. My son was out in 45 minutes. My daughter was maybe five. Certainly, I think my recovery after was significantly impacted by my activity level, given I had no complicating factors during delivery.

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      • I guess I shouldn’t complain, my first labor was actually amazing! Everything happens for a reason, with your active pregnancy, you were prepared for second delivery! For the most part, I’m trying really hard not to stress about delivery too much. Which is hard for me. I’m just hoping for the best!! I’m a serious worrier. I worry to the extreme 😔


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