5 Weeks Pregnant!- written a couple months ago! 

5 Weeks Pregnant Written Feb23rd

Just like with my first, I found out I was pregnant pretty early!! 

Two faint line 5 days before missed period, as the days went on, the darker it got💕
The two picture Im posting is week 4 and week 5! Currently only close family know I am pregnant! Besides all the women under the #fitpregnancy that I stalked 😂 there probably wondering why I was following them when all they were posting was pregnancy things hehe! If your under #fitpregnancy, I will find you, and I will stalk you 😝… Anyways…I don’t plan on posting this or anything else until maybe around 10-12 weeks!  

 So I am still working out, they say the first trimester is the most crucial and all most important development takes place, so your body is obviously going to already be working harder than it has even done. Obviously right?!?! Growing a person!!! Takes hard work!!

So my current workout schedule is 



Wednesday- rest day 

Thursday- on



Sunday- rest day 
My rest days are still fairly active, just a complete rest from and weights or cardio!! 
My nutrition is still going great. My body is craving healthy foods. Durning my pre pregnancy nutrition , I rarely ate apples in the first place, but right now I actually have a taste for them! 🤔
My goal is to have a very wide variate of nutrients and minerals this pregnancy! Unlike my last.
So far I am tracking everything, to make sure I get a little bit of everything each day,plus my prenatal. I have a daily schedule as for eating and snacking, I quickly escalate to a angry hungry lady 😡
I am already on a way better track than my last pregnancy as far as eating and activity!! 

I am lost in word on explains just how excited I am to track a whole new journey this time! And hopefully have a whole new me durning the process 💕
Feel free to comment/email and share your questions or experience about your Fit pregnancy. I’d love to hear about it or help!! 😃



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